Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 7th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Roop takes a stand for Ishika

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 7th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roop getting married to ishika and filling her maang with sindoor. Hardik pacifies Palak and keeps hand on her shoulder. Ishika and Roop touch Rupesh’s feet and take his blessings. They touch Kanchan’s feet. Kanchan bless them too. Rupesh says my blessings are with you and asks them never to leave each other. He gives Roop’s hand in Ishika’s hand. He asks Roop to take care of Ishika, although she is childish and kiddish. He thinks who can know better than me how childish she is. Ishika looks at Roop. They come out of the ward. Ishika asks Roop not to be happy and says she will tell her Papa that she don’t accept this marriage just as he gets fine. Roop smiles. Ishika says I will tell Papa when he gets fine. Roop smiles and says your Papa knows you well.

He is right, how childish and kiddish you are. He says we don’t want this marriage to happen this way, but it happened. He says sometimes we have to take sudden decisions due to circumstances. He says you don’t want to marry me, but seeing your father critical, you have decided to take the 7th round and says how selfish you are? Ishika says you are equally responsible for it and says I agreed for my Papa. She says you would have stopped this marriage, but you are happy. She says they will not live happily ever after. Roop says nobody can live with you happily ever after. He says I had said enough sorry and will not bear your nonsense. Ishika says even I can’t bear your nonsense. They turn their faces and look at each other.

Kanchan brings Ishika and Roop to their house. Vaishnavi opens the door and asks how are you Kaka? Rupesh says I am fine. Haren Patel says you acted and got your daughter married to someone else and didn’t think of our daughter. Dhawal says no marriage had happened this way. Kanchan says she is our daughter and asks why they are bothered about her. Dhawal says Vinay broke marriage with Purvi and left from the mandap. Praful tells Ishika that she would have married Roop before only and says I know that there was something going on between you and him. Ishika says stop it and asks Kanchan to take Papa inside. Dhawal stops them. Rupesh asks them to try and understand. Ishika asks Dhawal to move from their way. She asks him to see Rupesh’s condition. Mota kaki says who will see Purvi’s condition. Roop asks her not to say much in this age and apologizes to Purvi. He says we don’t want your marriage to get canceled this way, if you want then I can talk to Vinay personally. He says it was your Papa and brothers trick, they wanted to trap Ishika with Ranvir’s help. Dhawal says you are saying much.

Roop asks if you want to get beaten by your jija. He tells Kanchan that his sasur needs to rest, so he will take him inside. He asks everyone to check their mistakes before accusing others. He asks them to give side and take Rupesh inside. Ishika asks Roop why did he tell all that and says I know how to tackle them. She asks what was that saas, sasur and sasural. She says I don’t accept this marriage. Roop says it is confirmed that your first floor is empty. Ishika says I will be thankful to you for saving me from Ranvir always. Roop says I couldn’t bear when they accused you. Vaishnavi comes to Purvi’s room and finds her missing. She informs her inlaws. Haren says her number is unreachable.

Purvi meets Vinay and apologizes to him. Vinay tells her that he can’t marry her. Purvi says sorry and asks him not to go. Vinay asks how dare you to slap me. Purvi bends down infront of him and asks him to slap her hard to settle his scores. Vinay raises hand to slap her, but control his anger. He says you are neither beautiful, nor your parents have much money. He says I thought you will agree to my sayings, but you insulted me. He says it is good that I didn’t marry you and asks her to get lost. He pushes her. She pleads infront of him to marry her. He leaves. Praful and Dhawal come there and take her home.

Rupesh laughs hearing Roop’s joke and says I liked your sense of humour always. He says you have lifted my mood after whatever happened outside. Roop says everything can be lifted except cheap thinking. Rupesh tells Ishika that they know that her marriage happened without her wish, but they wouldn’t have forgotten themselves if she had married Ranvir. He says you are married to right guy now. Ishika says once you get fine, I will tell you that I don’t accept this marriage.

Roop picks Kamla’s call. Kamla says she is very happy to know that rounds are completed, says your love is truthful and that’s why God made him marry her. Roop thinks I wish Ishika had thought the same. Kamla asks when you are bringing my bahu home. Jigna and Kinjal ask them to come fast. Kamla says I will talk to Kanchan. Rupesh says we shall make arrangements for your bidaai. Ishika gets surprised and says you are not well. Rupesh says we have to send you to your sasural. Kanchan says she is happy as Ishika got saas like Kamla and husband like Roop. Kamla calls Kanchan. Kanchan congratulates her for Ishika and Roop’s wedding. Kamla wishes her too. Rupesh takes the call and greets her. He says we were talking about your bahu’s bidaai. Kamla says even I am eager to meet her, but I have no objection if you want her to stay there. I can understand being a mother of three girls and asks Kanchan not to worry. She says she will take care of her like her daughters, and says this house is of Ishika only. She asks Jigna and Kinjal to do the arrangements. Jigna says what about Baap ji. Kanchan says I am really happy that you got such a good family.

Roop and Ishika come home. Kamla asks her to kick the kalash and enter home, but Shamsher comes and kicks the kalash and looks angry. Ishika is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. i dont like ishika. From the day she met Roop, Palak and Hardik, she is continuously against them. She is always judgmental and arrogant. She was the one who could never see any of Roop’s goodness, neither she could understand Ranvir’s falseness. Roop even told her repeatedly that Ranvir is not what he seems like, but Ishika never listened to him, always keeping her nose up. It was her decision to marry Ranvir, no one forced her. But does she see her own stupidity?
    Roop is still always gentle with her, even though she always scolds him, humiliates him and insults him. and even now, after it is clear that Ranvir was the liar, abusive one and that Roop never did anything bad, Ishika still has to be rude and blame him and accuse him that Roop did all this just to marry ishika. Does she think all men are dying to marry her and will go to any extent for that? She is not the only woman in the world. Did she ask even once for Roop’s forgiveness for all the time she insulted him? Roop saved her from Ranvir, saved her parents as well. Even after all this, Ishika cannot show the minimum respect to this guy. Roop should have been with Palak instead of this rude, arrogant, ungrateful girl

    1. Raincy

      Yes I feel the same, I guess this soap doesn’t need any vamp/villain as far as Ishika is lead 😂

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