Rishten yeh banae hai pyaar ki rang mein (Chapter-34)

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Anshuman is checking some files and pakhi is besides him

Pakhi : Anshuman Aayan will be here tomarrow..

Anshuman : Don’t worry i have askes dirver to pick him up..

Pakhi : What.. no.. tomarrow we both will go and pic him up..

Anshuman : Tomarrow I have an important meeting and i really can’t help it

Pakhi : Its ok.. i will go alone.. I asked you because his teacher called me and insisted we both should be there

Anshuman : I am so sorry but i really can’t

Pakhi : Its okay and i can understand


Its all starts in a mall where Twinkle is celebrating at her friends birthday party.. They are dancing in a pub..

Two hands holds ragini and another person closes her mouth.. They drag her out of the pub..

Ragini : What are you two doing..

Yuvi : Treat.. now call twinkle..

Ragini : Iys not possible to call her all of sudden

lucky : and why is that so??

Ragini : Because ahe is soon shifting to US

Yuvi : What!!! Are you serious.. oh no..

Lucky (oders): Call her Ragini..

Ragini gives a glare to Lucky

Lucky : Please..

Ragini calls twinkle and she also agrees to come


Gitu looks at the jewellery and her earing A tear escapes from her eye.. She wipes out it suddenly.. Pakhi enters her room

Pakhi : Day dreamer your coffee..

Gitu : Thanks bhabhi..

Pakhi :(teasing) : Don’t get used to your day dreames it will not work..

Gitu : And why that..!!

Pakhi : When my parents decided to get me married to Anshuman . I thought he will unite sky and earth for me.. He will help me in everything.. but your bhai.. he needs a help even to find his wallet..

Gitu smiles and sibgals pakhi to look backwards pakhi sees Anshuman..


Twinkle enters

Ragini and twinkle hugs eachother.. And they was about to go to a resturant..

Lucky : Wait..

Ragini : What now??

Lucky : You were not wearing this we you came home ..

Ragini : That.. i… changed you know i can’t wear salwars in Mall.

Lucky : Its okay.. i was just casually asking..

Yuvi : Now that your nok jok is over lets party..

Twinkle : Anyone can explain why we are having a paty..

Yuvi : Its lucky’s birthday..

Twinkle congrats Lucky.. Lucky and Ragini gives a werid look to yuvi.


Maya’s room..

Maya is remembering Jhanvi’s words and confused about the things..Jhanvi’s words echos in her ears..

Just then someone enters her room by window..

Maya goes and sees it was Arjun.. Maya helps Arjun get into the room

Arjun hugs Maya

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  1. Jasminerahul

    though not romantic really enjoyed anshukhi scene.it was realistic.pakhi telling geetu abt anshuman was funny.but its a fact about men after marriage.can u add anshukhi pics in their scenes..bcz i’vent seen their show.but i want to enjoy them in ur ff.waiting 4 twiraj raglak party scene.arya hug was sweet.nice pics

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