rivanya- forever with u part -1

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sorry guys this is quite long rivanya ff, last time it was posted in someother section
She kept staring at the walls,cupboards,lights,and all things around except for me,but she sensed even my small movement. Maybe she must bein some kind of dilemma of what to do or what may happen next. I just approached her ,then just gave my hand…

she looked at me to know what i exactly wanted from her.


shesha: are you crazy? You cant meet me right now, its already 12 in night and my mom is next door and my sister is sleeping next to me.

Angad: do you think i cant differentiate ur room and ur moms room or between u and ur sister !

Shesha: LOL! Jokes apart ,you cant see me right now and thats it.

Angad:no! No!(keeps on saying but shesha interrupts)

Shesha : good night and…………… I LOVE YOU

Shivanya : it seems you are lying ur bf

Shesha: when?

Shivanya : just now u told him i slept…(with a kind of childish smile)

Shesha : then do u want him here ?

Shivanya: when did i say so?

Shesha :smiles kiddishly

Shivanya: so when are u going to tell mom and dad about angad?

Shesha : yes ,sooon but only to mom, i know you were with him(dad) for past ten years but i cant hide the truth,i still hate him . He left us me and mom and took you from us and went abroad ,he didnt evev think of us.why should i tell him ,i dont care about him
(seeing shivanya turning sad she went near her and said )i dont care about him but i care for u, because u r my sister a and we love u alot just like u do

And both hug each other and go to sleep
Shivanya Goes to kitchen to see her mom

Ragini (shesha and shivanya’s mom): got so soon?

Shivanya : yes mom, i used to get early all these years ,because making breakfast is my job and papa will make dinner
(ragini’s expression changes after hearing the word papa but still manages to put a smile )

Shivanya : i know maa u feel bad he took care of me very well but i wanted to meet u all these days and atlast he agreed only because of my education. Thanks to education sytems here

She hugs her and goes to get ready for her college
she is doing MBA in india only just to stay with her mom and sister.And they love her equally

AT Raheja House

Angad: bhaiya please tell me something …please !please!…..

Rithik: it is the hundredth time you are asking me and i am answering you again go straight to her house just fall at shesha mom’s legs and ask her to give her daughter

Angad: give??

Rithik : its a marriage proposal and you should do these with due importance and respect

Angad : then why dont you come along with me, if i fail you know shesha will eat me as her meal today

Rithik : think twice because u r not only talking to ur brother but also to shesha’s bestfriend
Angad: bhaiya! Now you are on my side ok..

Rithik :ok ok. Today i have an important deal to sign ,else i will accompany u


Shesha is tensed and eagerly waiting at the door steps for angad’s arrival and the door bell rings and ragini opens it;

Ragini : (stares at the person)
May i know who are you?

Angad : heloo Aunty

Ragini : do i know you before?
(just the shesha comes and says that this is her friend angad and wants to say her something ,they take him inside and silence prevails)

Angad : Aunty i have known shesha since college and i want to marry her. All with your appoval. I am a businessman and you must have heard of Raheja Constructions ,i and my brother r the founder of it . On my side i have only my brother,Rithik .after our parents death he took care of me and all my needs and even shesha knows him,infact he is one among her best friend. Will you Agree for my proposal?

Ragini looks blank and stares at shesha

Ragini : is it true? Do you love him ?

Shesha : yes mom ,for the past four years.

Ragini : then ok i agree but on my conditions
condition no 1: i wont give a paisa as dowry
Condition no 2: you must give all freedom
and third : marry her within three days in Register office ,i dont beleive in these marriages and rituals ,if it is ok ok for u then,its ok for me also.

Everyone was shocked , even shivanya and Angad was just still
Shesha : mom what is this,all these ?

Ragini : everything will be good in the starting ,it was so even for me an ur dad , if he truly loves you he will do so,it doesnt matter marrying now or after years or months(actually she didnt want this marriage to happe)

hearing it Angad immediately said ok and went from there.
Ragini : shesha do you think,he will marry you, he wont return ,not even a call will come for you

Shesha : mom he is not like that.
Ragini : ok let us see.

Both go from there…Shivanya looks there confused

Shesha tries calling Angad but he didnt pick , her call shivanya saw all those things but kept silent

next day morning , 6.AM door bell rings
shivanya went to open and found someone new, but she felt a familiar vibration, he was looking,charming ,handsome and felt like she knew him for years and even he felt the same they both looked each other without sharing a word, they stood still , just their eyes were searching something beyond,,just then ragini came to see.

The person: Hai Aunty , I am Rithik Raheja , brother of Angad, may i come in?

Ragini: yes, come in

Rithik: i am here to say…….(everyone tensed ) that i am ok , even more comfortable with your three conditions ,i am here to fix the marriage date and it will be the third day from today
Everyone looked surprised and even shesha and jumped to express her happiness and thanked rithik
for saying such a good news, suddenly in the joy of marriage news she unknowingly dropped shivanya’s phone .

Shesha: ohh,sorry shivanya ,i will fix it sorry!Sorry!..

