Bigg Boss 12 7th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Sristy takes crucial decisions

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Bigg Boss 12 7th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 51
Buzzer plays, Dipika asks who is going? Sristy says no one is coming here. Dipika says to KV that we shouldnt make this task stuck right now, KV says we will go in from tomorrow. Shiv comes out and says I want to come. Sristy tears his ticket.

Dipika says to Megha that we have to become balance in number. Megha says let this night go and see if they will come out.

Deepak laughs and says to Sree that I cant go to your level, Sree says come closer and remember it. Sree says call your snake KV. KV says I am a snake? Sree says what you want? He moves towards KV. KV says you are a termite.

Buzzer plays, Surbhi says we are not going. Dipika says we are going in. Romil says one from us have to go. Deepak says its Sristy’s call.

Sristy says to them that they have gone out, they will not lose numbers.

Sristy says to inmates that one inmate have to go in or go out, please decide mutually. Deepak says Jasleen should go. Sristy says this task will stop if you dont decide. Deepak says all will become nominated, we are already nominated. Surbhi says we are not doing favors anymore. KV talks to Deepak and says we dont mind anyone becoming captain from us. KV says I want to become captain between us four. Jasleen whispers to Sree and says I am going in. KV says one minute. Sristy says she is right. Dipika says I am a fool standing here. KV says they can discuss with us. Dipika says yes. Jasleen goes in. KV says this is not right. Jasleen says I was coming to discuss. KV says we are playing as a team and you people dont even talk. Jasleen says I just told Sree that I am going. KV says you can talk to us too. Jasleen says I saw you talking to Deepak, you were ready to go in but then you changed your decision. KV says I dont mind you coming in but you can tell us too. Jasleen says you can tell too. Sristy says Jasleen is coming out of horror house. She tears her ticket. KV says wow she is back. Shiv says Jasleen you promised to not do it, what is this? Rohit says why are you here? Shiv says you said you would stay there, dont talk to me now.

Deepak says to Romil that Jasleen was telling KV that he talked to me and is with us.
KV says to Jasleen that you talked to Sree and took decision, we are all playing together. Jasleen says you are connected with them more, you are doing this, you were asking me about Anup when they alleged, KV says when they called Anup as budha, I stopped them.
Romil says they will come to beg us. Surbhi says we are on right side of game.
KV says to Jasleen that play alone if you dont want to talk.
Sree says to Megha that KV said himself that he will make a team.

Jasleen says to Shiv that they will not come out, I heard it and they are ready to make KV captain. Shiv says you should have listened to me, you promised me to support but then you didnt, dont talk now.

Bigg Boss says there will be no transfer till tomorrow morning, there are 5-5 inmates on both sides and there will be no moving now.
Sristy laughs, Shiv says we will see who comes out.
Romil says to his team that one from us should leave.

Shiv says to Sree that why are you miffed on KV? is he so important. Sree says ask him to not talk, Shiv says you initiated it, dont do it.
KV says to Sristy that Shiv agreed that Sree was wrong in all our fights.
Sree says to Shiv that I am not with KV anymore.

Day 52
Humgama hogya plays, inmates dance and enjoy.

Deepak asks who will go first today? Romil says we can go. Somi says we dont have much chance.
Sree says to Megha that we will not move from here, KV will move from here. Jasleen says they dont have a problem with task ending without decision. Sree says Dipika is not in tension, people who are scared of nominations are worried.

Dipika asks Romil what he thought? I am asking for support. Romil says what we will get? Dipika says its me or KV.
Megha says to Sree that I know whose name they have chosen and I will go behind it.
Romil says when buzzer plays, we will go out, it will balance out then Megha will panic.
Sree says to Jasleen that when buzzer plays, Megha will go in.
Romil says to Dipika that we are ready to make Surbhi or Somi captain. Surbhi says no if its KV then we want Romil against him. Romil says if its Dipika then Surbhi can go. Dipika says KV should become captain, he has performed many times but lost. Somi says you are ready to sacrifice for KV? Dipika says yes.
Sree says to Megha that Dipika thinks she will play the master stroke.

Surbhi says to Dipika that we will go out, we have to attack.

Megha talks to Dipika, Dipika says Surbhi is coming out, she is ill. Megha says but we decided that we will go inside. KV says its same thing, Dipika says let Surbhi come out. Megha says but I have to come in for sure. KV says you come in after me.

