Saam Daam Dand Bhed 10th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Vijay, Bulbul’s Clever Move

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 10th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vijay and family hears music outside house. Sadhna asks who is playing music outside. Agastya says maybe ganapati visarjan music. Bulbul walks in lifting palanquin with others and reminisces Mandira not willing to return with her and telling Vijay’s family will insult her. Bulbul promises if she takes care of her child well, she will fight with whole world, forget familyi. She lifts down palanquin and gets out Mandira holding her hand. Family stands shocked seeing that. Bulbul asks Gayatri to get pooja thali. Gayatri shouts if she has gone mad. Bulbul confronts if they insult Mandira, it is like insulting her. Sadhna asks if she took Vijay’s permission before taking such a rash decision. Bulbul says this child is even Vijay’s. Vijay asks Bulbul why did she disobey him. She says Mandira would have aborted her child if she had not taken this decision, she did not have any other way. Mandira thinks Vijay and family will scold Bulbul and this drama will continue, she will have to get into house somehow.

Vijay shouts at Bulbul that there was a way and shows her court orders that police will arrest Mandira if she aborts her child. He says he was taking this order to baba, but before that Bulbul took such a rash decision. Bulbul cries if she had not reached on time, Mandira would have aborted child and had made arrangements already. Vijay angrily leaves. Gayatri confronts Bulbul and warns that she will not serve Mandira for Bulbul’s mistake, let her suffer alone for her mistake. Bulbul promises she will not let Mandira insult her family and takes Mandira in. She then walks to Vijay and asks him to scold her, but not ask her to choose between her and child. Vijay scolds she already made a big mistake by calling Mandira home, he cannot disown her, but he will find a way

Bulbul picks plate during dinner. Family takes their seats. Mandira joins them. Bulbul serves her water. Mandira yellls to bring mint water. Bulbul walks towards kitchen and collapses. Family rushes to her. Doctor checks her. Vijay smirks.. Gayatri outs yells nobody should be happy aas Bulbul will not give them fake good news like last time. Vijay comes out and shouts it a good news, Bulbul is pregnant. Bulbul comes out and says there will be 2 children coming. Family rejoices. Vijay dances with Agastya and Angad and signs mere ghar aayegi ek nanhhi pari.

Vijay reminsces telling Bulbul that Mandira will not harm child if they execute their plan. Bulbul asks what she has to do. He says she has to act as pregnant. Bulbul disagrees at first, but agrees finally. Out of flasback, Vijay apologizes Bulbul. Bulbul says he doe not have to and asks if Mandira would have believed their plan. Vijay says Mandira would have gone mad. Mandira walks to her room and shouts this cannot happen, she will not let Bulbul spoil her plan.

Precap: Mandira drops ghee on stairs and thinks if Bulbul slips and falls, her truth will be out if she is pregnant or not. Bulbul steps on ghee.

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  1. The writer of this story is destroying each and every episode. Whomsoever is approving such stupid and dumb story assuming the audience is stupid, should start using some common sense.

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