Swasan : Happy Ending ( Episode 15 )

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Recap : Swara to return home.. AdiRaj furious…


Sanskar was sitting in his office cabin rolling his chair…

Sanskar : ( while smirking ) 3…2…1… and here u go..

The door gets opened with a thud.. AdiRaj entered inside n shouted..


Sanskar : ( while smirking ) Well, I guess I knw my name.. Am I ryt Laksh?

Laksh : ( smirked back ) Of course..

Aditya : Just stop ur f**king nonsense sanskar! N tell us what the hell u r doing with us…

Sanskar : What I did, Mr. Aditya? What r u talking abt?

Aditya : Don't be so innocent Sanskar.. u very well knw wat m talking abt.. why u did that? Why u snatched our properties from us? Y u cheated us…??? Spk up dammit! ( angry )

Sanskar : ( laughs sarcastically ) I snatchedur properties??? Ohh.. oh my God! Mr. Aditya.. I think u r facing memory loss problem.. No worries.. M here na.. lemme remind u.. I dint snatch anything from you.. you.. yourself gave it to me.. By ur own wish.. I dint force u even.. u signed the papers.. remember? ???

Raj : U blo*dy.. u cheated us.. we signed only deal with u.. we dint signed any property papers..

Sanskar : ohh.. Is that so? ( turns ) Laksh, bring mr. Aditya n mr. Raj signed documents.

Laksh brought it.. n sanskar passed it to them.. the deal papers was fake.. only property papers were original inside.. they gets shocked seeing their signatures over there.. Both fumes in anger while SanLak smirked evilly.

Raj : ( holds sanskar's collar ) U… u trapped us.. we will file case against u.. we wont leave u SANSKARRRR…

Sanskar : ( jerked him ) Ok.. Go ahead.. file case.. go..

Suddenly 1 vdo clip played over there.. in which SanLak n AdiRaj were sitting n signing deal.. n b4 signing Sanskar asking them to read file once if they want.. n their replies that they r doing this by their own wish.. AdiRaj went blank..

Sanskar : So.. Mr. Aditya n Mr. Raj.. what will u tell to police? Ha? That I trapped u? Bt how? Do u hv any proof? Bt I hv..

Aditya : Y the hell u r doing this?? What enemity u hv with us dammit!


Laksh : ( calming him ) Sanskar! Calm down.. Dont waste ur energy on these bastards..

AdiRaj : ( shocked ) We? Ur wife? Goons? What r u talking? We even donno ur wife…

Sanskar : ( took out his and swara's wedding pic n holds infront of dem ) This is my life.. my wife.. SWARA SANSKAR MAHESHWARI!

AdiRaj gets shocked seeing swara's pic with sanskar. They remember road incident, her slap n their revenge.. both were sweating..

 ( mann to kar raha hai dono ki muh chappal se tod du.. huhh )

Sanskar : Laksh.. all ready???

Laksh : Yes Sanskar! Everything is set..

B4 AdiRaj can spk anything they went unconscious. Sanskar asked his men to put chloroform on them.. SanLak gave all their men instructions n left from there..


Swara : cutiee.. sweetu dint cm still.. m missing him.. see.. my doll also slept..

Ragini : Swaru.. he'll cm.. he's in imp meeting na.. chalo.. till then we'll watch sm cartoon.. ok?

Swara : ( super happy ) Ok cutie.. I wanna watch Doraemon n tom & jerry..

Ragini : ( smiles ) Ok.. ( n change the channel )

Swara : ( suddenly ) Umm.. nai nai cutiee.. now I wanna see chota bheem.

Ragini : ( sighs ) Offo swaru.. u na.. ok wait.. ( again changed channel )

Swara : ( after 5 min ) cutiee.. I wanna watch barbie!!!

Ragini : ( hits her own forehead) hey bhagwan! Swaru.. take this remote n watch watever u want to.. I'll make smthng snacks fr us.. dont go anywhere ok.. sit here only.. n call me if u need anything.

Swara : ( smiles cutely ) Ok cutie..

Ragini left for kitchen.. Swara got busy seeing cartoon n changing channels. Suddenly she stopped on 1 movie channel.. They were showing a rape scene.. mans were holding 1 girl n that girl was shouting fr help..
Sm flashes started to cm in Swara's mind.. she get up from her sit.. she was scared.. She started to remember her molestation. How she got raped.. infront of her love.. She was all sweating.. she kept on moving back.. she was crying.. she kept her both hands on her ears.. she started shouting…

Swara : ( screams ) Noooooo… leave.. me.. go away… Sanskarrrrrr… leave him… plz.. let me go.. no.. Dont.. dont touch me… Noooo…. Sanskarrrrrr…. helppppp… nooooooo…

Ragini cm out of kitchen hearing her voice n gets shocked seeing her state. She tried to calm her..

Ragini : Swaru… shhh.. swaruuu.. look.. Here's no one.. see.. m here na.. nothing happened. Look at me shona..

Swara was not ready to listen anything. She started throwing all things here n there.. She was getting hurt.. Ragini was crying.. she dialed sanskar's no.

Sanskar : Ha.. Ragini. We r reaching in 5 min..

Ragini : ( cries ) San.. sanskar.. swa..ra..

Sanskar : ( panicked ) Ragini?? Hello? Y r u crying?  N wat happened to swara? Spk up?

Ragini : u… plz.. cm.. home.. fast.. she's. .. out of.. control.. she's.. hurting herself..

Sanskar : What??? We.. we r cmng.. plz.. u take care of her..

SanLak speed up their car.. N reached… they entered inside n shocked to see everything messed up.. He gets shocked seeing swara..

Sanskar : ( shouts ) SWARA!!!

Episode ends…

Precap : Guesssssss

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  1. Rabia

    Awesomeee sammyy ??? and swara will remember everything ??

  2. Arshaanya

    Loved it…
    Finally swara is fine nw… hope sanskarz love n care wil hlp her to ovrcome dat incident

  3. Lovely reethi

    Awesome. Now Swara will remember everything n will punish that waste adiraj.

    I waited for ur ff daily. I used to open til site hopping to read to ff but every day felt sad not seeing ur ff. ????.today I’m happy ???Finally u posted it today. U know I missed ur ff like hell. Plzzzzzz post next part soon

  4. Zeestum2

    Will swara remember everything swarmayi? I think so please update soooooon ???

  5. Simi

    Awesome ?

  6. Soujanya

    Awesome… ?

  7. Thanks for posting and the episode is nice

  8. Alku

    nyc shalu post next episode soon 🙂

  9. Shreeyu

    Sammy it was amazing Dr… Loved it … Now Swara is fine I guess…. Ty for posting Sammy ji… ???

  10. Abirsha

    Awesome but short sammy….

  11. Shifa96


  12. Excellent dear…… Please update soon.

  13. Anniya

    Sammy do you know how much I missed your this ff??????
    Now not dare to leave us in suspense, update next part quickly.
    Uffffffffi I forgot most important thing , it was awsm part…

  14. I agree wid rabia…. pls update soon

  15. Kakali

    Yei yei yeiiiiiuu… let’s NACHOOO…
    Swara my babyy… everything will b all rit.. umahhh.. love it Shalu… !! it’s too short n awesome..-..
    Hehehh.. ty for posting.. nxt one soon..ya

  16. Simin

    Hmmm i think she will turn normal now
    hufff finally all set

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