Dipika says to happy club that Megha wants to come in, I am saying that two from here goes in main house then KV will come in, we have to keep minority here. Romil says Surbhi and Deepak are ill. Deepak says Surbhi is more ill but if I go second then they will make it an issue so let me go first then we can send Surbhi out.

Deepak takes his ticket and says I am coming out. Shiv says you are coming out? Deepak says I have to change my sling, its a problem for me. Shiv says okay, Sristy shreds his ticket.

Deepak says to KV that Surbhi have girls problem so she will come out, then we will have 2 inmates from us on both sides, you will become contender at any cost.

KV says to Megha that I will go in. Megha says they dont have problem with you and me, we can take their support.
Buzzer plays, Surbhi comes out. KV says I want to go in. Megha says why did you let Deepak come out first? Surbhi says to KV that why are you asking me to not come out? I have to take bath and have to come in main house. Surbhi says I am not sick here, I have to take bath. KV says I will not agree after this. Sristy shreds Surbhi’s ticket. Somi says Deepak and Surbhi had medical issues.
KV says to Deepak that we are crazy that we didnt go in.
Megha says to KV that its their plan, I will play for myself too.
Buzzer plays, KV and Megha runs. Megha says I want to go first, Megha says KV gave his chance to someone else. Sristy says to KV that you gave your chance to Deepak. Sree supports Megha. Surbhi asks him to stop it. Sree asks her to shut up.
KV talks to Megha and says can I go? She says no, after me. Surbhi says you are disqualified so stop it. Sree shouts at her. Bigg Boss says Sristy have a right to decide who can use ticket first. Sristy is tensed. Sree says KV missed his chance. KV says you missed your life, you missed 10 years of your life. Sree says I didnt miss anything, I missed cricket and it was not my life, I have more movies than you.
KV says to Sristy that Megha calculated and said she wont go first. Sree says to Shiv that he is talking about my life, Megha will go, all are with her. Deepak says you dont talk, we dont change sides like you, Deepak says we are mentally strong, you will go out. Sree says I will go after making you leave.
Megha says to Sristy that I was not ready but I agreed for him. Sristy says Megha is right, she gave her chance to you. Sristy decides to send Megha in, inmates clap for her. KV is angry and says this is not fair.

KV says to Sristy that this happens everytime. Sristy says you are here but not standing there, Megha was there all the time, you have to play more.
Megha says to Romil that I will play this game on my own.
KV says to Sristy that you gave me the hint that you will support me. Sristy says you were supporting Megha too. Deepak says you took wrong decision. Sristy says I did what I thought was fair.

Sree says I lost 10 years of my life, really? KV says keep saying. Sree says I didnt miss anything. KV says we know everything, doggy.. what you sow shall you reap. Sree moves towards him. Shiv stops them. Sree asks him to stop it, you will wait 10 years to come near me. KV says you started threatening me. Sree says you smell like puke and spit. Sree says you smell like shit. Deepak says dont curse. Sree says dont teach me. Romil says I am scared, I am not here to fight, I will jump and leave, he mimics Sree. Sree says to KV that I will see you. KV says see me anywhere you want.

Shiv says to Jasleen that whenever we have a problem, they jump in our fights.
KV says to Sristy that do that for me, I will come next.
KV says to Dipika that I will go next, make Sristy feel important too.
Dipika says to Sristy that I want to go, Sristy says why? Dipika says this is the right time, if KV goes in then its fine then next is me.
Jasleen says to Sree that Dipika is trapping Sristy. Sree says KV thinks all are with him, Deepak is king of this house. Deepak is there. Sree taunts that only Deepak will win this show. Shiv says what happened with you was God’s will. Sree says we are respecting you. Deepak says I dont need respect from you. Sree says go and support Dipika. Deepak says then why do you bow down on weekends, he asks Shiv to stop it. Sree says he is a spoon.

Buzzer plays, KV gives his ticket. Sristy says okay and tears his ticket. KV thanks her and goes in. Rohit says to Sristy that I feel Dipika is annoying.
KV says to Dipika you didnt get a chance, just say that. Dipika says we have won their trust and it will help us.

