What will a daughter do to gain back her father’s love which she lost due to some misunderstandings ?

Will her siblings be able to explain their father that whatever happened wasn’t her fault?

Will her father accept her back ?

Will the daughter forgive her dad or go away from her family ?

Will she get her love of her life ?

Will he misunderstand her again this time or will he support her ???

Presenting you all a brand new ISHKARA FF along with some shivika and rumya

Its about how ishana was separated from her siblings anika and aditya

Its also about she avenges her mother’s death

Will her father Vikram Singh Rathore accept her and also accept his mistakes ???

Chapter 1

The story starts from the episode when anika hears obros conversation and shivaay saying that he needs to know His wife’s background which breaks her heart she goes to Chanda’s home and shivaay brings her back the same way but next day she again goes away leaving him behind showing that she was very much hurt he went to Chanda’s home again but this time anika wasn’t there he asked Chanda where anika was but she didn’t tell him as anika made her swear on their friendship making shivaay mad and sad . After almost finding her everywhere he came back home dejected to find saahil back home playing with omru when saahil asked where is anika shivaay told that she went away being angry on him and now she is not in Chanda’s home and that he is worried about her saahil tells him that he knows where anika is shivaay wanted to go right then but saahil stopped him and told him that they can’t go there at this odd hour (nearly 12 at night)


Ishana- di u did right don’t go back to him for a few days more dekhna kaise baagad billa se bheegi billi banta hai yeh shivaay Singh oberoi

Anika- bass tum shivaay mein baare aisa bolne Ka haq sirf mujhko hai samajhi tu !

Ishana- aye haye di pehle toh bahut gussa aa raha that baagad bille par air ab dekho itna pyar


Anika reaches a chawl the same chawl in which she lived before her marriage and goes to a house and knocks a door

Door opens

Voice – di what happened ??

Anika- same thing

Voice- again naam , khoon , khaandaan ?

Anika – yes ishu

Ishana- di get inside fast I can see him entering the chawl

They quickly get inside the house and bolted the door and shivaay just turned to see the door getting closed and left

Both the girls were watching while hiding

And both laugh at the poor man’s situation

Flashback over

Anisha again laugh

Anika – OK enough let’s go to sleep I’m very sleepy

Ishana- after you

Anika goes to ishana’s room and sleeps

Ishana’s POV

How much I wish di I could tell you that I’m really ur chutki , that I save u from ur nightmares but if it could cost your life then I won’t ever let u know that your chutki is alive and very in front of you . You loosing your memory was a blessing in disguise for us di . You didn’t remember all the bad things but I do . Loosing ur memory saved your life di while I also acted like I don’t remember much about my previous family . You know why I love saahil so much it is because his father saved you and adopted you as his daughter and he was also my pappa’s neighbor . We were together but not together . Thank you di for letting me call you my di again . You don’t remember me but I will always remember you but for your safety I won’t tell you your truth . I’m sorry di please forgive me



Saahil tells Shivaay the address and the Obros along with saahil go to the house

They saw the window open and could hear the song which was ‘ MERE SAIYAJI SE AAJ MAINE BREAKUP KAR LIYA ‘ Shivaay almost made a puppy face while omruhil ( omru and saahil) were laughing with tears in their eyes due to excessive laughing

Shivaay- one of them is anika let’s go inside

He knocks the door but it was already opened so he gave a push and the door opened

Anisha were standing with their backs towards the face of the boys

Since they were dancing they didn’t see them and when they turned

Obros anisha – YOU !!

Om – so now you are now trapping my bhabhi

Ishana- before being your bhabhi she is my di so shutup

Shivaay- are you kidding me anika you consider this cheap con girl as your sister

Anika- Shivaay !!! Not a word more about ishu I know what she did was wrong but she had no other choice

Shivaay- pls anika stop taking her side I know what kind of person she is and what kind of people her family would consist of.

Ishana- Mr Oberoi !!! How dare you to raise a question on my family.Get out of here before I do something which I don’t want to plus I’m glad di left you . you oberois can never talk with us middle class people before saying anything rubbish about our family can you ?

