Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st September 2017 Written Episode Update: Vibhu resigns taxi driver job

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anita gets Vibhu to bedroom,Vibhu says if this is my room why are you here sister,Anita says I’m your wife,Vibhu says Anguri is my would be wife,Anita says she is Tiwarijis wife. Anguri says no you aren’t my husband,to Tiwari. Anita says Vibhu we have so many memories in here,our romantic adventures with Deepu Mastaana,taxi driver,don,Vibhu says oh no you have bad character,Anita says shut up it was all you,remember,Vibhu says no I don’t.Tiwari says don’t you remember our first night when you hugged me,Anguri says hey you,have you lost it,I’m not yours,Tiwari holds her hand and says you are mine,Anguri removes knife and says I shall tear you in pieces,bad character man,dare you touch me I’m not helpless women.

Anita says come to me Vibhu you will

get back every memory,come to me,Vibhu says leave me,no no sister,Anita slaps him and say dont call me sister,Vibhu says I will go to my Anguri,Anguri comes out too. Vibhu asks Anguri why are you out,she says that man tried to get close to me,Anita and Tiwari in their respective balconies,Vibhu says Anguri what all is this happening to us,that sister was behind me,Tiwari and Anita awkward,Vibhu says she was trying to hug me,I pushed her but she even tried kissing me,but I ran away some how,Anguri says what town is this,Vibhu says you are right let’s go,Anita says no you won’t.anguri says you two are behind us,Anita says we were just testing you,Vibhu says okay we shall stay here only if he calls Anguri Didi and she calls me bhaiya,Tiwari says no ways,Anita says we won’t force ourselves promise,Vibhu says shall we give them chance,Anguri says yes,Vibhu says soon I shall begin work and we will Marry.

Vibhu in colony selling vegetables,Tiwari says look bhabhiji he is working so hard,Anita says he use to make so many excuses when was with me and now,Tiwari says even Anguri she isn’t cooking for me,Vibhu calls Anguri,Anguri gets him some water, and asks shall I join you,Vibhu says I’m alive why will you work,here is 500₹ my income for the day,Anguri says I’m so happy and About to hug him,Tiwari and Anita cough,Vibhu asks why are you two coughing,Anguri says go inside and cough or go to a doctor,Anita says let’s get in,Vibhu says these two are so fishy.

Uncle Tiwari and Anita together,Tiwari says I dreamt of Vibhu and anguris wedding and I’m performing kanyadan,uncle starts laughing,and says this soon will be reality,Anita says uncle,uncle says it was a joke,Anita says help us instead,uncle says once I fought with your aunty and she found a gun and she fired in air and helicopter fell on her and she lost her memory,tiwari says what nonsense didn’t she die,uncle says it was toy helicopter and I did lot of efforts but nothing worked and once on terrace a real helicopter fell,Tiwari says on her head,uncle says I didn’t say that but her memory was back,Anita says good idea thank you.

Anita Tiwari uncle Vibhu and Anguri in a car,Vibhu asks where are we going,Anita says on a ride,Anguri says we don’t want too,Tiwari says you are marrying so we thought, Anita says oh my god brakes failed,uncle says it’s valley ahead, Anita puts brakes and Anguri and Vibhu hit their heads,Vibhu says Anu,Anita says thank god,Vibhu asks bhabhiji what are you wearing,Anguri says I’m thinking the same,laddoo key bhaiya,Tiwari says wow,Anguri asks what happened,Tiwari says take it as bad dream forget it,Vibhu says uncle wake up all is fine,uncle calls everyone with wired names,Tiwari says I guess he lost it.

Anita looks at Vibhu, he is sleeping in taxi,and wakes him up,Vibhu wakes up scared,Vibhu says I had a very bad dream and me and bhabhiji fell of a cliff and then we lost our memories, Anita says it’s ok move on,Vibhu says baby you are right, prem walks to them and says how are you ,Anita says Vibhu give him keys back,he won’t work for you, he has no license.vibhu says I do,and it’s source of income I will work,Vibhu checks his license and it’s expired,Anita says I knew it and now if you drive this way I shall lodge a complaint,prem says don’t worry I shall help you,Anita says isn’t forget the dream Vibhu and it was early morning dream which at times turn to reality but who cares,you drive taxi.

Vibhu says prem by chance if I meet with accident I will die,here stour keys go away,Vibhu goes to Anita says Anu baby I resigned,Anita says good there’s lot of household work go,you are good at it,Prem says good work bhabhiji,Vibhu says baby cooking parathas for you.

Pre cap: doctor tells Vibhu he is gonna die soon.anita walks in marrying Happu,Vibhu shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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