Deepak says to Sree that its not with me. Sree says give me jail keys. Deepak says if you want to go out then go, Bigg Boss doesnt listen to me. Bigg Boss calls Sree in confession room. Sree says to hell with you Deepak ********. Deepak says you might be Sree in your home, stop this, get lost.

In confession room, Sree says they are talking about my surgery, my life and it happened outside house then I wouldnt be silent like this, I dont want to be in this house like this. Bigg Boss says people pass personal comments whether they are angry or make you angry, you have to see that.
Deepak says to Dipika that Sree called me ******. Dipika says to Shiv that this is wrong then we cant stop Deepak. Shiv says you called us dogs and that we beg on weekends too.

Jasleen says to Rohit that Dipika is coming out. Rohit says I can go in. Jaslee says talk to Sristy.
KV says to Sristy that what you thought? Sristy says they will see if I am seeing my friendship or working as a referee.

Buzzer plays, Rohit gives his ticket. Dipika brings her ticket too. Rohit says to Dipika that I am tired of being in main house. Dipika says you have taken rest, all task is done so you want to come in now? I have to go out now, I have right. Rohit says I have right too. KV says talk to Sristy. Dipika says to Sristy that plans changed here, I have been in this horror house and didnt use my ticket, its my right to use it now. Sree says there is no relation in task. Rohit says I want to become captain too. Dipika says you do things on someone else’s saying. Rohit says you did things one someone’s saying too, its been 8 weeks. Dipika says atleast I am standing for myself, I learned from my mistakes. Sree says Rohit have to become captain. Sristy says you people cant decide so I have to do it, I am accepting Dipika’s ticket. KV says we appreciate. Deepak says thats great. Dipika comes in main house.

Bigg Boss says its time for task to end, as per rules, there are less inmates in horror house so they win the task, KV, Megha, Romil and Somi becomes contender for captaincy. They all thank Sristy.

KV wishes birthday to Sree. Dipika brings cake. All wish him birthday. He cuts cake. KV stands awy. Sree makes Shiv eat first, he makes Dipika eat too. Shiv gives him his coat as gift.
Deepak cries and whispers happy birthday Sree, God keep you happy.

Dipika asks Deepak what happened? why you are not eating cake? Deepak says its nothing. Sree brings cake for him. Dipika leaves. Deepak says you do this everytime and make me cry, I dont want it, he leaves. Shiv hugs him. Sree says its different in task. Sree makes him eat cake. Sree says I wont make you cry now, Deepak wishes him birthday and says I dont have gift for you.

PRECAP- Inmates will hear messages from their families on diwali. Surbhi’s mother says you are very pretty, we miss you a lot. Surbhi cries. All inmates are in tears. Surbhi says listening to family after so many days. Shoaib says to Dipika that you know I become happy when I see you happy. Dipika cries and says I love you Shoaib.
Deepak hears his mother wishing him diwali and cries. Deepak says parents away from worldly greed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Please update soon ???

  2. I dont understand sree and does their argument even begin..they both are behaving like preschool kids…I think captain will be be between romil megha because kv might again give up for mhanta to gain trust of happy club which in case he does will be purely stupidity…I liked meghas attitude…kv dipika tried to play a game with her but she is smart…I liked how srishty took mature decisions…its unfair bb is still not letting her compete for captaincy..worse things have been done by worst candidates which went utterly unnoticed and srishty is still paying for something which was not even her fault..more of it was sabas

  3. yes Sree was supporting anyone and their khandaan who has a chance to nullify deepika and kV contendership since both of them have shifted their alliance to happy club and most of all their shenanigans to them seems “funny” like making fun of someone personal life & ridiculing their love life insulting their career etc is funny to them wow and sree today was just throwing childish and immature “insults” like kV lost 7 chances of becoming captain etc etc it wasn’t anything more than that at that point but out of nowhere kV got personal and really said something which he shouldn’t have and I see no one pointing it out as him being hurtful but when sree had said that one thing yesterday it was blown out of proportion but now over kV everyone is quiet like why? I’m sorry I used to love their friendship I even dislike the way sree was dealing with him however that thing that kV said today was more pathetic and hurtful than everything combined sree has said, mc BC galis have little to no effect on people or just make them angry but what kV said today is on most intimate level something that sree has to live all his life with regretting every second of it…I now get what some of them meant when they said that kV says most hurtful stuff slyly and then act a victim if that person react…

