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Everyone reached in her room. Dushyant was in his kung fu position while Rohit in tai chi position, ready to kill anyone who dared to try to touch her.

“What happened Saumya, where is that guy ?”, Dushyant asked.

“Which guy, jiju ?”, she asked confused.

“The one who broke inside you room ?”, Rohit enquired.

“Nobody broke in my room. It was my mobile.”

“What ? Aisa kya tha bhai ki tu itna zor se chillayi saali sahiba?” Dushyant asked irritated.

“My exams are starting within two months.” She said all gloomy.

“Oh, so-“, and Svetlana was interrupted by her beloved sister.

“Yes di , I’ll leave right away, but you guys will stay here, till the time decided, that is after two weeks, and if I see you guys in Mumbai before that, I will surely lock you in snow kingdom for 48 hours, without Arya. Got it.”

“Aye aye, captain.”, and all saluted her while she laughed.

Here in Oberoi farmhouse, when everyone learnt that it was his exams, Rudra earned a hard smack on his head by his brothers.

“Bhaiya, O help me please.”

“Nothing doing, you are taking your first flight back home, while we will stay here and use this vacation as our honeymoon which we both couple missed so… OK TATA BYE BYE.”, Omkara declared while everyone laughed.

Rudra got up sulking and pushed them out to change.

Saumya’s outfit

Rudra's outfit

Rudra’s outfit

Saumya left from her farmhouse and at the same time Rudra left his

Saumya left from her farmhouse and at the same time Rudra left his.

At the airport they saw each other and came to know they had same flight.

Rudra sat beside her but got up and went away and after sometime he came back with her new ticket.

“What the hell is this Rudra ?”

“What ? I just upgraded your ticket to business class so that you could be next to me, bhalai ka toh zamaana hi nahi raha !”

“May I ask you, I didn’t ask you upgrade it, I’m very much comfortable in flying in economy class, got it.”

“I know that but you are not comfortable with flying, you are nauseac to flying you will vomit, so you will have to rush, you will need aisle seat, your economy seat wasn’t anywhere near any if the washrooms, so to take care of you, so that you don’t vomit on your fellow co-passenger and so that you can eat the best dark chocolates to control your nausea I changed it to business class, you are just next to me. Infact I will mostly be in your cabin. Whether you like it or not.”, he declared.

“Why are you doing this ?”

“Correcting the sin I did last year, I didn’t let you sit in the aisle seat, made fun no insulted you,”, tears brimmed in his eyes, he almost cried but controlled himself. “But I know now that you are suffering from vertigo, I’ve read about it, and I want to help you with this, this time, so that you don’t have to run washroom every five minutes, I want to be with you.” He said holding her hand and his breath.



While they were on their flight they got to know that Saumya too had her exam.

“So you’ll have to go to Australia ?”

“No, I will give exam from our college in Mumbai.”

“How ?”

“I’ll used the sick card, simple.”

And the rest of the flight was spent in her eating chocolate from his hands and his idiotic talks so that her mind is not focussing on the height and her finally falling asleep on his shoulder and him kissing her forehead, he was always kissed her forehead while she slept, as if it would help him peacefully.

There was announcement that the flight would be landing soon. As the flight started to decrease its height Saumya started panicking. Rudra quickly covered her eyes with his hands tightly so that she couldn’t peak through them and whispered sweet nothings in her ears in soft and gentle voice.

And finally they landed. After taking their luggage from the conveyer they left for the mansion in the car which was already waiting for them with a driver, as informed by Rudra. As soon as they got in the car.

“Uff Mumbai ki garmi.”, they said together and laughed.

They took out their warm jackets.

She was wearing a sleeveless with spaghetti strap solid black top, revealing her toned arms. He was gaping at her but stopped on releasing that she would turn towards him any second.

He was wearing a solid black T-shirt but still made him look hot making her go red in cheeks but she controlled herself.

They reached home in no time.

As soon as they entered the mansion, Rudra got a notice kind of paper. Colour drained from his face on reading it.

He ran up and quickly changed his clothes.

“Rudra what happened ?”

“I’m going to college something big happened, wish me luck bye.”

And he again deeply kissed her both cheeks and left.

She blushed. Why did he kiss her again she wondered.

While he left smiling, he kissed her because she was his lucky charm.


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  1. Jasminerahul

    rudra is so sweet to make it business class for soumya so that he can be with her n look after her as she gets sick while travelling. rudra telling her that he wants to correct the mistake he did last year was nice. nice look of rumya.cheek kiss was so sweet.she is his lucky

  2. ItsmePrabha

    awesome..Loved it…Especially that last part…will be waiting for the next…

  3. Fenil

    Nice job nilsss

  4. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely dear

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