rivanya- forever with u part -2

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the clock struck at sharp six, shivanya got up and found rithik still sleeping ,she went to get ready for her college .
Later ,rithik gets up and doesnt find shivanya in the room, he tried searching her over his home without disturbing shesha and angad but he didnt find her. He went to his room to call her,just then he found shivanya coming out of bathroom in a red -golden chudidhar. He stood staring at her,like a child seeing a new thing…
Shivanya was in a dilemma whether to wear her mangalsutra to college or not and was standing infront of the mirror
Rithik approached her and stood behind her and both were looking at themselves in the mirror for sometime

Rithik: it is just a marriage for three months , you can go to ur college as i u were at your own home. You have no restrictions on anything, whatever that belongs to me will also belong to you untill you stay here and you can use them without any hesitation
(still seeing through the mirror)

Shivanya: then can i use your call to make a call, mine was broken and i wanna call mom

Rithik : off course, you can but no need of reasons

Shivanya: thank u ,noo jus give it

she tried calling Ragini but ragini didnt pick up,so she felt disappointed and gave him the phone

Rithik : this might be of some use and gave a business card to her

Shivanya: how will it be usefull?

Rithik: may be u will find my number in it(with a smile)

She took it and got down to take bus
even rithik got ready and went but then he remembered about shivanya’s phone and took it along with him.

Shesha: angad get up soon,soon..
Angad: why are u yelling at me now?
Shesha: shivana!!!!
Angad: what about her, she must be sleeping
Shesha : but in rithik’s room
Angad: so what ,
Shesha: r u out of mind. She did all for us and she is now in problem
Angad: problem? You know rithik very well, u cant get no better person than rithik bhaiya
Shesha : what u want them stay married? They did only to help us and unite my mom with her husband,they have their own choice of selecting their life partner
Angad: ok…dont worry about it,we will talk to them immediately ok
he hugged her and consoled her

they both got ready and knocked rithik’s room but found none there
Angad: where would they go so early?
Shesha: just call him
Angad: hello , bhaiya…where are you?
Rithik: i am in ofice, is everything ok?
Angad: but Shivanya Bhabhi, where is she?
Shesha stared at him angrily or shivanya so
Rithik: she must be in her college
Angad: college?
Shesha: give the phone to me
and gets it from angad
Shesha: rthik, was she fine,? Y didnt u tell me in the morning? Was she cring whole night?
Rithik: dont worry, she was very fine, dont u trust me?
Shesha : offcourse i do, but she is my sister, i hav the responsibility of knowing about her
Rithik: then u can ask her when she returns home
Shesha: thank u, i can be at peace now
Rithik: so planned or ur honeymoom?
Shesha : oh , u started again, u do u always make fun of me
both laugh and ended the conversation.

By the evening shivanya reached home and found shesha in main hall
Shesha: shivanya r u ok?
Shivanya: yes, ofcourse, but the clases were little boring
Shesha: do u think i bother abt ur clases?
Shivanya( made a smile): i know, but i am completely fine and i am comfortable with rithik
Shesha: what are u talking ? Are u planning to stay here?
Shivanya : yes , untill mom and dad get united
Shesha: u are wasting time on athing that will never happen
Shivanya: y r u thinking like that shesha, they still love each other
Shesha: enough … if u need any help u may ask me except for this matter
Shivanya: but…(shesha goes from there)

Rithik: guys, come down soon
everyone comes down
Rithik: i have planned for a special dinner, for the new members of my family
Shesha: so where are we going?
Rithik: not we , its just you and Angad
Angad: but bhaiya, come lets all go
Rithik: no Angad, i hav only two tickets reserved there, and i hope u guys enjoy there
Shesha: but u and shivanya ?
Rithik: i will manage that, go get ready soon, its one hour drive from here
(hearing this shesha and angad moves from there)

Shivanya: so what should i do for dinner?
Rithik: mutton chukka, chikken briyani, chicken lollipop,if u can add fish curry in the list
(shivanya’s eyes narrowed)
Rithik: then what , we will order food from outside?
Shivanya: no, i can cook, but not all those which u asked
Rithik: i was just kidding , do as you wish and i will eat whatever u make
Shivanya: then show me the kitchen!!
they both go down to the kitchen
Rithik: and from now this kingdom will be ruled by you, i mean my kitchen
Shivanya: ok , ten minutes, from now u will have ur dinner
after a minute
Shivanya: rithik,where is flour?
Rithik: must be on the third cupboard
Shivanya: ok !ok
After a minute
Shivanya: rithik, what about chilli powder
Rithik: must be somewhere in first one
Shivanya: Salt
Rithik:shall i do dinner tonight!!!
Shivanya: no need ,i wont ask u anything
Rithik: jus chill, its there near the stove

Shivanya tried to take the flour but she slips,but rithik comes on time and saves her. He catches her and both look at each other for a while and suddenly a utensil fell down and the sound made them come to senses. He kept her down and fled from the place without even looking at her.

Both were embarresed, but still managed to ease the situation
Shivanya: rithik, dinner ready
(rithik sits and tastes)
Rithik:what is this dish called?
Shivanya: is it that bad?
Rithik: no , its the best one i hav ate after my mom passed. Home made food , i have dreamt of those.
Shivanya: i am sorry about the incident
Rithik: no, its ok, sometimes i get emoitional
Shivanya: ok , now u should eat atleast six
Rithik: whaat, how can i eat this much?
Shivanya: but u jus now said it was good
Rithik: yes, but that doesnt mean i can eat alll those
Shivanya: ok, just eat how much u can do

(both dinned ,they had conversation about themselves, and came to know each other more in each word)

Rithik: shivanya, i wanted to show u something
(and gives here a box wrapped in gift paper)

Shivanya: What is in there?

Rithik: see by urself
Shivanya opens it and inds a new phone
Rithik: do u like it?

Shivanya: yes, but y r u showing me
Rithik: because u r going to use it
(shivanya’s face turns pale ,)

Shivanya: no, i cant get this from u,because…

Rithik: no no, actually this is not a gift from me but actually urs. I took ur old one and tried repairing but ,it was too much damaged,so i exchanged it with new one

Shivanya: really, thank u sooo much rithik..I am sorry
Rithik:no sorry ,no thank
Shivanya smiles and goes away from there and rithik takes out her old phone and hides it in his cupboard, actually he bought her anew one,but to make her accept it he lied.


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