Rishtey (Meaning of Relationships) Chapter 52

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“Oye half mental. What the hell are you doing? This color will not suit with Radhu’s attire” said Ragini stopping Varun who was hanging the red curtain near the stage made for Radhika’s haldi. “Oye Full mental. Come do it yourself. Anyways your Radhu maa’s Haldi right?” said Varun bending from the stair he had climbed. “Varun what the hell is wrong with you? Who puts red color curtain?” asked Shravanthi standing beside Ragini. Varun glared her. “Ohho Varun Bhai what weird color is this?” said Rachna standing beside Shravanthi. “Exactly what color is this?” asked Suhani who just entered Radhika’s home with Pratima. “These girls by god” saying Varun sighed and removed the curtain. “Now happy mathavo?” asked he folding his hands. “No” all of them screamed. “Ouch” said he rubbing his ears. “Now what?” asked he. “You need to put this color” said Shruthi getting the yellow curtain. “Fine” he sighed and hanged the curtain. “Shru who told you to get up from that chair” asked Rachna glaring Shruthi. “OMG I think one more person is gonna be added to Rachu’s possessive list. Shru’s baby” said Ragini scared. Rachna glared Ragini and guided Shruthi to sit on a chair nearby. “I’m fine” said Shruthi. “Finger on your lips” said Rachna glaring her. Shruthi pouted and did as Rachna said. “Good girl” said Rachna and moved back to others.

“What is my baby doing?” asked Arjun over the phone. “Baby and baby’s mumma are getting bored” said Shruthi pouting. “Why what happened?” asked Arjun. “Your choti is not letting me to move from the chair from morning” said she complaining. Arjun smiled widely. “Now when you are carrying her bhatija then you got to listen to her” said Arjun. “How you will say its bhatija it can be bhatiji also” said Shruthi. “No it will be my champ” said Arjun. “No it will be my princess” replied she. “Hello its gonna take another 8 months so chillax guys” said Suhani sitting beside Shruthi. Rachna’s phone ringed and she looked at it and said “Nittu” She received the call and spoke. “Hello Nittu ha tell me” said Rachana. Ragini signed her what is he saying through eyes and Rachna nodded her head and placed the phone on speaker mode. “Rachu can you please tell your dumbo friend to pick the call” said he. Ragini fumed and signed Rachna to continue talking and not say that the phone is on loud speaker. “Siyappa” said Rachna under her breath and smiled weakly and said “Nittu what are you saying Ragini is good girl. You should not speak about her like that” Nitin looked at his phone confused. “What is wrong you with you Rachu. Don’t you think you are praising your jal kukdi Gini too much today” asked he. Suhani hit her head with her palm. Ragini fumed listening to it. She looked around and took a vase and acted like hitting him with it. “Rachu” said Nitin. “Jal kukdi, dumbo and what and all name have you thought for me Mr. Roy” asked Ragini fuming. Nitin stumbled and the phone in his hand was about to slip. He held it with his palm and stood straight. “R…. R….. Ragu” fumbled Nitin. “Get lost” said Ragini and disconnected the call and stormed out handing the phone back to Rachna. “Shru everything is okay?” asked Arjun. “Haa Arjun I will call you back” said Shruthi and disconnected the call. “Hey bhagvan. I used to think Ani and Manny are number one fighter cocks but these two are unbearable” said Shruthi and sighed. “Oye madam. You stop worrying. We will handle them” said Rachana warning Shruthi. “Okay mumma” said Shruthi and burst out laughing and gave high five to Suhani.

“Kya hua Gini bacha” said Radhika who was placing the mang teeka on her hairline looking in the mirror. Ragini who stormed into the room sat on the bed holding the cushion and drooled forth and back pouting angry. She did not reply. Radhika sighed and neared her and sat beside her and held her shoulders. Ragini hugged her from side. “He is very bad Radhu maa. Very very bad” said Ragini complaining. “What did he do other than talking to Mallika ji yesterday?” asked Radhika caressing her hair. “He was flirting not talking” said Ragini. “Ok ok flirting. Now tell me” said Radhika consoling her. “He called me dumbo” said Ragini. “That you are” said Radhika and bit her tongue when she realized what she actually said. “Radhu maa” complained Ragini. “Sorry sorry bacha. I mean to say that he calls you everytime na?” asked Radhika. “Ha but this time he called me jal kukdi also” said she and started crying. “Jal what?” asked she confused. “Arrey Jal kukdi means burnt chicken. I mean he knows na that I’m vegetarian, then how can he say that?” said Ragini. “You are angry for that?” asked Radika cupping her face. “Why do everyone things I get angry for such silly reasons” said Ragini annoyed. “That you do most of the time” said Radhika under her breath. “You said something?” asked Ragini shrinking her eye brow. “No nothing” said she smiling weakly at Ragini. “So why did you get angry actually?” asked Radhika avoiding the topic. “I was angry because…” said Ragini and scratched her. “Ya why was I angry?” said Ragini confused. Radhika sighed and said “Leave all that Gini. You did not tell me only how am I looking” said Radhika pouting. “Awww Radhu you are looking like Apsara” said Ragini pulling her cheek. “Pencil?”asked Radhika. “No budhu it means Pari” said Ragini hitting her head playfully.

