Mehrya FF Our Baby Part 2

Next day Mehak woke in arms of her hubby. He was very possessive about her that is clearly visible by the way he was holding her. As she tried to get up he pulled her and she fell on him. Her hairs fall over her beautiful face. He pushed them behind her ear to get the clear view of her.
“So are you awake my boxer??”
“Yeah…but I am noticing that you woke up so early…other days I need to wake you up and now you started waking up so early…why??”
“Just like that…”
“Really?? Sure??”
“100%…now lemme go…I need to have shower…”
“Okay…I am coming too…”
“Not again Shaurya…”
He looked at her with puppy face while she made fun of his puppy face and teased him that how cute he is and in the ring he is like lion.
“I am still a lion babes…”
“Leave it…”
“Wait…I will show you…”
Saying so he took her in his arms and went to take shower while she was scared of being a prey of lion. Their romantic session continued during the shower. After having a bath and romance under the shower both came out wearing their bathrobes while Mehak was getting impatient as he still hadn’t wished her and last time he wished her before everyone and that time they were just husband and wife not lovers and now they are madly in love and still he forgot to wish her.
“Are you forgetting something Shaurya??”
He acted as if he is trying to recall what he had forgotten and Mehak was ashtonish to get birthday wishes from him but he was still thinking.
“Oh my god how could I forget that?? I am very bhulakkad Mehak…”
She jumped in happiness that he recalled what he was forgetting but to her shock he said.
“I forgot my kiss…”
“You don’t think anything else than kisses and romance…”
She made an anrgy pout and turned her face away from him. He smirked and hugged her from back. She was angry on him and struggling to come out of his hold but he was so strong and she can’t come out of his grip. He pecked her cheek and bite her earlobe.
“Happy birthday my sunshine…”
“You forgotten my birthday Shaurya…”
“I could never forget your birthday…I have something for you on your birthday…in fact many things…”
She excitedly turned and asked him what in eyes. He pulled her more close to his heart and she snaked her arms around his neck.
“For that you have to give me something…will you??”
He traced her lower lip and she blushed. He raised his brows and asked again while she closed her eyes and her face was red like tomato.
“Shall I take this as yes…”
She didn’t replied. He pulled her more and their lips were so close. Mehak stood on her toes to match with his height and pecked on his cheek. He made a cute pout. She closed his eyes with her hand and he smiled guessing what’s coming next. But insted of kissing him she patted on his cheek and as his grip loosen she ran but he was fast enough to hold her hand. Both lost their balance and landed on back. Mehak was lying on his top and he was holding her waist tightly so that she won’t run again.
“Now I won’t let you go until I get my morning candy…”
He winked at her and she bite her lower lip. He pulled her lips close to his lips and she too gave up as she realized that he won’t spare her and would definetely have his kiss. Their lips were so close and could met anytime. She closed her eyes to feel the beautiful moment but her phone ring spoilt that beautiful moment and she get up to attend the call. As she saw her mobile her expressions changed. Shaurya asked what in eyes and she showed him. It was video call from her papa. Shaurya chuckled and asked her to pick the call while she made a face. She was worried as she was in bathrobe and what would her parents thought of her so she decided to reject the call and messaged that she will call in sometime.
“Shaurya you only know how to create trouble but never help me…now what would happen if they saw me like this…”
He pulled her and she fell on his lap. He palmed her cheek and pecked her forehead.
“They would think that their daughter is happy with their son in law and soon they are going to hear good news…”‘
He chuckled while her jaw dropped hearing to his words and she started hitting his chest. He was enjoying the cute anger of his wife and was laughing on her antics. This was annoying Mehak and she made an angry pout. He supressed his laughter and tried to cool her anger.
“Now let me go and change then I have to call papa…”
“Okay…but will you wear what I had brought for you??”
She gulped her saliva remembering the last time when he gave her dress to wear and that dress was too short for her to wear. Sensing her fear he smiled.