    1. Sandeep Virk

      I totally agree with your each and every point

  4. Karanvir bohra is really not the person he was actually trying to be from last one month if he was he wouldn’t have even dare to say what he said to shree and that too in such a convoluted and hurtful way, in that kind of way things only could be said if a person is cunning enough while he was trying to be a tube light all this while, karan Patel said it sana khan said it sree said it shilpa said it SALMAN KHAN SAID IT but everybody was so enchanted with his way of carrying himself that nobody believed it even when other people in that house said he says demeaning things the most people ignored it that kahan ye tubelight kisi ko hurt karega saley jhutey hain ye sare 😉 well played kV but tbh I would rather watch this kV than mahanta ka putla nakli kV at least this one isnt boring….tbh this is why sree has started fighting him in the first place he wants to be with celebs but is in cahoots with deepak and takes part to betray them, him and deepika are unreliable & backstabber more than sree is(sree actually hasn’t betrayed wolf gang yet)I used to hate shiv but now I honestly finds him the purest and innocent I hope he go far than any commoner Megha is still the one to watch

  5. Bigg boss is looking like bigg boss now kV and deepika wasted so many days just to be all humble and trustworthy when they’re actually anacondas who were always planning on gulping all their ***wolf club*** with their bhais and dost and mahaam drama, they are the reason why trp dropped so much cause they weren’t ready to shed their fake snake skin and bare their truth to world I meani never thought their face be this ugly that they support and appreciate happy club nautanki if they want their support they can try for it but to accept their drama which is third class is ridiculous

  6. I feel happy club will win captaincy. All scripted by BB since they have been nominated it will make sense to give them that power to take revenge. All in the name of entertainment. BB makes money from the voting process and I have a suspicion they then manipulate the results. So much for Reality TV. Plus the behaviour of the Wolfpack when they have been in a position of power makes no logical sense. Why would KV now side with the happy club. Did he forget when he went to jail the last time, how they mocked and laughed at him. The truth is Romil, Surbhi, Deepak, Somi (the 4some) are one click and of course they will want to create a division within the Wolfpack, not that the Wolfpack are a strong united team so unlike their namesake and if they do get a Wolfpack member on their side trust me that person will be the first person they will sacrifice when the time comes. I think the 1st time I saw the Wolfpack act in unison was the last nomination (I only started following BB since a few weeks now so I could be wrong) all thanks to Sree and I’m not a Sree fan. I wonder who the Alpha is in the Wolfpack between Sree and Dipika. As for the 4some well their plan of troubling the Wolfpack till the eviction is purely a battle of the mind, they want a reaction. Wolfpack members should smile and then just walk away trust me the 4some will just get more frustrated. Just don’t give them the satisfaction of a reaction. It would be awesome if KV and Sree staged their fight just to get footage and create a misconception between the 4some, to ensure they have a person on the inside so none of the 4some win the captaincy this week. I find Romil’s so called jokes demeaning. I’m liking Megha right now. I hope she gets her wish of seeing Romil in jail. That I want to watch on repeat.

    1. Unity kahan se hogi when everybody and their mother wants to lead the group or either jump the ship? Two biggest members of that group are turncoat another is unpredictable mess that everyone seems to take advantage of, now I actually agree with surbh, kV & deepika were abusing their emotional connection with sree for their own benefits and as soon as it looked he’s out of their hand they ditched every one of wolf club with him, romil deepak surbhi and somi are annoying and pathetic but they know they can only survive with strength of numbers so they’re sticking with it unlike those dhokebaaz celebs who knows they still have their fanbase to fall back on if their betrayal to each other went south, puppy face banayege thode se ansu tapkaenge and voila fanbase will be ready to give them another chance to f*uck everything up

      1. Why ?????? Dipika stood with Shree even when she bled to death. She supported Shree no matter what. She helped Shree to become captain . Now, it’s her turn. She didn’t go against Shree. Shree left her and KV. So, she knows Shree won’t support KV. Is joining hands with Surbhi wrong ??? If Shree wants he can help. He is the real nautanki

