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Hi guys Aadyasha here,

Note: I am so blaffed and thwarted this right moment. Its a foil of ones expectations.

I just came across some writers who are so into comments and votes that they just don’t care about the fans and the story. I feel so disgusted by the fact that they call themselves as writers begging votes and comments, I request my readers to not entertain any such writer .

But I am glad to know that still some writers exists who write for their satisfactions.

This part is dedicated to _Arunemo_
I admire the way she writes…
And I count her as one of the worthy writer…..

Now let’s start the chapter….

Sindhu ghat:

She stood bounded to her place, never did she wish this would happen in her blatant and flagrant dreams.

This noteworthy man who spared her bhaijaan’s life, her kingdom’s ingenuous spirit. 
The person whom she thought a nemesis, a adversary was just her ally.

She was prepostered by the thought of any harm caused to her “Veer”.

Yes, this is what she was calling him from the past quarter hour of the day.

She moved her feet towards him who was surrounded by his loyal ministers and solider around.
She armed towards him and punctiliously withdraw the brow stake on his back shoulders.


He felt so lousy and trifling to him the very second.
The moment was amorous, lewd, fervent, passionate that he felt the affluent person in the world.

But the perennial moment was intermittent by the atrocious and opprobrious chaos around them.

He stood on his feet in one of his impertinent looks the command still on his face, his body didn’t fail to outsmart his foes.

” Make my horse ready, the work is done we need to fix the auspicious date for MINE and RAJKUMARI’S Marriage.

His eyes giving the ostracize looks to the 11 brothers who where equally surprised.

Putting those magnanimity face he diverted his looks to his Dumpling.


‘ Dove, accompany with your sister I will be back ‘
Swara still unsure of the mystified situation resisted but it was fruitless.

With those murky face she left the place.

Lakshya’s Pov:

The moment of eulogizes in my life.
Sanskar’s lurid face but the result was fruitless and futile.

Seeing her spiteful eyes towards us it felt rigorous punches harmed on my face.

It wasn’t a marriage proposal for “My Swara”.
It was neither a “Brahma”, “Gandharva”, “Rakshasa”, nor “Paishacha” or “Daiva”.


Rigveda(Book written by God himself in Hindu culture) mentions 8 types of Marriages.

*Brahma: Marriage of a duly dowered girl to the same class.

*Daiva: A daughter is given to a sacrificial priest as a part of his fee.

*Arsa: A token bride-price of a cow is given in place of the dowry.

*Prajapatya: The father gives the girl without dowry and without demanding the bride-price.

*Gandharva: Love Marriage

*Asura: Bride was bought from her father.

*Rakshasa: Marriage by capture.

*Paishacha: Marriage by seduction.

These are the Marriages in Ancient period in Hindustan (India).
People not belonging from India and those who are not Hindus its a note for them to have a better concept.

***Sorry if hurt anyone by this note***

” My Swara” wasn’t a mediocre girl she is the RAJKUMARI OF RANIGHAT.

“Rajkumari Charumitra padhar rahi hai”
(Rajkumari Charumitra is coming) the gatekeeper at Lakshya’s door roared to his frustration.

“And to make this situation more abhor and debar God have just sent her to me now” Lakshya groaned under his breath.

“Yuvraaj Lakshya Maan everything will be alright don’t think much” Charumitra spoke with her polite tone.

“Charu I want peace in my life for sometime will you spare me from your ranting words and yes do your duty of protecting Shona, thats what is your work. And now get out ”
And she did so, discreting him to himself.


‘Bhaijaan I disvow this proposal’ Lakshya with roiled eyes pronounced viciously.

‘Lakshya I know what I am doing……..’ Rehan uttered every word sedately.

‘Bhaijaan she is our pride, esteem, exaltation, vanity…how can we give up upon her’ Lakshya losing his choler asked.

‘ Lakshya bhai is right how can you do this’ Shabnam asked hurtfully.

‘Rehan you are out of your mind you are giving my daughter in the hands of that Ruthless, Savage King.’ Rajmata Shabina sat on the nearby couch crying at her daughters fate.

“All the wars and fights are in control Bhaijaan” Virat said First descended down the stairs to just enter the room.

‘Bhaijaan do you even know that he is already married and have 13 wives and you want to send her to there” Ayaz candidly shouted.

“What’s wrong he is a King, and Kings marry many Princess” Rehan couldn’t more control the situation, he knew his Baccha will suffer by any means why not the lesser one.

“The blo*dy hell of a man” Asad cursed Sanskar under his breath.

“Language Asad” Rehan shouted.

