Saam Daam Dand Bhed 13th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Raghuvanshi/Baba Gets Vijay Kidnapped

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 13th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vijay rushes for a man’s rescue, but Raghuvanshi/Baba’s goons beat him, make him unconscious, and kidnap him in a car. Vishal enters and over phone informs Baba that he kidnapped his damadji/SIL. Baba asks to treat him well, but out of Vindhyapradesh, even crows should be afraid to have his pind daan.

Bullbul knocks Mandira’s door and gets tensed seeing her not opening door. Gayatri and Sadhna join her. Gayatri peeps from key hole. Bulbul climbs chair to open door via window when Mandira opens door and asks what are they doing. Gayatri asks why she was lying motionless on bed. Mandira says she was doing yoga and asks if Bulbul is really pregnant, why she is jumping on chair. Gayatri scolds Bulbul for being so careless. Mandira thinks she is sure Bulbul is not pregnant.

Vishal sees chest post and police checking each vehicle. He calls Baba and asks what he should do now. Baba asks him to keep him in some godown and not get noticed. Vishal orders his goons to take car to their godown.

Bulbul records her voice on mobile and describe a religious story. Mandira walks in and asks for whom she is recording. Bulbul says her Mandira’s baby. Mandira asks what about her baby and asks to recite story. Bulbul repeats story. Mandira thinks she is now sure Bulbul is not pregnant and she has to find out somehow. Bulbul calls Vijay and when he does not reply gets worried for him. She informs Sadhna. Sadhna asks not to worry, he must be in a remote area.

Goons take vijay to a godown and throw him on floor with extremities tied and mask on his face. They discuss they should execute their plan, else Baba will not spare them. Vishal wearing mask enters and slaps them. Vijay wakes up. They all hide.

Mandira shouts in pain. Bulbul and Sadhna rush in. Mandira says she is having severe stomach pain and asks to call doctor. Bulbul takes Mandira to doctor’s clinic. Doctor checks Mandira. Bulbul slips. Doctor asks to be careful. Mandira says even she is pregnant and asks doctor to perform Bulbul’s sonography. Bulbul hesitates, but Mandira insists. Doctor does Bulbul’s ultrasound and says her baby is very healthy and shows baby moving. Sadhna also walks in and is surprised. Bulbul hears baby’s heart beat and cries in joy. Doctor says Vidhayakji’s lucky to have 2 babies at same time. Mandira stands jealous.

Precap: Bulbul shares her happiness with family and clicks selfie. Mandira angrily breaks things and thinks she will abort Bulbul’s baby.

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