Shivnya: its ok,its just a phone and i hav a huge good news to carry
And both sisters run out for shopping, but rithik and shivanya turn to each other once again … and they move on their paths

After shesha slept, shivanya goes to ragini’s room
she finds her having their family photo taken ten years back before ,when they were once happy and united.
Shivanya knocked the door

Ragini: you can enter my room any time without knocking
(shivanya runs and huggs her)
Shivanya : you dont u call dad maa?

Ragini : want are you talking, he left us

Shivanya : but still he is our father, please ma atleast for my sake, please ma,i am with you because he allowed me, he love shesha as you love me, please mom….

Ragini : ok call and invite him

Shivanya: mom call from ur phone mine is not working

Ragini: hello, its Ragini here,my daughter is getting married,on friday and tells him the date and place

Neil: what three days, she didnt tell me, and you telling me now

Ragini: isnt it enough i told u now? If u wish you may come ,else dont come

Shivanya gets the phone and tell papa please come,its your daugter’s marriage please i want you there

Neil : but why u didnt tell me before?

Shivanya : papa,i dont know ,but i want u there and cuts the phone
Neil thinks that Shivanya is getting married as she is the elder one

At night Shivanya And rithik think about each other

Marriage Day

shivanya waits for here dad,and then rithik comes and says hello to her.
Both look at each other for a while
Rithik: i thinkk i said hello

Shivanya: sorry,no helloo!

Rithik : i think ,its the you bit nervous than shesha

Shivanya: no not like that but i am waiting for my dad

Rithik : dad?

Shivanya: narrates whole story

Rithik: you think your dad still loves your family,i mean your mom?

Shivanya: yes,i know him very well, he just need some reason to stay here with mom and everything will get fine

Rithik smiles at her and leaves
they start the procedure for marriage , but then a voice comes,STOP
everyone turns ,Neil comes, and shouts to stop all things

Ragini: i told you to come for the marriage as guest and not to stop what do u think of urself

Neil: yes,i came here to attend Shivanya’s marriage, she is the elder one . Are you out of mind,u cant marry the younger before elder

Ragini: you broke all rituals and now talking about rituals

Neil: it was not just me, but also u

Shivanya : please stop this!!!!
all look at her

Shivanya: it is not good to stop a marriage at last minute

Neil: it is also not good to marry the younger before
again Ragini and Neil argue ,while Shesha leaves the room angrily ,rithik,angad and shivanya follow her

Shesha: they not only spoiled their life but also mine
Angad consoled her

Shivanya went alone out where no one colud see here and cried aloud
someone kept hand on her
it was rithik

Rithik: it is just a small problem, and you musnt cry untill i am by your side(he didnt know why he said so but words just came from his heart)

Shivanya : but what can i do now?
Rithik: plan
Both discuss something and enter inside

Shivanya: papa, Shesha might be getting married now by soon i might
All except rithik were shocked to here
All: what?
Shiavnya: i am in love,but he said he will marry me only if both my parents say ok and stay united he will marry me.
He fears,that history might repeat itself

Neil and RAGINI: who is he to tell us, you will get a better one than hin

Shivanya: but i love him and even him ,i wont marry anyone ,thats for sure and a promise on me

Everyone looks shocked ,since shivanya keeps her promises always at anycost

Neil: dont say these stupid things ,how is that our relationship connected with yours

Shivanya: i hav just said i never forced u to stay or leave
Nelil: i want to see him immediately
(shivanya is tensed , since doesnt even has a friend(boy)
Suddenly a sound comes I AM ALREADY HERE
Rithik: yes,its me( he saves here) . I am the one , i love your daughter, and even she does, but i wont marry her unless u unite

Neil takes Rithik by his collar and slaps him and beats him
Shivanya runs to him and asks him to move and stop fighting but Neil doesnt listen
She takes a sharp instrument nearby and cuts her hand and blood start flowing
everyone looks at her and and stops her from doing so

Rithik: are you stupid? Dont ever do like this
(ties his hand kerchief to stop the blood)

Shivanya: i had no way
Neil and Ragini Cry and decide to change the decision

Neil: now i found one think , my daughters are grown and they make decisions on their own
I will marry ragini , only if u both marry now itself
All stand shocked(shivanya and rithik didnt expect this )
Ragini: yes i also agree with him
Rithik : but how do i trust you?
Neil: do you think i will play with my daughter’s life, but i cant assure u, but i will try
Rithik: then come lets proceed with marriage
Shivanya looked extremely shocked with rithik’s speech
Rithik: but i want you to stay here atleast for three months
Marriage Starts and They get married
##############flashback ends here######################################3

Rithik: friends?

Shivanya: gives here hand for hand shake

Rithik: i am sorry , but i had no ther way of uniting the, the will try to eliminate their differences atleast for us, but sorry for involving u in this marriage

Shivanya : i am sorry ,u tried to help me ,but u ended up in mess

Rithik: no sorry and no thank you betwen friend
(he made a smile on her face,then he went near her and caught her hand, she was tensed ,then he slowly removed the cloth tied around her hand and took a new bandage and replaced it)
So u should sleep now, else u will be getting late for ur college
(and kept pillows in between them)

Shivanya: thank u, for understanding me,but jus three months is enough ,they will understand and i will tell all the truth ,after that u can lead your life happily(hearing that rithik felt bad, but tried to hide it)

Rithik:no sorry ,no thank,,,,only good night as of now
(both turned away from each other and slept peacefully)


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