“Abbey will you say something or will you cry all the time?” asked Kabeer stopping Nitin who was crying like a small kid. “Dramebaaz Ragu maa ka Drameebaaz Nittu” said Manny standing beside Nitin. Nitin cried more loudly. “Arrey yar Nittu will you tell us something?” asked Ishan. “Let me have the pleasure to narrate this masala story” said Manny bowing in front of them. He narrated them everything. Ishan and Kabeer burst out laughing looking at Nitin who was pouting like a small kid. “I have seen jealousy but this is totally out of the world” said Ishan holding his paining sides. “Why is this Manny so happy?” asked Kabeer putting his hand around Manny’s neck. “Wo kya hai na Kabbie bhai I’m happy because I’m safe as Siyappa queen is in my life instead of Ragu maa. Imagine if she was there then what would have been my situation” said Manny scared. All three of them looked at Ishan who gulped scared. They looked at his worried face and burst out laughing holding each others hand. “Ish bhai… Ishan paapa” said Manny acting like Ragini and Kabeer gave him high five imagining Ishan’s plight after marriage. “You got to be satisfied with your only kid Ragu maa” said Manny laughing hard. “Ishan” said his badi maa entering the room and they composed themselves. “Come beta we are getting late. We have to send the haldi to Radhu’s house also” said she and dragged him out who was looking back while walking. “All the best Ishan Papa” said all three of them and showed thumbs up and Ishan glared them and walked out with his badi maa.

“Namaste ji. We have come with Haldi” said Ishan’s badi maa standing at Radhika’s house door along with Kabeer, Manny and Nitin who was searching for Ragini. Tej and Shekar welcomed them and escorted them inside. Atlast Nitin found Ragini walking holding a basket full of flowers. He smiled widely and smirked. As they entered he ran behind her without being noticed by anyone. As Ragini placed the flower basket on a chair, a flower strand locked her neck and she was dragged behind jerked. She looked behind and found Nitin who was locking her with the flower strand. “What are you doing?” asked Ragini horrified. “Don’t you know Mrs Roy this is called romancing” he whispered in her ear and Ragini clutched her lehenga feeling shy and Nitin smirked looking at her. He dragged her more close to him. He held a marigold flower in his hand and kissed it placing between his lips and her skin and moved it over her cheeks. And she shivered as he teased her and traced her skin. “Nitin” he heard and said “Hmmm” and his breath tickled her senses. “I did not call” said Ragini breathing heavily. “Nitin” he heard and jerked and looked back and found Shravanthi glaring at them folding her hands. He stumbled and stood straight. “Oh you two love birds spoilt all the decoration flowers” said Shravanthi looking at the flowers scattered on the floor. Ragini tucked her hair behind her ear feeling shy. “Wo shraa” said Ragini and Shravanthi interrupted her saying “What did I tell you Ginu? This is for decoration. Now what to do you and your Ranjha spoiled everything” said she and next moment they heard Varun who screamed “Shravanthi. Why are you talking to Gini that way?” “Varun she was just” said Nitin but Varun stopped him and said “I don’t like anyone talking like this with my Gini. Not even she” Shravanthi felt bad and walked from there before anyone could notice her tears. “Kaan Khajure. She has all the right to talk to me like that. Did you get it? And she was worried as you have to get more flowers now. Marriage season she knows how difficult it is to arrange flowers. She was just worried for you” said Ragini fuming and headed behind Shraa. “Again I hurt her. Why can’t I keep her happy?” said Varun painfully looking at the direction when Nitin placed his hand on Varun’s shoulder. “Hurting is easy Varun, cheering and getting back to normal is the real test. Now its all on you how you will convince her” said Nitin.

“Shraa listen” said Ragini running behind Ragini. “I’m sorry Gini. I did not mean to hurt you” said Shravanthi hugging Ragini. “Shhh. That Kaan Khajura is crack. You don’t take his words seriously. I know my shraa na. Who is he to talk in between. Mannerless idiot” said Ragini caressing Shravanthi’s hair. “Come now. Radhu’s haldi gonna start” said Ragini and took her to the hall where all gathered for Radhika’s haldi function.

