Ishqbaaz 22nd June 2018 Written Episode Update: Priyanka arrives home

Ishqbaaz 22nd June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye gets down his car. Anika buys flowers. Nikhil says I will wait, I think I left wallet in scooter dicky, I will get it. Anika says its fine if you pay or I pay for it. She pays the money. He says I got an urgent call and goes. Anika and Shivaye reach the staircase. Mihir’s words play…. along with Tu Jaane na song. Anika’s flowers fall down. She sits to pick the basket. Shivaye goes over the stairs. Anika holds her dupatta, that flies in air. They are close. Shivaye stops for a moment. He turns to see. She goes. Guards move the crowd away. Shivaye goes inside the temple, while the queue is formed aside. Pandit says sorry, your Dadi asked me strictly and I told her about you willingly getting late mahurat. Shivaye asks about the rasam.

Pandit tells him. Anika asks are you still here.

Nikhil says what shall I do, a rich VIP has come for visit. Anika says rich and poor are for the world, not for Lord, everyone is equal for Lord. The guard stops her and says you can’t go in, Sir is a VIP. She calls out to Shivaye and says I m talking to you. Pandit asks what are you doing. She says everyone is standing here in line, how can you allow him inside, he doesn’t care, if he is rich, why doesn’t he make a personal temple for himself. Shivaye opens eyes and turns to see. She goes. He asks who was that girl giving lecture. Pandit says let it be. Shivaye asks where is she. Nikhil asks Anika is she mad to get into a fight with a rich man. Anika says I was saying truth, there is nothing imp than truth.

Nikhil says I gave chadava to pandit, he will keep it, come with me. Shivaye asks where is she. He calls her out. She stops and says why do I feel that this voice is familiar. She turns to see. Tia comes in between. Nikhil asks her to come. Shivaye asks you here. Tia says yes, is ritual over, great, are you finding someone. He says no, a girl’s voice, nothing. Anika says wait, I don’t think I should leave without darshan. Nikhil says fine, but don’t do the same thing again. Tia and Shivaye pass by Anika and Nikhil. Tia’s phone falls. Nikhil picks it and gives it to her. Shivaye and Anika are too close. They turn towards each other. Tia and Nikhil get up and block their line of sight. Shivaye and Anika go different ways. Mil ke bhi…..plays….. Shivaye turns to see Anika. Anika stops and goes upstairs.

Dadi comes to Shivaye and asks are you going somewhere. He says I have imp meeting and then I have to go to airport. She says I have a surprise for you. Priyanka hugs Shivaye and says not just a surprise, but a beautiful surprise. He says Priyanka….. She smiles and says I had to surprise you and took morning flight. He says you get air sickness, did you take precautionary medicines before take off. She says yes. He says show me your face. He sees her and holds her face. She asks did you see my face, can I hug you, when will you learn to hug. He says oh my neck…. Dadi tell her. Dadi says she has come and got brightness at home, she will help me in roka arrangements. Priyanka asks how did he get ready for marriage.

Dadi says don’t start again, he runs away from marriage. Priyanka says yes, how did you do this miracle. Dadi says because of you, I told him that if he married, then your marriage and bidaai will happen. Priyanka says so sweet, you made a big sacrifice for me. He says no, it was for me, I can’t tolerate you forever. Dadi says he will cry a lot on your bidaai. Shivaye cries and turns away. Priyanka looks at him. Dadi says I just said and he got tearful eyed. He says I didn’t know when did you grow up. Priyanka says I won’t go, I will stay here with you. Dadi says she wants to get Ghar Jamai.

Nikhil tries to kick start his bike. He stops Anika. He asks how was your interview. She says like always, my ideas sounded good to them, but they gave job to their nephew, why did they keep interview, they wasted my time, I had so much hopes, how will I manage everything, if I don’t pay rent, landlord will make us out, if I don’t pay Gauri’s fees, her year will go waste and I have to get Sahil’s operation done too. He says we will find some way, I have to go in a meeting, do you have 100rs, my scooty isn’t starting, I forgot my wallet at home. She looks into her purse and says its there. He takes money and goes.

