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They reach there and keep puru’s body on a cloth and laachi keeps her hand on his chest crying but finds his heart still beating

She calls vedya(doctor) who somehow saves puru’s life and puru wakes up to find all his family surrounding him he smiles sits and hugs anusuya who hugs him back

Pritha and hasti apologize to him:- hame maaf kardo puru hamne tumhein saara jeevan wo pyaar aur parivar ka ahsaas naa diya jo tumne hamein diya

Puru forgives them

Laachi hugs him and faints due to all that happened to him

Puru carries her to her house and sprinkles water on her face

She wakes up

Anusuya tells him everything and also tells him that a few loyal jaasoos of her sent her a message that farsis have been removed from our country but no one in paurav rashtra that you are alive

Dasyu rani says that in this case we should get puru and laachi married ritually

Laachi feels shy nods positively and runs from there and stands near a pole dancing in happiness

It is night time

Dasyu rani arranges a house for puru and anusuya and also laachi after her marriage

Puru is standing thinking about something
Anusuya asks him what is he up to now
He thinks that he still have to protect his maatrbhoomi from the farsis
Anusuya says yes but now you should sleep as tomorrow is your wedding with laachi the love of your life so best wishes

He smile and hugs her and then sleeps thinking about laachi


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  1. VanishaShrivastava

    So guys please tell me how this episode was
    I promised to update before 1 p.m. but the website published it after some time and I will also submit the next episode today only but it depends on the website when will it be posted

  2. VanishaShrivastava

    So guys the next two parts will be special parts

  3. Wow??? so great,??
    Just very very very happy,at least here puru lachi will marry ???

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