Rudra and Saumya ka Kahaani – Rumya FF Episode 4

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Anika turn and look at Shivaye who walking towards her. She gets shocked and scared because she knows that Shivaye still can’t forget what Saumya did to his family but Anika understand that there is something that hide by Saumya.
Anika: Ha, Shivaye.
Shivaye: Anika, What are you doing here? I am searching for you now. Dadi, I am looking for you as well. What both of you are doing here?
Kalyani Dadi: Nothing beta. Come let’s go.
Shivaye accompany Kalyani dadi and suddenly he turns and see Anika who were still standing at the same place.
Shivaye: Anika, Lets come. Why are you standing there?
Anika: Shivaye, can you first with dadi. I will be back in few minutes.
Shivaye: Where are you going?
Anika: (Wide eyed) Ehh… I need to go to washroom.
Shivaye: Oh.k, Why are you frighten to tell this? Be careful or you want me to follow you.
Anika: Ahh… Its okey. I will be fine.
Shivaye (about to ask Anika whether she will be alright).
Kalyani dadi: Beta, Don’t scared, she will be alright. Is it right Anika? Beta, bring me there to sit, my legs are paining.
Shivaye: Ohh… Alright dadi, let’s go.
Kalyani dadi knows that Anika giving excuse to search Saumya because Saumya left when she saw Shivaye coming towards them just now. Anika knows that Dadi create excuse to divert Shivaye’s questions. Anika rushed out to search Saumya. She search for Saumya to get know the truth that happen two years ago. She searching all the places in the mall but she couldn’t find Saumya.

********** TO BE CONTINUED ***********

Precap: Will Anika find Saumya again? Will Shivaye get to know about Saumya’s presences?

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  1. Ruby_MarNy

    Nice one but next time try to make the chapters longer a bit…

    1. Sukaen

      Yeah sure.. Thank you..

  2. ItsmePrabha

    nice one..hope annika finds somu and gets to know the truth…will be waiting for the next..

    1. Sukaen

      Thank you..

  3. Fenil

    This chappy is nice…if time permit will read other.

    1. Sukaen

      Thank you

  4. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice

    1. Sukaen

      Thank you

  5. Hi Sukaen,
    Nice episode. Waiting for the somu hidden truth.. Plz upload episode soon… Tc

    1. Sukaen

      Thank you…

  6. Jasminerahul

    anika searching for soumya was nice.hope she funds them and gets to know the truth.what will be the reason for which soumya did that to oberois?

    1. Sukaen

      Thank you.

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