“Don’t worry Mehak…its not like what you are thinking…you would like that in fact you would love that…”
He nodded and she relaxed. She get up from his lap and he took out one shopping bag and gave that to her. She tried to see what is it in the bag but he stopped her and asked to go and change. She obeyed him and went to change into them. He too changed into his jeans pant and t shirt. He was desperate to see Mehak in that dress. The door of bathroom opened and he turned to see his Mehak. He was in awe to see her in that golden flower printed parrot green knee length full sleeves dress. She was smiling while he was having a mischievious smile on his face. She was staning there as a manequin and he went near her. Her heart beat rose as he was approching her. He pulled her by waist. She was blushing hard that didn’t go unnoticed by him and he pecked her cheek.
He put his index finger on her lips and kissed her forehead. He palmed her nape and pulled her more close. She tried to hide her blushing face but he tilted her face to see the beautiful view of his beauty queen.
“Now your hubby is before you and you are dreaming of your papa…not fair wifey…”
“Not like that Shaurya…”
“Prove it…”
“Prove what??”
“That you are thinking about me only…”
She smirked and stood on her toes and whispered.
“Don’t eat this much sugar otherwise you will be a patient of diabeties…”
She chuckled and ran from his hold while he had a vitorious smile on his face. As she opened the door she was surprised to see the scenario. She was in awe to see the decoration of the hall. Shaurya came from behind hugging her and put his chin on her shoulder.
“How is this all baby??”
“It’s awesome Shaurya…thank you so much…”
“Some more surprises are there…”
“What are they??”
He came in her front and she was looking at him smiling widely. He started moving back counting.
“10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1 and surprise…”
He opened the door and their families were standing on the door with gifts and wide smile. They all came in. Her jaw dropped and she ran and went to take their blessings. She went to dadi first and took her blessings. She kissed her forehead.
“Live long Mehak beta…”
“Thank you so much dadi…”
Sarita and Rashmi gave her gifts and wished her hugging tighty.
“Happy b’day our laddoo…”
“Thank you so much maa…”
Both gave her gifts. She went to Vikram and hugged him.
“Happy b’day Mehkuu…”
“Thank you papa…but my gift??”
“I came…is this less then gift??”
“Hooo…emotionally blackmail?? So bad papa…”
She made a cute angery pout and Vikram chuckled. He took out a chocolate box and gave that to her. She jumped in happiness and hugged him. Jugraj too gave her blessing and gift. She thanked him and asked that they were in Delhi when she called them then how they had come there so quickly.
“Beta last night we were in guest house in New York only…Shaurya asked us to come in next flight in which you both came here…”
“But why papa??”
“Because he want us to be here with you on your special day…so we all came when he asked us to come…”
“And today I called you in the morning to wish you happy b’day and after some time he called me again and asked us to come here quickly…”
Mehak smiled in happiness and searched for him. Sarita went to her and caressed her hairs.
“You are so blessed that you get Shaurya as your husband…”
“Yeah maa I am really blessed to have him as my life partner…but where are you Shaurya??”
“I am here Mehak…”
He came with . He smiled and gave her knife to cut the cake. She whispered I love you in his ear and he smiled with a whisper I love you too wifey. She cut the cake and feed him first and he too feed her cake. She feed cake to everyone and vice versa. Shaurya applied cake on her face and she was shocked while he winked at her in front of all. She blushed but as reality stuck in her mind she took cake and ran behind him. He showed him tongue and ran teasing her. Dadi was looking at them ans smiling. Jugraj went to her and asked what she was looking.
“See how happy they both are…I always wished them to be happy…you remeber how they used to fight in starting days of their marriage and we used to worry if our decision was wrong but today I feel that we done the right thing to make them marry…”
“You are right maa…they both are perfect for each other…it’s Mehak who taught him how to control his anger and be a family man otherwise he would be like an anrgy young man today…”
Both chuckled and joined others in chit chat. Mehak came to Rashmi running and Shaurya was following her.