“God bless you beta” said Ishan’s badi maa when Radhika touched her feet after she applied the Haldi. “Now girl’s mom” said one aunty and Radhika’s face fell and Tej became sad. “Jaanu” called Radhika wiping her tear. “Sorry sorry bacha I was just loking after the food arrangements” said Janaki rushing to her. She applied the haldi and Radhika smiled through her tears. “Radhu” said Janaki glaring her. “Khushi ke aasu hai jaanu” said she pouting. Janaki kissed her forehead smiling. Shekar side hugged Tej to console him.

“Now my turn my turn” squealed Ragini standing in front of Radhika. “She must be the first kid in the world who is applying Haldi to her mom” said Suhani and gave high five to Rachna. “At least I did not asked for a different Haldi” said Ragini feeling proud. “Means?” asked Manny confused. “Nothing Manny she simply talks you know na” said Nitin trying to avoid the topic. “Oye what simply Ghajni Roy did you forgot how Rachu was asking for a fresh Haldi for Ani as it was applied to Manny earlier” said Ragini and everyone screamed “Siyappa” hitting their head with plam. “What did I do now?” asked Ragini pouting. “Siyappa queen” screamed Manny and chased Rachna who was hiding behind everyone. “You never leave a chance to blurt out na?” asked Nitin hitting her head playfully. She pouted and he smiled looking at her kiddish behavior.

“Maaa… what the hell are you doing put me down” said Ragini when Nitin lifted her and was walking to his car after all the guest left. “Shhh” said he. “What shhh. I had given you punishment for one week one day is also not over” said Ragini complaining. “In your punishment this and all was not mentioned Mrs. Roy so keep quite” said Nitin and placed her inside the car and fasten her seat belt. “What are you doing?” asked Ragini horrified when he sat beside her. “Kidnapping” said Nitin and smiled evilly. “Look who is talking. Pushpa with tear tank is talking about kidnapping” said Ragini smirking and twisted her lips and looked forward. “Then don’t tell me I did not warn you before only” said he waving his hand in air. “Whatever” said Ragini and he drove the car and Ragini kept staring outside.

They remained silent for a long time. “Ragu” said Nitin breaking the silence. Ragini did not turn her face. “Listen to me na” said he pleading. Ragini turned and placed her head on his shoulder and a tear dropped from her eye. Nitin felt it on his shirt and stopped the car with a jerk and cupped her face with one hand and asked “What happened babu? Why are you crying?” “Simply felt like crying” said she in a cracking voice. He removed his seat belt and turned to her and cupped her face. “Ragu” he said wiping her tears and kissed her forehead. “I did wrong with you. Always you become prey to my stupid anger. I torture you so much” said Ragini. “Ohho Mrs. Roy even if you torture me I enjoy it. So stop feeling bad and don’t you dare to stop your torture” said he warning her and Ragini smiled through her tears. He pecked her lips and caressed her hair. And sat straight and started the car. “Where are we going?” asked Ragini looking outside. “Secret” he said winking at her. “Tell na” said she pouting. “Ohho secret means secret Ragu. Now finger on your lips” he said. “Okay Mumma” said Ragini and complied. Nitin smiled widely. “Nitin” said she still placing the finger on her lips. “Hmmm” he said looking forward. “Wear seatbelt dumbo” said she. “That’s okay Ragu we reached” said he and stopped the car in front of a bunglow.

“Where have we come?” asked Ragini getting outside the car. Nitin held her hand and walked inside the gate. “Nittu bad manners. We should not cross someone else’s property”said Ragini hesitant. He kept walking and reached the door. “Nittu” said Ragini. He held her hand and caressed the name plate and said “Read it” Ragini looked at him annoyed and saw the name plate. “Mr. Nitin Roy and Mrs. Ragini Nitin Roy” And her eyes moved down where it was written “Yashodha Nilay” She turned and looked at him shocked. “This is our home?” asked Ragini widening her eyes. “Hmmm dumbo” he said and lifted her in his arms and walked inside. “I can walk Mr. Roy” said Ragini encircling her hands around his neck. “I know Mrs. Roy you can even run. But maa told me you should enter this house after Grah Pravesh only” said he and closed the door. “Wow This is big house” said Ragini looking around. “This is your shagun. Today Mamma is going to your house with Shagun” said Nitin and climbed the stairs. “Shagun?” asked Ragini confused. “Ya dumbo” said Nitin and Ragini looked at him teary eyed. “Ragu” said he complaining. “Khushi ke aasu hai Pushpa” said Ragini wiping them and smiled. “You girls are impossible to understand” said he nodding his head. “And this is our room” said he entering a room. He made her stand and Ragini looked at it amazed. It was decorated with her favorate color.