      2. @Arohi Deepika playing for herself isn’t the reason people are so against her right now, in MY opinion it’s her siding with happy club WHILE they were being mean to other people is why I find her irritating and question her loyalty, with that one out of the blue vote out she did at that one time she had already made everyone doubt her loyalty but now she could’ve gone to happy club for support even made an alliance with them no problem but to accept their stupid annoying drama is what makes me dislike her she’s doing same shit she did with sree when she was babysitting him she used to side on every right & wrong of him just to flatter him, she’s a mature woman she definetly understand what those c*n*s do is out of any decency rule book yet she and kV called it *entertainment* *hasi mazak* tf?if it’s an alliance doesn’t mean you’ve support their bitter and ugly attitude as well against people you’re sharing that place with and especially against the person u used to run behind shrieking “BHAI BHAII” that’s called using someone

      3. Sandeep Virk

        I feel sree is the culprit here…if I look at last two weeks of bb then sree is insulting kv constantly…sree is proving at every point that he doesnt care about kv..sree got so much power as captain and if being a captain he cant punish the enemy and save a friend then friends will have no choice but look elsewhere for allies who can support them to win captaincy or go ahead in the game…sree needs to remember that its cuz of kv they won last week task..its cuz of kv mhanta sree became a captain..its only kv who asked sree to discuss matters and revive their friendship..and if even after doing all that sree is acting like a spoiled brat then kv dipi has every right to choose their own battle and allies…I’m not saying happy club will totally support kv dipi..they might even ditch kv in captaincy contendership but during the task whatever decision kv dipi made seemed right to me

    2. @Pam: cannot agree more!
      I too think its all scripted. M liking megha and shiv.
      Shiv is actully the purest of them all. Remember how jasleen and kriti were trying to create a love angle with him for show s sake. He is not like them. Atleast for now. Loyal and gutsy he is. Isliye salman doesnt let him speak. Sabse zyada arrogant toh salman hi h. Accept hi nahi kar pa rha ki bhuddha ho gaya h and he has lost his shine. Least he can do is loose the shine with grace

    3. Sree is such a cry baby. he feels he can say anything to anybody and when they take him on he cries. I think this is the reason by Bhajji slapped him. He is going to get slapped again if he continues like an idiot. he never does any task and lives on the goodwill of people like dipika and KV. he only became captain because he was in Vikas’s team. Time and again he has shown that he feels others are inferior ro him and poor. thats why he mingles with Shiv, because he is rich

  7. Sreesanth is pathetic, he should be kicked out

  8. Why does deepak wants to turn the show into sasural deepak ka?it took so long to get rid of sasural simar ka now he’s doing bahu drama with his crocodile tears, ye acha hai pehle bakwas karo phir camera ke age Natal karo

    1. And those who didn’t get his tears, you will never understand it. 🙂

  9. KV is pathetic, he should be kicked out

    1. Dipikaa fannn?

      your the pathetic one here you should be out idiotic wel at least she played the damn game and she played for the club aint nutin wrong with that if jas can back out and say what not why can’t dpika I got angry too that she joined the happy club abit werid right at least she’s playing the game she’s the real one that’s the real og right there

      1. Sandeep Virk

        I am not a fan of dipika but I think she made a wise decision…sree is totally against kv right now so kv has no support system in wolf club that can help him to get captaincy…so it’s better to join hands with enemy if they got something to gain…plus sree never really showed any respect towards dipi kv so they really dont owe him any loyalty…I just hope happy club let kv become a contender otherwise dipi kv will become a joke on the house

  10. Depika is pathetic, she should be kicked out

  11. Happy club is great they should be promoted to next bigg boss ankh

  12. Why tf did dipika join hands with those mental pyscho club what the fck has happened to bb seriously this is enough is gone so fcking boring feel everyone’s against one another

  13. Sree the bulldog need to know his place and kV told that to him today badi bhoon bhoon karaha tha sari akal thikane agai ek hi sentence mein

    1. Exactly , i agree with u… Sree apne aap ko top smjta h , surbhi romil k samne inke muh se kuch niklta nhi h nd baakiyo p chad jata h
      Whatever kv said was absolutely right after all sach kadwa hota h , he also said so many things about everyone ?
      Nd he abuse deepak too , why he never abuses him or sach to h bhai dud k dhule to ho nhi tum match fixing krne se pehle sochna tha ye sab … Ab devta bane ka kyu shok chada
      Show m bhi inko jail , real wali yaad aati h to nhi aana tha na ?
      I just hate sreeeee

  14. I hope tomorrow’s episode wil be good everyone brakes down on der loved ones voice so cute and dpika omgg her love for shoahib is unconditional I can understand that true love of yours really emotional bless you and ur husband best couple love you dipikaaa?

