1st Epi – Laal Ishq 23rd June 2018 Written Episode Update: A Fresh Start With An Unique Concept

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A woman is shown romancing her boyfriend and having an extramarital affair. They chat romantically on bed. Boyfriend says her husband will be coming. She says let him come, she like the one who brought excitement in her boring life. Husband comes, and boyfriend disappears. Woman asks husband if he came..He says yes. An old statute is shown. Another newly married couple Akshay and Gunjan are seen entering their house after marriage. Akshay opens door. Gunjan asks if he does not watch TV serial, he did not arrange graha pravesh. Akshay sees neighbor bhabhi passing and nervously closes door hurriedly. Gunjan sees marigold flowers on bed and scolds if he could not get rose flowers. Akshay says rose petal leave color and he thought since bedsheet is of yellow color, he should get marigold, even if petal leaves color, it would not be noticed. She throws flowers and sleeps. He tries to garner her attention, but she ignores him and sleeps. Next morning, Gunjan wakes up and finds gift next to her bed. She unwraps it and gets excited seeing new mobile. She gets Akshay’s messages if she woke up, he left tea for her, if she is feeling refreshed, etc..She gets more happy seeing romantic messages from him, but then sees sees Akshay’s message to prepare lunch, to be aware of neighbor bhabhi and not mingle with her, etc. She fumes that she will prepare such a bad food that he will never ask her to prepare food. She then calls her friend and fumes that she got an unromantic and boring husband and describes Akshay’s messages and warning about neighbor bhabhi. Friend says usually bachelors are innocent and bhabhi’s very shrewd, so Akshay is right and she should stay away from bhabhi. Gunjan turns sensing someone watching her and gets afraid seeing a beautiful woman. Woman sensuously talks to Gunjan and says she is very beautiful, how was her night.. Gunjan asks who is she. Woman says she is neighbor bhabhi and says she brought kachoris for them with a bit of extra asafoteda just like Akshay likes. She asks Gunjan if she will not serve her tea. Gunjan says there is no tea powder. Bhabhi says she knows everything about this house and shows her where tea power and sugar are, says Akshay does not like spicy food, but does not mind if his favorit rajma chawal is spicy, he likes sweet tea though. She says she brought her special gift. Gunjan happily checks box and asks if it has jewelry, it is so heavy. Bhabhi says she will be excited to see the gift and it will fill excitement in her life. Once Bhabhi leaves, Gunjan opens box and sees an old statue.

At night, Gunjan gets ready and eagerly waits for Akshay. Akshay sends a message that he is busy in work and will come late. Bhabhi’s statue is shown on bed and it starts moving and turning into Akshay. Akshay walks to her and gets romantic. Gunjan is surprised to see him and says he told he will come late, but he came so early. He says he came from old haveli near dead king’s flowing river for her. He throws rose petals on her and they consummate. Next morning, Gunjan goes down and sees state on table. She then sees Akshay preparing tea for her and excitedly walks to him. They both sit on swinger. Akshay nervously says he is thinking of 4-5 days leave and take her on hhhhhh.. Gunjan excitedly asks honeymoon. He says yes. She excitedly walks aside and over phone informs her friend that Akshay is planning honeymoon trip. She walks back to Akshay and asks where are they going. He says holy pilgrimage. Gunjan fumes in anger. At night, again Gunjan hopes Akshay comes home soon. Akshay messages he will be late. Statue turns into Akshay again and walks behind her. She excitedly asks how did he know she wanted him to be here. He says he knows everything. She serves him sweet. He says it would be very tasty like her as she prepared it, but he wants to have spicy food. She says he doe not like spicy food. He says he wants to change for her and shows her pani puri. She jumps in excitement happily and asks how does he know she is craving for pani puri. He feeds her pani puri and gets romantic on swinger. Real Akshay walks towards home hurriedly. Bhabhi sees him hiding. Akshay opens door, ad statute disappears. Gunjan is confused and collapses. Akshay holds her and asks if she is fine, if she met bhabhi, he would not have let her meet Bhabhi. Gunjan then sees statue throwing flying kiss on her and turning into statue. She collapses again. At night, Gunjan sees statue again throwing flowers on her while Akshay is sleeping next to her. She panics in fear. Statue sleeps next to her and touches her. She shouts in fear. Akshay wakes up. Statute disappears.

Next morning, Gunjan confronts Bhabhi and asks why did she give this statue to her, people like her cannot think good of others, etc.. Bhabhi says whatever happened is her mistake, she got what she desired and dreamt of, this statute is nothing, it is her fantasy and dreams that came true. She says we woman dream a lot, but are deprived always, so this statute is a route to fulfill their desires. Gunjan angrily picks an iron rod to break statue when statue gets into life again and says she cannot get away from her desires and warns she cannot get away from her, it is best he kills her husband and they stay together forever. At night, Akshay returns and Gunjan informs him everything and apologizes for letting her desires and dreams overpower her. Akshay says he warned her to stay away from bhabhi and says he loves her and brought flowers and sair for her, if she permits, he will dorn sari to her. He dorns her sari. Statute emerges angrily and warns enough of their romance, he will kill Akshay. They both warn him to get away, and Gunjan says she made a mistake. Statute tries to stab Akshay, but Gunjan comes in front and bears the stab. Statute asks why did she bear the stab. She says she was wrong to let her desires overpower her and wants to die being loyal to husband. Statue disintegrates into air. Akshay lifts Gunjan and rushes her to hospital. After a few days, Gunjan calls Akshay and asks him to return home soon as she prepared his favorite rajma chawal.

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  1. Mona146

    finally neela ma took revenge from vidhyut ……………….LOL

  2. yes here comes neela maa to take revenge from him to kill her and seprating avneil

  3. well i don’t like the show episode one for me was boring nothing special i will watch this for zain imam only i love him very much all are interesetd just for him but i think he is better with aditi 100 times
    he deserve better than this

  4. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Awesome Episode! A fight between our needs and wants. After a long-time,I am watching this kind of show. Thanks for giving a amazing show!

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