Khanna says give me your file. She says Khanna bhaiya you.. He says I heard everything, we will try where we have contacts, I will show your file to my boss, there are two marriages happening in that house, its his roka today, you will be needed there. She thanks him. He says you tie me Rakhi and regard me brother, then you thank me, when my boss sees your file, he will ask about you. Anika smiles. Priyanka gives gifts to everyone. She says this suitcase is for Rudra, he gave a long list. Maid gets tea. Shivaye asks Priyanka to have tea. She waves hand while talking and touches the cup. The cup falls. Shivaye moves her away and gets his hand over her hand. Tea falls on his hand. She shouts for water. He dips his hand in the water jug and gets a relief. She cries seeing the burn mark on his hand.

Shivaye gets Anika’s file. Anika says I had hope from that job, what shall I do now. Shivaye says who is this Anika, I heard her name. She says Shivaye…… He sees someone and says you…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thank you for the update …

  2. Banita

    Hlo PKJ…
    Sry for not replaying back to u all in pre page… Actually i m a little busy now a days…
    Today my comment will be small one….
    Today i like each nd every part of d ib except that nikhil gaddha wala part…
    Shiv- Pinku nd Ani-khannaji wala part was bestest part of d day…
    But i cant understand why Shivay didnt hug prinku…!!??
    Now Shivika part… D most wanting part…
    Now also SSO meter is working in full speed… Nd Ani also sensed him…
    Just love d part soooo much that i want to see today’s epi again nd again….
    Precap – Waiting for this like anything…. Becz now shiv will appointment ani…
    Monday….. Come 1st….
    GN PKJ…

  3. So prinku is back.. But new prinku.. why isn’t she stammering??!! But the new girl is also cute.. so no issues with new prinku.. today shivaay bhaiya and my bhabhi missed seeing each other… This had to happen right?? Courtesy Mihir.. So Khanna is the one.. through Khanna they are gonna meet.. atleast on Monday will they be meeting or not?? CVS this is so plain.. in the original one through prinku shivika met in a similar way.. Okay let’s see whether it’s gonna be similar or what.. Okay where is Shyamali Malhotra?? Is it swety? Or sumo?? Am missing them.. May be shyamali malhotra is the real name of fake swety whom we saw in Dbo?? If it is so, It will be fun!! Okay for monday’s episode, Am waiting!!!! ?

    1. The story has changed and so has the behaviors of the characters. Just like Pinky is dead in this storyline.

  4. Hii guys
    Arpita,luthfa,Shanaya,dwani,banita,sindhu,kadhambari,tania,prabha,aashika,zaveesha,pushpa,dhanu sree,Nikita,mahira,Zara,janu,mahi,chaithu,chavi,omaira,dishani,riya,jeevi,riya,ss,Misha,jeni,shivya,shyni,riana,Aastha,rahul,aayush, abhishek,anitha,sana,ishita,shradda..etc etc.
    How r u guys???I hope everyone is doing best…???
    Bit busy with the school reopening…don’t know what to say abt the reboot…??
    Hope CVS will bring the old track asap..I believe that the reboot will be finished when shivika’s meet. .or will they proceed it…I don’t know…. Actually I was sort of adjusting with the reboot but I wonder why r they changing the story…nd the characters….
    Looking forward for high trp nd fantabulous episodes…

    1. Hiii sneha
      I’m doing well what about you ?

  5. And a kind request… Pls guys don’t hate ib and pls don’t stop watching it…the CVS r just trying to make ib a little diff from other typical daily soaps…keep faith in CVS nd keep watching ib
    I wasn’t able to watch the epi..however thrilled for upcoming epi…so they intend to show that even if shivika didn’t meet from Temple the destiny will bring them together.. Bcoz they r made for each other nd they can’t exist without the other