Shivika remembered their talks when he questioned her family

Ishkara too remembered when he questioned Ishana’s family

Both the girls had tears in there eyes

Shivom got scared thinking now they are going to cry

But ishana was ishana she didn’t want anika to cry so

Ishana- chotu bahar nikal I know its you who has brought them here before I come catch you and pull your cheeks like anything come out in front of me

Anika laughs

Saahil- sorry na ishu di actually baagad jiju was worried about anika didi that is why I told him

Anika- saahil you are so dead now

She went to catch him but ishana picked him up ran while anika was chasing them

The trio forgot that there were some other people also standing there

At last they sat on the sofa and tickled saahil and they both tickled ishana who was now laughing with tears in her eyes

Shivaay- OK enough now anika come back now

Anika – was this your request or your order

Shivaay- my order now come

Anika- I won’t you should request me you were the one who started

Shivaay- OK I agree but otherwise its always you who starts

Anika- I start you start baagad billa

Shivaay- shut up paanika

Anika- don’t you dare call me that

Ishhil and omru were moving there heads left to right

Shivika continued their fight

Suddenly water was thrown on them

They both gasped

Omruhil gasped and facepalmed their mouth

It was ishana who threw water at them

Ishana- thank god you both stopped

Anika glared at her

Ishana- shit

Anika chases her and ishana fell into sofa and anika attacked her with her tickles

Ishana- enough di you must be hungry na

Anika- yes

Saahil- me too

Anika- I will cook food

ShivIsha- nahiii

Both looked at each other

ShivIsha- you know that

ShivIsha- yes

Omru- what

ShivIsha- that she burns all the food

Ishana- di I will cook

After sometime dining table was laid down with food all sat

Obros were hesistant

Ishana- I haven’t mixed anything you can eat it

And then all eat

Obros- why is ishana not eating

Anika- she fast on this particular day every year

Obros – o

Anika – look ishu Mona came back

Ishana runs towards Mina and showers her with kisses on her cheeks and forehead and makes her eat food also

After sometime

Shivika again were fighting this time on NKK

Anika- you can never change shivaay can you NKK is so important to you???

Shivaay- yes

Anika- more than me

Shivaay was silent

Anika- answer me shivaay

Shivaay- I don’t know

Ishana- so you mean if you know her background you will be very happy am I right Mr Oberoi

Shivaay- yes

All glared at him

Shivaay realized what he said

Shivaay- no no no

Om- are you really nuts shivaay ??

Rudra fake coughed and drew their attention towards AniIshHil who were now glaring at shivaay

He gulped

Ishana- I will tell you where she hails from

Anika- ishu what are you saying

Ishana- the truth di I can’t see you suffering anymore

Anika- what truth ishu

Ishana- about your chutki di

Anika- ishu you know my chutki pls can I see her pls pls

Ishana- yes just come with me

On the way she calls someone

Ishana- yes bhaiya she is with me only you bring him with you too OK bye

Obros and anihil are confused

They reach the cliff where anika was separated from her chutki

Anika- ishu why have you brought me here

Ishana- you wanted to meet your chutki na

Mona knew everything

Mona- anika di your chutki is standing right in front of you

All looked at ishana completely shocked

Anika- ishu you are my chutki

Ishana- yes di

Anika- why did you hide this

Ishana- I was compelled to hide the truth to protect you di I’m sorry

A boy – ishu niku

Ishana- adi bhaiya

Aditya runs and engulfed them in a hug anika shocked to react

Shivaay- anika and ishana are aditya rathore’s sisters oh my mata

Omru- watch your language

Ishana- bhaiya did papa come

Aditya- yes he is here

Vikram- anika

And hugs her

Anika cries

Anika- you are my papa

Vikram – yes niku I’m your papa I’m sorry beta I couldn’t save you

Anika- don’t be bow I’ve got my family back na you bhaiya and chutki we will stay together

Ishana- no di we can’t atleast I can’t live with you guys

Anika- but why chutki

Vikram- everything has happened because of her only I lost my wife and you both lost your mother because of her how I wish it was her who died that day

Ishana- I wish the same papa

Vikram- don’t you dare call me papa ishana I don’t want to be ever acknowledged as your father ishana

Ishana- but you can’t change the fact that you are my father papa

Vikram- let’s go adi and niku

Both were reluctant

Ishana- go di go bhaiya I won’t come back just go

And turned around

Anika- I’m not leaving without you chutki

And holds her hand

But Vikram pulls her and ishana let’s anika go shocking adi and anika

Ishana- I’m sorry di but you have to go and live without me don’t worry about and here take this YEH PENDANT APKI AMAANAT HAI JO AAPNE MERE PAAS CHOD DIYA THA

Go live your life di

Vikram anika and aditya leave

Ishana falls on her knees and cries Mona consoles her

Mona- don’t cry di uncle loves u a lot




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