She entered it and looked at every corner. “What is behind this curtain?” asked Ragini standing in front of a wall which was covered with a small curtain. He smiled and stood near and held her hand and made her to hold the curtain and slid it. Ragini’s eyes widened looking at it. “How is it?” asked he holding her shoulders and placing his chin on her shoulder. It was a group photo of Suhani Rachna Radhika, Ragini, Shruthi and Shravanthi taken on Suhani’s sangeet. “It’s…” said Ragini and wondered what to say. “It’s?” asked he raising his eye brow. She turned and placed her lips on his lips and he looked at her shocked. “It was this good” said Ragini after departing and breathing heavily. He stood numb. “You will give me heart attack some day” said he and pulled her and placed his lips on her lips and they kissed passionately. As they departed feeling difficult to breath and stood touching each other’s forehead and smiled. “Come” he said dragging her with him. “Now what?” asked Ragini following him. They headed to terrace. “And this is gonna be our tution classes place” said Nitin showing her a swing. He dragged her to sit on it. And she sat and placed her head on his shoulder and folded her legs. “Nittu” said Ragini.

“I know you will start your question bank as soon as you sit here” said he caressing her hair. “Go I won’t talk” she said getting up and sitting pouting. “Sorry babu” he said and again dragged her. “Why you handle my torture so much. Don’t you get angry?” asked she sad. “First thing cheer up babu” he said and kissed her forehead. “And I love your tortures. I never even dreamt that I will fall in love and when I have I don’t want to miss any shade of it. I love when you get angry and I enjoy cooling you. I love when you get jealous it makes me feel someone loves me so madly that they doesn’t want to share my time. I love it when you pout cutely and give me silly silly punishments. Sometimes unbearable but what to do you act so swiftly and you won’t realize. But still those punishments will make me love you more. I love it when you surprise me with your sweet kisses and warm hugs. Totally I love your presence in my life. When I love it so much why will I get angry on you?” he said explaining her waving his hands in air. She leaned to his cheek and kissed it. “What was this for?” he asked surprise holding his cheek. “Aivey. That’s my way” said Ragini brushing her shoulder. He smiled widely and touched her head with his head.

“I’m sorry na” said Varun walking behind Shravanthi who was working in kitchen. She did not answer. “Shraa” he said dragging her holding her elbow. Tears were flowing from her eyes. He cupped her face and wiped them. “I’m really sorry shraa I sometimes forget that you are not only my wife but Gini’s friend also” his sentence made her to look at him shocked. “Ya that time I felt my wife is scolding my best friend so you know that’s why…” he was interrupted by Shravanthi who placed her finger on his lips and nodded her head and hugged him encircling her hands around his stomach. “This means you forgave me?” asked Varun who was shocked due to her action. “You and your Gini are equally dumb” said she and dragged his hands he encircled them around her shoulders and placed his chin over her head. “Ehem ehem” said Tej disturbing them. Both jerked and stood far from each other. “Shraa beta can I get a cup of tea if your Pati parameshwar allows?” asked Tej. “Dad” said Varun and ran out of kitchen feeling embarrassed. “Abbey Gadhe you were romancing your wife only na or neighbour’s wife?” asked Tej heading behind him. “Ohho this and all happening?” asked Janaki placing her hand on her waist. “Dad you have become shameless now a days” said Varun. “Look who is talking. He romances his wife in kitchen and calling me shameless” said Taj raising his eye brow. “Dad” said Varun glaring him. “You are impossible” said he and ran to his room and all the parents burst out laughing looking at his flushed face.

“Manny” said Suhani when he kissed her ear when she was standing near the window. “Hmm Mrs. Chadda” said he and dragged her more close to him. “Stop it” said she smiling. “Oh but your smile says not to stop” said he and kissed her neck. She blushed and covered her face with one hand. “Haye this blush takes my breath always” he said and lifted her and walked to the bed

“Manny” said Suhani resting her head on his bare chest. “Hmmm Ani” said he caressing her air. “Time seems to be running na. Shruthi is expecting baby we got married in two days Radhu will be married and in a month Rachu also will be married. Then smallest kid of our group Gini also will be married” said Suhani. “Then we will have kids then Radhu and Ishan and then Kabbie bhai and Siyappa queen and then last but not the least Ragu maa and Nittu also will have their kids. This is life Ani. It never stops” said he. “But” said she. “But what?” asked he confused. “I don’t know I’m feeling restless” said Suhani worried. “Ani its all your illusion. Don’t worry” he said and kissed her forehead. “Hope so” said she. “Shall I tell him about the dream” thought Suhani to herself. “No Ani have you gone mad for such silly thing you are worrying” said her inner self and she closed her eyes and hugged him and dozed off.

This part is not proof read. And I’m extremely sorry for being late.

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