  6. Arpita6

    Hiiii mere khidkitod pagals. ……
    Love VS Destiny
    Chapter 5…… are ok with Omru attitude. .that is so sweet of is difficult for me to deal with this omru.
    @Sindhu di..our dreams broken….Prinku Changed ?????????????? is prinku akka priyanka not pinky ponky. …
    So as per that Stupid mihir world ” I will send both of you to that time , that same place , but you will not see each other… you wil meet”..
    This totally reminded me the first episode of ishqbaaz exact same place, same situation. Just missed OH JAANA SONG..but its ok.Tu jaane na song is also my fev…
    Love always finds its way…….if two people are meant to be together they they wil one can stop them..
    So Now Ishqbaaz took the IPKKND version ….
    Will focus on Bro Sis bonding rhather.3 OBROS STORY or may be all will go with flow..
    Bcoz many things are resemble with IPKKND
    1 Tia – lavanya.
    2 Nikhil – Wakil…..
    3.Anjali prinku…..
    Ok there is different in presentation of characters but main plot is same..??????
    Now Don’t make Prinku fall for that stupid Nikhil… ?????…..OOk I assumed sooo many things A BIG SORRY FOR THIS.
    Shivika’s feeling….or should I say strange feeling..whole sequence was really really good.

    FIRST NEW DADI AND NEW PRINKU.???????????????????hard time to accept them……
    And Sso you love soo much your Sister I kove it.
    In this time Rudy is smaller than prinku.

    Nikkama Nithala Nikhil..????? go and die..which type of peson he is…get out from my Annika di life ASAP don’t deserve her……
    Nikaama…He didn’t even listen Annika’s sorrow…

    KHANUJI is muhbola bhaiya of Annika???????????..I actually checked my ear after seeing it..????? security wale he upar se Annika ka bhaiya…God job khanuji
    Yiu didn’t chng..I love it..
    Now a days Annika is looking so beautiful in those long Anarkali..we see her in casual and western traditional. .she is slaying in every look…..

    Precap – uffff two days torture. …..
    Mondayyýy come soon..can’t wait..

    1. Hiiii arpita how are you

      I hate nikhil as well idk what to say because he always takes money from anika and keeps on making excuses?‍♀️

  7. Hi frns,

    I didn’t understand and like this current track..

    Totally confused with story line..

    Y can’t u continue as normal

    Hopefully it will end soon..


  8. Vidya Saraswathi

    When Anika and shivaay meet it’s too dragging.

  9. Love this drama
    I love Anika Shivaye so cute

  10. new prinku is too cute I like her.So kanna ji is going to be cupid btw shivika.Eager waiting for shivika meeting.I feel nikhil is using anika for money.The tear drop in shivays gave me the exact emotion it was osum to feel.tanq banita di fr replying back I felt realy happy seeing it.

  11. Sindhu malladi

    The story is nice but I don’t like this new priyanka. Only subharajput suits for that character even though she is not like old prinku I miss that innocent prinku so much.At starting of the reverse track of shivika i didn’t understand and i felt like that I’m watching a Hollywood movie with korean subtitles later I came to know that what is going on… but why this story writers showing bias towards priveer scenes , unfortunately this serial has not been telecasting in my state for 6 months and I used to see that for priveer only and I also like shivika as well but I didn’t see any other serial like this ishqbaaz……

  12. Luthfa

    “I was looking for you here and there forgetting that you live in my heart.
    You are not away from me.
    You are not a stranger but that part of my life without whom I can’t imagine myself taking breath and continue living.
    I am nothing without you,I need you to make me feel alive,bring back my smile,do everything with you which I am missing out right now.
    My heart always longs for you and your presence.I can’t answer those questions my heart asks to me anymore.
    I am just waiting for your return.
    I want to start and end my day with you.
    Every minute every second,I want to spend with you.
    I have so much to tell you.When you will come?
    I can’t wait any longer.
    Are you listening?”……………………..Is this my dream or I was really talking to my heart?This is just not right.How can I talk to my heart when it knows I can’t response to its any feelings and emotions?I have nothing to do with it.But looks like today it wants to say something to me.Wants me to hear it for once but why?What is so spacial about today?Every day is similar for me and there is no difference.Still why I am feeling so restless?Perhaps I am over thinking.Those are mad who follows their hearts and I am not mad.That was certainly my day dreaming.Am I sure?Let’s not get there…………………………….

    1. ShinyTirupathi

      Yay she is back with kidkithod words…..