“You care for his language right now seriously Bhaijaan” 
Ayaz said using the same tone.

“I am the King of Ranighat and I have some duty, responsible, and obligations towards them do you understand that, I am not a timorous and apathetic person to send my Baccha there” Rehan said each word in agony.

“Timur Irfan Arjun and Sudhir all four of you get going to do the marriage preparations and Pratyananda & Zakir you both will check the security, Is that clear??” Rehan said calmly yet magisterially.

“Bhaijaan you really think this is right” First asked calmly.

Rehan turned to his brother but today something has changed, the look probably.

Sanskar’s Room:

“You could- you could go inside me again”

He knelt on the edge of the bed, beside her lovely, naked spread legs. Now he was exploring in a realm where he wasn’t an expert.

He heard the seductive music of her breaths, and it called to him. Lured him.

He could have her today…..
A second later…..

Bracing his arms on either side of her rounded hips, Sanskar ran his tongue over the bountiful expanse of her warm soft cheeks.

He licked them at them thoroughly, moving from Herr swells at the back to spine to her bottom and the backs of her shapely legs.

She squealed and moaned and gripped the sheets.

A glace down the length of lovely legs showed her toes curled into the mattress.

She wanted him, as much as he needed her. It was more than her innocence that spoke to his soul.

He knew that now.

He clashed out off his bed, these were so common to him, so real, so tyrannical, so absolute….

Yet it was a dream.

A merry DREAM….

“You are a seductress and you don’t even know it. You stand there in loose raiment that hung loose to your body yet I could every curve nestled against my body as soft wool.” His voice filled with desires.

Tracing his way down the portrait hung just beside his bed.
“Slender hips, tiny waist, flat stomach, and those long legs….legs that were made to wrap around my waist.”

“People think they look so aroused without clothes but your petite body wrapped with those loose garments make me loose my senses “Dove” ”

Sanskar turned to just see himself in the mirror in front of him.
Touching the wounded area, he touched it and picked up his kusanki(a long cloth used to wrap around a mans body used in ancient times) smelled it.

“I can take hundred and thousand attacks on me if you come so close to me”

“Rana did a good work he will be soon rewarded”

“But Maharaja he attacked you why you want to reward him”

“Because I was the one to attack on myself”

Kanteerava Narasimha Wadiyar and his brother Jaya Chamaraja Wadiyar stood shocked by the revelation..

“I Will Possess Your Heart”

How I wish you could see the potential,
the potential of you and me.
It’s like a book elegantly bound but,
in a language that you can’t read.
Just yet.
You gotta spend some time, Love.
You gotta spend some time with me.
And I know that you’ll find, love
I will possess your heart.
You gotta spend some time, Love.
You gotta spend some time with me.
And I know that you’ll find, love
I will possess your heart.
There are days when outside your window
I see my reflection as I slowly pass,
and I long for this mirrored perspective
when we’ll be lovers, lovers at last.
You gotta spend some time, Love.
You gotta spend some time with me.
And I know that you’ll find, love
I will possess your heart.
You gotta spend some time, Love.
You gotta spend some time with me.
And I know that you’ll find, love
I will possess your heart.
I will possess your heart.
I will possess your heart.
You reject my… advances… and desperate pleas…
I won’t let you… let me down… so easily.
So easily.
You gotta spend some time, Love.
You gotta spend some time with me.
And I know that you’ll find, love
I will possess your heart.
You gotta spend some time, Love.
You gotta spend some time with me.
And I know that you’ll find, love
I will possess your heart.
You gotta spend some time, Love.
You gotta spend some time with me.
And I know that you’ll find, love
I will possess your heart.
I will possess your heart.
I will possess your heart.

Hii fellas,

Randomly being hit with new characters, sudden plot, new stories, new love, weird s*x, cliffhangers, deaths, hot s*x, old characters….etc… and you can’t stop thinking about it…

This book is more to it..

Obsession Love Passion..

War Revenge Secrets

Historical edges


Wanting to now more note down this chapter well in your head.
Containing mystery…


Has been posted grab the 2nd part of the trilogy of “Royal Saga”…


“I Will Possess Your Heart” is an alternative rock song recorded by the American band Death Cab for Cutie.

The chapter contains historical information from the book “Inspirational Spirits” (facts from Rigveda).

THE RUTHLESS KING’S LOVE LADY is now at #5 ranks in wattpad thanks for your support guys…

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    Awesome dear. I was shocked & angry for a minute, while reading the sanskaar’s room part, thinking that he had forced himself on swara..But thank god that was just a dream.
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