Ghulaam 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ghulaam 17th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rangeela ties Shivani and digs grave to bury her alive. Shivani pleads to spare her. He shouts he does not want to hear anything, she tried to kill his maalik/boss. Shivani says Veer tried to force her and if someone tries to pull his amma’s sari, what will he do. He shouts not to take his amma’s name. Shivani just like his amma, each women’s dignity is important.

Bhisma eagerly waits for Shivani’s death news. Gulguli asks him to relax, news will come soon. Maldawali informs that Shivani is dead now and her dead body is lying outside. Bhisma walks out with Gulguli. Balam shows white cloth covered body and says shivani is dead, who will do her last rights. Bhisma says let her dead body rotten, he does not care. Balam tries to show Shivani’s face. Bhisma says he does not want to see her face, she tried to kill Veer. Gulguli says she wants to see her face. Balam removes white cloth and shows Shivani’s face. Bhisma calls Jageer and informs that Shivani is dead. He orders Balam to perform Shivani’s last rights and leaves home.

Maldawali serves sweets to Bhisma and he laughs. Manmeet enters and throws sweets and says this house’s bahu’s dead body is lying unclaimed. Bhisma scolds if he has gone mad without drugs. Rashmi comes wearing white clothes to mourn Shivani’s death. Gulguli starts dancing and Bhisma enjoys praising her dance. Balam with his friend lifts Shivani’s dead body and carries to burial ground. He lies Shivani’s body on wood. Guard accompanies them. Bhisma calls guard and informs him to come back. Once Balam sets wood on fire, guard leaves. Shivani gets out of fire immediately, Rangeela brings car and gets Shivani from there to his house.

Veer wakes up and tells Manmeet that Baby doll lashed him when many wrestlers could not. He asks for a mirror, looks himself into mirror and throws it shouting baby doll spoilt his face. Manmeet asks him to relax and thinks he should not inform that Shivani is dead until Veer reaches home.

At Rangeela’s home, mamaji asks how did he save Shivani. Rangeela says he wanted to kill her, but her words forced her to change his mind and reminisces Shivani asking what he would do if his malik pull his amma’s sari, any woman would react same way if her dignity is harmed. Mamaji says his conscience is still alive and he should think only good. Rangeela asks them not to go out and tells once he leaves Shivani to a safer place, he will get back to his work.

Gulguli gets tired after dancing and orders Rashmi to press her legs. Bhisma asks if she got so tired. Guard comes and informs that Shivani’s body is burnt and Shivani and Rangeela is in Berahampur. Gulguli asks why is he here. He says he killed Shivani. Gulguli says she killed Shivani in wrestling ground. She requests Bhisma that she does not want Rangeela back in Berahampur. Maldawali thinks Jageer is in hospital and she will lure Rangeela today.

Precap: Rangeela gets a message that Bhisma called him to store room. He reaches and thinks why Sarkar called him here. Someone throws money bundles in front of him.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Antara

    after so many days this episode was worth watching especially 2nd half shivani & rangeela scenes this gulguli is just disgusting

  2. Thank god..rangeela get some sense

  3. Hello to readers. I am sorry to say that hypocrisy shown by rangeela. If he had a father and not a mother, then would he not paid heed to shivani’s words, or if shivani was a man then would – aadmi ka khoon is utmost- line worked. I am sorry to say that I never met or know a woman who is either respectable or likeable. And surely I wont in future as well. So, the thing here- right here is that rangeela loves shivani- this aadmi aurat bullcrap is just a cover up. That’s the bottomline,or maybe rangeela had lost some sense after going out of Berhampur.

  4. Episode was ok ok.. .hope we get nice scenes in future…

    Hello my frndz…hws u all??…

  5. Hi guys to all shivani and rangeela heard my voice…they ran away from berampur….but senseless rangeela when she compared with his mom then only he realised…….now maldawali is planning another track….now only the story is moving out of perhumpur……what is rangeela going to do…..

  6. Who throws money in front of rangeela. ?
    Veer for shivani or sargar?…….

    1. I think Maldawali..she is planning a hug with Rangeela..Shivani does not have so much money

      1. I mean Veer is in hospital..Sarkar can give him money in front of all..

  7. The episode was nice..Good to see Rangeela saving Shivani..
    But I will today point out few funny observations..not to be taken seriously
    Shivanis size is so small..why the grave dug by Rangeela was so large as a room..dig he dig the whole thing himself? Seems whole chowdhury family nd rangeela himself would be buried there..
    Next is Maldawali..she is enjoying from last two episodes ..but why? Ok she hates Shivani but her problm is not solved..her husband is back..he cant help in procreation..Rangeela is out of question to come to her..Veer will marry someone else and who will give him a child..So wht is the reason of her partying?
    In the precap I think its Maaldawali who have come to meet Rangeela..any guesses?
    Over all glad that Rangeela will be relieved of any guilt feeling..But the depiction could have been better executed with bit more Amma word by Shivani nd Rangeela changed his would be better if Shivani made him realise his masters other mistakes..Here he saved Shivani as a ‘ majboor’ aurat..not out of love..This serial seriously lacks flashbacks and ability to show inner turmoils..Same was with Shivanis love fine day suddenly she realised she is in love.
    Now cat nd mouse race begins..interesting to look forward how nd when Veer get to know the truth..

    1. Also, the cremation drama. After balam and the other guy lighted the pyre, and the fire catching upwards quickly towards shivani, was enough to make her unconscious. But when rangeela arrives she escapes quickly. Just like previously when gulguli ji almost knocked the life out of shivani, but she recovered quickly in rangeela’s presence. That’s true love, my friends.

  8. Hello br mam,hi saku,krina,richu n others how r u all.finaly rangeela saved her lov the epi.waiting for next epi.

  9. RD I am not asking shivani veer orsargar?
    Before kurbani the goat it is washed by turmeric water and purified just like that shivani is tking care by. Rangeela. Is he going to leave his malik again? If he again leave her to veer …looser rangeela …..and the director these comments won’t come many will stop to watch……bcz all r waiting for rangeela and shivani unite …how do they abolish this slavery system rashmiand manmeet story..the should move forward……..just like mosquito coil..not moving….

  10. Hi antra….renu…..aanya. richu…sakshi…anu…..rajat..rd……good morning guys. Have a good day….
    Rd. U r questions r very nice…one full load soil need to close the pit…..dress sense maldawali. Sarisuper wearing sense. Why do we wear sari?……purpose solved……plz jageer slap her tightly… body asks questions to u…….

    1. Ya mam I read wrong..
      Spoilers say Rangeela will help her elope out of Bpur

    2. Hi mam, how r u? Episode is okey. Still i cant believe rangeela… Waiting for tmw episode.

  11. No rd rangeela asked question for himself that why sargar asked him to come to the store room ? I think he is in the store room only……

  12. Gulguli danced nicely.acting ok but as per story the sense of humour is not right..u r son can hit and punishanybody but he should not be hit by anybody what a logic!
    Pillai pasamappa. Pullarikkuthu…..romanchanam

  13. Richu how is urfather?ishe ok? Don’t worry he will recover very soon……..

  14. RANdomfANCreationz

    I have not been watching the show many days as i was quite disappointed with the track but today’s episode finally hopes awakened again. OMG Rangeela with his friends saved Shivani ??? and yes i m loving manmeet’s character more now ?
    But i didn’t like the way they spoiled veer’s character they should show some positive or guild wala thing in veer at least a bit of guilt that would be good
    And i didn’t like the way gulguli danced? That’s so crazy!

  15. Whr is today’s episode?? ?

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