“Maa…see how your akdoo son is teasing me…”
“Maa maa she applied cake on my face so I…”
“Oh shut up Shaurya…you were the one who applied cake on my face first…”
“Then why you applied cake on my face…”
“Oh ho Shaurya…now please don’t tease my daughter…its her b’day today…”
Rashmi kissed her forehead and she showed him tongue while he made an angry pout.
“Maa…are you my mamma or her??”
“I am your mamma by blood but her mamma by heart…”
“And heart is always big than blood…right maa…”
“She is right Shaurya…”
“Dadi now you too…”
“What to do beta…in this one and half year Mehak become a part of our heart and she become our daughter more than daughter in law…”
Mehak hugged dadi and Shaurya smiled.
“Okay…but my Sarita maa is also here…right maa…”
“Yes beta…”
He sat beside Sarita and showed tongue to Mehak and Mehak too showed him tongue. Both went to wash their faces and Shaurya told them about the breakfast that is arranged on ground floor. Everyone went downstairs where the breakfast table is arranged near the swimming pool. Everyone have their seats and Mehak sat beside Shaurya. Rashmi asked Shaurya to feed her while she tried resist.
“Why Mehak?? See maa is elder than you so how could you deny to her??”
“I am not denying Shaurya…”
“Then have breakfast from my hands…”
Before she could say anything Shaurya feed her bread and she started mulching while trying to speak but Jugraj asked her not to speak while eating and without any option she let Shaurya feed her. After having their breakfast Ahlawats and Maans left to the guest house as they want both of them to spend some time on her birthday.
“Let’s go wifey…”
“But where??”
“You want to celebrate your birthday here na so let’s go to explore the whole city…”
Mehak smiled and both left in their rental car. They went to many places like Museum of Modern Art, Empire State Building, Rockefeller Centre, Grand Central Terminal, Chinatown and many more places and tried famous street food of New York too. Shaurya want to took Mehak on Brooklyn Bridge and both went there.
“Mehak you know this bridge is very famous because it was the first steel-wire suspension bridge constructed and its construction started in 1869 and completed in 1883…14 years…”
“This is also special because it spans the East River in New York City connecting the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn…”
Mehak smiled as both were walking over the bridge. After some time when the sun was about to set Shaurya blindfolded Mehak and took her somewhere. She was continuously asking where they are going but without replying he was enjoying her antics and ashtonishment. Finally he removed the cloth from her eyes when they were on Brighton Beach that was near Broolyn. She was in awe to see the beautiful sight in front of her eyes. She hugged Shaurya and pecked his cheeks and forehead.
“Okay okay wifey…shower your love on me in our bedroom tonight…”
He winked at her and she blushed. Both spent some time there and returned to their house after having dinner in some restaurant.
“Are you tired??”
“Okay then get ready to be a prey in hands of lion…”
She blushed and hit him on chest.
“I am noticing that you are blushing so much…”
“If you talk like that then I will blush like this…”
Shaurya took shower and was watching TV when Mehak came in night dress after having shower. As he looked at her he lost in her beauty. She was combing her hairs and he was getting mad on her. He stood up and turned her around. She asked him what in eyes and he rubbed his thumb over her lower lip. He pulled her more close to him. Just then he recalled something and opened the wardrobe. Mehak was confused of what he was doing. He gave her a bag and asked her to wear whatever is there in the bag. She went to wear the dress and when she saw the dress her eyes popped out.
“Shaurya its too short I can’t wear it…”
“Okay my dear wifey…”
She sighed as Shaurya didn’t forced her to wear that dress.
“I am coming and making you wear…”
Her eyes popped out and she covered her mouth.
‘Hey mata rani…this boy is crazy…’
“No I will wear myself…”
She looked again at the red lingerie that he brought. It was too short and almost transparent. If she wore that then her every curve would be clearly visible. Finally she wore that and came out but she was wearing her bathrobe over it. Shaurya smiled and pulled the nobe of bathrobe.
He carried her in bridal style and went to bed covering both of them with duvet properly. Both spent a beautiful blissful night in each others arms.

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