  15. Exactly , i agree with u… Sree apne aap ko top smjta h , surbhi romil k samne inke muh se kuch niklta nhi h nd baakiyo p chad jata h
    Whatever kv said was absolutely right after all sach kadwa hota h , he also said so many things about everyone ?
    Nd he abuse deepak too , why he never abuses him or sach to h bhai dud k dhule to ho nhi tum match fixing krne se pehle sochna tha ye sab … Ab devta bane ka kyu shok chada
    Show m bhi inko jail , real wali yaad aati h to nhi aana tha na ?
    I just hate sreeeee

  16. Wow. And now all are against KV for using personal comments. ? He never strolled around saying ‘Main bahaut kuch janta hun tere baare mein’ to Neha, to Dipika and to almost everyone.
    Now, u ppl gonna defend saying he never said anything ! Lol. I will still defend KV because I would have made that comment too if someone is telling me shit with every passing day. It was just too much to be the bewakoof and the sorted man to not see Shree’s faults. Well done.
    Dipika… I love this girl. I really love her. She is actually a genuine person who was always there for her friends , stood for that one person who promised not to leave her. I loved the episode today.
    I just want Surbhi, Deepika, Romil and KV to be in one team. 🙂 they are great together .
    And Deepak’s tears weren’t crocodile tears, they came after a lot of hidden pain which he exposed yesterday . He loved Shree, no matter what.

    1. You just don’t start loving someone and shedding tears over them you just met deepak is dramebaaz he can get emotional over remembering but if he says those tears were for sree or anyone in the house nope

    2. Sandeep Virk

      I totally agree with you…sree has also said much worse things to kv and others…and surbhi told him the same thing so many times about failure cricket stigma phagora etc etc but sree doesnt react to her anymore cuz he knows surbhi will say even more shit…I think he is giving kv more reaction cuz somewhere I feel that sree wants it that way only…he wants a rivalry a competition but not with surbhi and gang but with kv and gang…that’s why sree himself has left no choice for kv other than to join with happy club and along went dipika…I like it actually cuz I would wana see how these new dynamics play out in the house…everything will be crystal clear in captaincy task today and let’s see if happy club would even let kv become a contender first of all or no…rest will unfold soon

      1. Exactly. New dynamics will change many things in the house. ? and I want to see the foes become friends. It was too much for KV to be the good one in the house.

  17. @aarohi you are the one with whom i agree mostly. I love Dipika in yesterday episode. She was my favourite , she is my favourite but whar i don’t like about her before is that she always go after Sreesanth. Now, she is absolutely doing really well. I don’t know why mostly people here are defending Sree just bcoz KV said something personal to him. I agree whatever KV said is not correct but actually its very personal but Sree has also said something very personal to the contestants like Nehha without any valid readon.About happy club i just want to say that i have never liked them but whatever they did till now is for the game and they all are thei to play their. They have some bad qualities but their good qualities are they arw honest and trustworthy. #isupportdipika

    1. True. True. True ❤. Happy Club is a reliable team and the members are frank – that is actually a good quality . And all are grey , none is purely white. So, no problem if Dipika is with them. I love Dipika too. ?❤

  18. What KV said the 10 years thing was very hurtful
    But what could a person do if you are constantly pushed to the level where you just can’t take it anymore and say something which you don’t want to, same with KV he was the person who always stood with Shree fought with others even in wrong things
    One thing they all need to understand is that it’s a reality show and person can’t be perfect which all the while KV was trying to portray, all this while he was supressing his grey shades just to show a goody goody image, but audience wants to see the real side even Salman pointed out on that for KV “Ap Aise ho nhi pr Ap Aise bnne ki koshish kr rhe ho”
    Shree has showed all his emotions positive or negative but KV is being mahanta ki Murat always which is now irritating
    Now the real game will begin when the celebs would shed their image consciousness and compete equally with commoners
    Happy Club salute to your unity

  19. I was nevr interested 2 dipika/kv in serials bt here in bigbos I’ve started liking them. dipi is very caring & kv is very sweet, decent & Innocent. Finally today he couldnt tolerate sreesants shit anymore & it ka jawab pathar se diya. LOVE U SO MUCH KV <3

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