Rishton ki Dor (SwaSan) episode 8

Swara took everyone’s blessing before leaving.
Sanskaar- may I?
Sujata- ha ha go Sanskaar..no on is stopping you
All giggled while Sanskaar was happy seeing his family happy. He accompanied Swara to the gate
Sanskaar- thank you for coming
Swara- my pleasure (smiles)
Mast Magan plays
They were lost in each other’s eyes.
Swara- ab aap dekhte rahenge ki mujhe jaane bhi denge?
Sanskaar grinned and waved a bye. A pair of eyes were happy seeing Sanskaar giving a million dollar smile. It was none other than Sujata.
Sujata-(Monolouge) thank you Swara for coming in my son’s life.
The song ends.
After a week—
Sanskaar- so how was your day?
Swara- pretty exhausting but good
Sanskaar- oh I am sorry I shouldn’t have asked for a dinner date then
Swara- no no….I mean I am not that tired that I can’t attend a dinner….anyways you tell what’s up?
Sanskaar- as usual….meetings and all
Swara- why are you such a workaholic?
Only then Sanskaar sneezes
Sanskaar- I am sorry….
Swara- see now you have caught a cold. Did you go to the doctor nd took medicines?
Sanskaar nods his head negatively and sneezes again
Swara-(sarcastically) wow! You have got such a severe cold and yet not visited the doctor. Mr. Sanskaar Maheswari stop being the great hulk and come with me to the doctor
Sanskaar- no Swara.. no doctors pls
Swara- ekdum chup (points her finger resulting in an eyelock.)
Sanskaar- tumhe meri itni fikr kyun ho rahi hai?
Swara was speechless.
Sanskaar- Dil ki baat Zubaan pe nahi aa rahi?
Swara-(averting his gaze) look don’t entangle me in your talks…you have to go the doctor right now and that’s my final decision (she drags him to the car)
After sometime…
Swara- so Sanskaar do not forget to take your medicines as prescribed by the doctor….and yes no cold things for a week…no sour fruits nd juices.
Sanskaar- yes madam! (Salutes her while she smiles) now shall we go or are you planning to spend the entire night here?
Swara- yeah let’s go.
When the came out of the clinic they found that it was raining.
Swara- bemausam Barsaat?
Sanskaar- luks kinda romantic, ain’t it?
Swara-(hiding her smile) no not at all…it’s kinda bad for you. Lets go fast otherwise problem ho jayegi
Their car was halted by a man warning them that the road ahead of them is blocked.
Sanskaar- damn! Ab kya kare? None of my farmhouses are even not nearby.
Swara- then where will we spend the night?
Sanskaar- I don’t know…maybe there is a shack nearby…let me see
Swara- no you won’t go out or else you’ll get drenched
Sanskaar- then that leaves us with only one option
Swara- what?
Sanskaar- spending the night here in this car
Swara- are you kidding? How can we…
Sanskaar- tumhe koi problem ho to tum peeche chali jao main aage rehta hun
Swara- but how will you be comfortable at the driver seat?
Sanskaar- yaar Tum Ajeeb ho… You first decide for whose comfort are you concerned yours or mine
Swara- social worker Hun then how can I think only about myself…I have no problem you can come at the back seat.
Sanskaar- is this your final decision?
Swara nods. Soon the were at sitting at the back seat of the car.
Swara-(Monologue) I hope this rains stops tomorrow (to Sanskaar) did you call anyone to inform?
Sanskaar- no network
Swara-(Monologue) bhook bhi lag rahi hai…khane dinner Gaye the par khaya kuch nahi just bcs of Sanskaar’s sneeze.
Only then Sanskaar offers her a biscuit
Swara-(surprised+Monolouge) does he reads minds?
Sanskaar- wo you might be hungry coz you couldn’t eat dinner know.
Swara-(taking a cookie) Thanks but form where did you get these cookies.
Sanskaar- arey wo actually there are my fav ones so I always have a packet with me…anyways sleeping here is quite difficult so maybe we can spend the night talking. What say?
Swara- okay
And the they talked for hours until they slept.
