Saumya woke up to the chirping of birds in their balcony.

She tried to move but saw that her legs were entangled with Rudra’s, her waist was trapped by his arms, a smile adorned on his as well as her face.

“Good morning wifey.”, His voice hoarse from sleep.

“Good morning to you too husband.”

“I love you.”,he said and pecked her cheeks.

“Umm, Rudra I forgot to tell you something yesterday.”

“What is it ?”,he asked worried.

“Well you know that I’m insomniac, that happened because whenever I try to sleep, I see my Baba’s and Papa’s last moments whenever I close my eyes.”,tears glistened in his eyes. His love had gone through hell and he had hurt her in a such a bad manner that even God wouldn’t have had given him back his Saumya.

“And I killed my rapists.”,she finally breathed.

He knew that his wife had killed her criminals, he had seen her doing that.

“How exactly ?”,he asked her pretending to be oblivious.

“I burnt them, used Petrol, kerosene and caustic soda on their clothes, actually we had hired a man to dip all of their clothes in that mixture and dry them so that they couldn’t get to know.”

He kissed her forehead.

“Proud of you.”,he said grinning.

She looked at him in shock. Was he mad ? He was here with her in his bed, she was a f**king criminal. And he is proud? Had something gotten into his brain?

“People like those deserve death like the one you gave.”


After the breakfast, Rudra went to his office, it was going good with her tips and tricks.

Since there were only few weeks for her exams she studied harder and again turned into insomniac.

One day she was in the balcony studying. She took out a jar of Nutella and some croissants and started eating them. Rudra watched her in awe. Her croissants were finished and she started licking Nutella.

He saw her lips were covered in Nutella, he licked it of her lips shocking her.

“What are you doing Rudra ?”

“Tasting my fav things”

“Things ?”

“Nutella and your lips.”

And she blushed.

That was it.

He attacked her lips and plundered them while she was roaming her hands in his hair. He deepened the kiss but had to pull away for oxygen.

Her cheeks all red.

“You look the cutest when you blush, you know that ?”


She felt a pang in her stomach and winced. It was here.

She ran in the washroom.

Rudra got worried but didn’t do anything because he was confused.

She got out of the bathroom and straight away plopped on the bed. And took her medicine.

Pain shot up again.

Rudra came up to her.

He cupped her cheek with one hand.

“What happened my love, do we need a doctor ?”

“No I’m fine.”

Pain yet again. She shouldn’t have moved it always went worse when she moved.

“Then what is it, please tell me, you’re scaring me.”

“It is my… Ugh how should I tell you”

“So it is your periods?”,he asked.

Shock, an understatement.

“How do you know ?”

“Your last sentence, it confirmed.”


She hid her face in blanket.

“What are you hiding, every guy knows that girls get periods, you remember biology?”, He winked and she glared.

“Then you must have heard of PMS ?”

“Yes why ??”

“You know there is a rule that a girl can be forgiven for committing a murder in her PMS ”

“Why are you telling me this ?”

“Because if you don’t leave me then I’m going to kill you !!!”

“Sorry, go back to sleep, but I love you.”,he said and ran out.

After sometime he came back with water bag and some junkies.

“OMG Rudra thank you so much “,she chirped.

“Anything for wife and I got this warm salt too, want me to rub it on your -”

“Warm salt?”

“Internet Saumya.”

“Ooh but never tried it.”

“Wait I will rub it, I will keep it in muslin cloth.”

And she sighed, it really had a soothing effect.


Few weeks later…
Saumya started giving her exams while Rudra was helpful. He didn’t disturb, and gave her junkies for sugar rush to give her energy.

After it got over, they knew one thing- Graduation Party was getting closer.

And they were going to sing together.

_______________ ———– _______________ ———– __________________
Hola guys, I tried and tried to make it more awesome but this chapter is not upto the mark for me, but please let if you liked it or not, no lies pls.

Mohini is happening soon. ?

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