  13. Thahsina Thasi

    I think anika s mom may b the mistress of shakthi dat might turn into is pyaar kaa.
    Its gone prove ther love evn aftr shivye knows.the fact n truth

    1. Then they will become siblings
      This is not GOT ……….

  14. Not suitable for anika be responsible person and she is as usual laying and give advice for others any now she is so stupid girle deal simple with others and ifound it boring when only shivika have rolls only i know that rekara and ruvayh now only supports actors in the show but for my these guys the ishqbaaz ❤️

  15. I totally agree with UB I cannot follow this serial anymore. Too confusing. please bring this back to track.

  16. Very confusing, please bring this back to track.

  17. Nikita_jai29

    Cvs broke my heart with miss of shivika meet… Nikhil is unemployed and trying to con anika… New face for priyanka… I hoped that may be cvs bring subha rajput back… Luthfa dear your writing style is amazing..
    Arpu dear… Your chapter comment is good…
    The present track is little confusing.. But it is also gives a good vibes like the same changes viewers are wished in the original content…

  18. Hello Arpu dear banita Luthfa sneha Ishita tania my dear little Sister jeevi and shiny pushpa aayush omaira kadhambari and many many new ones and beloved PKJ family. Have a wonderful weekend.

    @Arpu dear I am so sad they changed prinku’s character and someone else. I suspected that. So sad… AnywayI have to try to accept new
    prinku and nice analysis dear

    @Luthfa nice analysis
    Jeevi dearie how are you? Thanks for your comments yesterday. Couldn’t say much as I was busy.

  19. Coming to episode Shivika hit and miss at the temple and the money sucker Nikhil. Anika is so naive to keep giving him money and I don’t know when will she know the truth.

    Prinku average looking and shivaay loves his Sister very much. But shivika’s sensometer is working. That ‘s good. Since Nikhil loves money he should end up with Tia.

    Next week there will be a lot of Shivika moments and I think Gauri will come to the mansion where her sister is working and will see OM I Guess. So it is Rudra and bhavya who are loggerheads. Hopefully sowmya this time is positive nature and comes in between them.

    Let’s see how cvs bring the plot.

    Love can be sensed without seeing each other and love will surpasses anything even if it is destined that Nikhil and Anika to marry and Shivaay and Tia to marry but love can change that destiny and it will become Shivaay and Anika. This Shyamali Malhotra could be Svetlena and are Tia and Svet going to be sisters taking revenge again?

    Well I am excited to watch next week.

    Please continue to watch IB and don’t give up. All will happen next week and it is going on speed so please watch on TV.

    1. hii sindu diiyes yaar….loved ur cmnt
      nikhil is a money sucked..anika he doesnt suit u….happy to know shivika sensometer is working

      1. Hey sneha my dear how are you? Loved your comments and glad you are patient to watch this new redux of IB. I understand some are not too pleased with this redux track but I just feel it is good to have a change if not audience will lose interest. All of us should watch as if they are watching a new serial then we will watch it in a neutral sense.

        Take care my dear sneha

  20. Hello guys I have a question in episode khanna said to Annika in oberoi mansion there have two wedding I know on is shivay wedding but other I don’t know . Can you guys tell me about this??

  21. Hello guys In Ib season 2 there is no proper story about rikara but imagine rikaras first meeting like Nennu local film(telegu movie) in this movie heroin slapped hero and hero falls for her like love at first sight. I wish in Ib rikara face of is like that but I know there is anything not gonna happened

  22. Ye channel wale audience ko pagal samjhte hai kya?…….. khi bhi kuch bhi start kar dete hai…. I think agar same story repeat karni thi to kuch big karte Anika sivay ka sapretion ya memory loss ya fir dono alag hone par story start karte to kuch refreshing lGta…. but ye to azeeb chij hui ki us pagal writer ne bola ki main dono ko whi pucha dunga jha dono first time mile the or dono pahuch bhi gye ?woww…… writer koi god tha kyaa ????.. hadd karte hai ye serial wale bhi

  23. Please make shivika meet together ASAP not seen them together for a week

  24. OMG this going to be very interesting

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