Next morning Sanskaar squinted his eyes to find Swara fast asleep with her head on his shoulder and hands on his chest. He touched her face lovingly and was about to kiss her on forheaf when Swara strated fidgeting and he pretended to sleep to see her reaction. Swara woke up and was shocked seeing her position but thanked God after seeing Sanskaar asleep. She immediately removed her hand while Sanskaar preteneded to wake up.
Sanskaar- subah hogayi?
Swara- ha aur baarish bhi ruk gayi…let’s go home
Sanskaar- yeah
Soon they both were at thier respective homes
Uttara- Kahan the aap Puri raat?
Sanskaar- with your friend
Uttara- my friend? Who?
Sanskaar- your friend and my *would be* fiancee
Uttara- Swara? I don’t have a friend named Swara
Sanskaar- but she said that you both are good friends
Uttara- I seriously don’t know any Swara except that she’s your would be fiancee.
Sujata- hua kya tha kal?
Sanskaar narrates the entire story .
AP- ok go and get freshen up… I’ll bring breakfast for you
Otherside Swara, after being attacked by Ragini and Kavita, was thinking about Sanskaar.
Swara- ye mujhe kya ho Raha hai? What is this feeling? Something is different
Ragini- tumhe pyaar hogaya hai
Swara- what rubbish?
Ragini- why? Can’t you fall in love?
Swara- no I mean that if someone is feeling different that doesn’t mean love is happening
Ragini- but as per your situation…it is love
Swara- are you sure?
Ragini- kisi ki liye itna concerned hum kyun hote hai?
Swara- jab pyaar hota hai
Ragini- exactly…you are in love Swara- but how will I tell him?
Ragini- plan a romantic date
Swara- kya? Romantic date? Aur main? You know I just can’t say like that
Ragini- I have another option…tell Sujata aunty that you are ready to marry Sanskaar
Swara- that’s a better option
After that Ragini goes leaving Swara alone. Swara reminisced Sanskaar bringing a smile on her face.
Swara-(Monologue) so Swara Gadodiya you are in love with the Sanskaar Maheswari. I wonder how Swara Maheswari will sound? (Slapped her head) stop it Swara… don’t count your chickens before they are hatched.
Maheswari Mansion
Sujata- sach?
Swara nods
AP- then I need to call pandit ji asap but before that I’ll call Sanskaar
Swara- Sanskaar? Why?
Sujata- it’s his marriage too dear
AP-(on call) Sanskaar you need to come home right now
Sanskaar- but badi ma what’s wrong?
AP-(sternly) maine kaha na come home right now
Saying this she cuts the call. Only then Uttara comes.
Uttara-(to Swara) aap?
Swara- Uttara.
Uttara- how are you here?
Sujata- she’s your soon to be bhabi
Uttara-(now understanding everything) so you are Swara?
Parineeta- you don’t know her? But she said…
Uttara- arey she’s the one who helped me that day
Sujata- so it was you? What a coincidence!
Kavya- then it means she’s an orphan
AP- Kavya? What was that? Whoever she is, our Sanskaar loves her and therefore we love her
Kavya- I am sorry
Swara- it’s okay…we can’t just runaway from the truth
Uttara- forget it…see Pandit ji is here
Sujata- I wonder where Sanskaar is
Only then Ruhi comes.
Ruhi- Cinderella?
Swara- Ruhi!
Parineeta- you know her too?
Swara- we too had an accidental meet but twice
Parineeta- Cinderella? Anyways Ruhi she’s your soon to be Chachi
Ruhi- sacchi?
Parineeta nods.
Sanskaar- badi ma! Kya…(stops seeing Swara)
Swara blushes a little.
Sanskaar- badi ma, Mom what happened?
Sujata- bohit badi baat hogayi hai
Sanskaar- everything alright?
AP- beta…Swara is ready to marry you
Sanskaar’s eyes twinkled listening to this.
Sanskaar- what?(to Swara) is this true?
Swara- yes
AP- to Pandit ji batiyye kab ka muhurat hai?
Pandit- muhurat agale mahine ki 2 taarik ka hai
Sujata- only 14 days? Pandit ji koi aur tareekh bataiye
Pandit ji- aglee tareekh….
Kavya- mom leave it na, 14 days are enough…we are here na,we’ll do everything
Uttara- yeah and I think it is okay with bhaiyya and bhabi too?
SwaSan- yes
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