Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 10th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunti Dotes Her Bahus

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 10th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kunti excitedly thanks Bhole for correcting her mistake and taking back his boon. Bhole says he is Bhole and always falls in his disciples’ trap. Kunti says he showed her frightening future, hope that does not happen in future. Bhole says god’s shown future will happen for sure. Kunti asks why she saw all 4 bahus left house except Prema. Bhole says she will understand later and disappears. In Kailash, Parvatiji asks Bhole he showed nice future to Kunti and she tricked him to change it. He says gave her solution and reminisces disguised as Sadhu giving solution to Kunti.

Kunti sees her bahus wearing beautiful saris walking holding pooja thalis and performing pooja with other colony women. She happily joins them with Kanhaiya, Kusum, Pratap, Sarla. Next day, Kunti gets out of her room calling her bahus and sees them missing. She walks into kitchen and sees it empty and all house furniture empty. Kanhaiya sitting on stairs says Maiya they all went out, even Kusum and Pratap went out. Kunti is shocked that Bhole’s future prediction came true. Kanhaiya says they all went out due to pest control at home. Kunti gets happy that Bhole was showing this future. Bahus with Pratap and Kusum return holding snacks for Kunti and say today they did not prepare anything, so brought snacks for Kunti. Pratap says he will eat it as Kunti is fasting for his brighter future. Kusum scolds he already finished whole shop. Kunti calls her bahus and hugs them all emotionally. Kusum and Kanhaiya also hug her. Pratap comments as usual.

Pari drives auto while driver sitting pillion pleads to return his auto. Continues her jokergiri, gets down to take selfie. Auto hits Kunti and she collapses shouting. A man holding garland stands to look at her and garland falls on her. Pari sees that and thinks sasuma is dead. Kunti wakes up Pari. Pari wakes up and realizes it was her dream and says she saw sasuma dead in dreams. Pratap hears that starts his jokergiri.

Panjiri while preparing food picks scorpion thinking it as ginger. Prema is around preparing soup for herself and asks ginger. Panjiri keeps scorpion on table and asks her to take it. They both then panic seeing scorpion and throws it away. It walks away. Pratap disguised as majnu starts his drama with Kusum. Kusum scold him. Kanhaiya walks in and seeing nail on main door scolds Pratap why did not he remove it, he had already told him to remove. Pari shows warning board and says no need to remove nail. Pratap asks what about people who come in. She says she did not think about that. Kanhaiya walks out for shop and is about to step on scorpion but leaves from other side, gets on bike and leaves. Kunti is busy buying vegetables in market when Sarla warns her to be careful about scorpions due to rainy season and asks to inform her bahus to be careful. Scorpion is seen crawling in hall. Kunti returns home, seeing floor wet, removes her slippers and walks in bare footed…

Percap: No precap.

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