Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 22nd June 2018 Written Episode Update: Shamsher and Roop get appreciated for bravery

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 22nd June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Palak telling Jeetu that she is ready on time as Roop tells that she can never get ready before time. Jeetu says ok and takes her. Shamsher tells Jigna and Kinjal that Roop will not go to school. Jeetu and Palak wait for Roop. Jigna and Kinjal come in auto and tell baap ji told that Roop will not study in your school. Palak asks why. Jeetu asks her to go to school. Roop asks Shamsher not to take him to other school and says he will befriend boys in his school. Shamsher stops his bike and goes to get jalebi. A goon comes running there and Police fires at him. Goon holds Roop on knifepoint and threatens to slit Roop’s neck. Roop shouts Papa. Shamsher turns to the goon and asks him to slit his neck if he has strength. Roop is shocked. Himani tells Kamla that Roop

will lose his self-confidence. Kamla says he is his father and will not think wrong about his only son. Shamsher says no criminal can go in front of him. He jumps in the air and catches one of the thieves.

Other thief holding Roop on knife point asks a man to give his bike keys. Roop thinks what Papa will do now. Shamsher picks a brick and throws on the goon. Roop jumps and comes to Shamsher. Shamsher gets happy and hugs him. SP gets superior’s call and is shocked. Media comes to the Police station and calls her. The people present in the place lifts them happily. Media questions SP why did she send the goons to plant the garden. SP says she didn’t know that they will do this. Ranvir tells Himani that Shamsher is right about Roop. He has to get rid of his fear. A Woman comes to Kamla and Himani and tells them about Shamsher and Roop’s bravery. Media praises Shamsher and insults SP. The people bring Shamsher there. Shamsher tells that he was doing his duty and tells that even his son will become Inspector like him, and one day they will do the parade on 26th January. SP and Roop salute each other. Himani hears Shamsher’s speech. Shamsher sees her.

Palak asks Mrinal teacher to help them and says Shamsher is getting him admitted in another school. Bua asks people to make Shamsher and Roop wear the garland. Man recalls Shamsher slapping him. Bua says he will not slap this time as the news is true. Ranvir asks her to confirm first. Bua says you are jealous of Roop.

The people make Shamsher and Roop wear garland and praise him. Shamsher says this is the difference between SP and me. Roop runs to Kamla and hugs him. Himani asks how did you do that? Jigna and Kinjal come there. Roop tells them everything and says it was common sense and not bravery. Ranvir thinks what is common sense which Roop have and I don’t have. Mrinal teacher calls Roop. Roop tells her about the goons and asks her to talk to his Papa. She says she is coming with some teachers. Roop asks her to bring moustache sir. Mrinal smiles and asks Palak to call the sir.

Mrinal and others come to Shamsher’s house and asks her not to take him out of her school. Sir assures him that his son will not dance. Shamsher refuses. Palak asks boys to convince him. Boys asks Shamsher not to admit Roop in another school, and says if he leaves school then we can’t study in our school without. Mrinal says everyone loves him. Shamsher shouts enough.

Police Inspector asks Roop to tell few words about his Papa. Roop gives the speech that his mum is hero and she works all day and takes care of everyone. He says mummy is also my hero like my papa. Shamsher feels insulted.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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