Ishqbaaz FF: My Brothers Are Everything To Me- Chapter-44

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….My Brothers Are Everything To Me…

Chapter 44:


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Chapter 44:

Rudra may be ignorant of what others feel most of the time and even can be called insensitive but when it comes to his brothers, he could understand almost every expression on their faces no matter how much Om and Shivaay bhaiyaa tries to hide it..

Rudra was shocked to see the news being telecasted about his marriage and what was the most shocking was that his family, more importantly his brothers had come to know about this before he even let them know.

Rudra was picking up his courage to tell them but they have come to know about this even before that..

And Rudra watched Om’s face morphing into a shocking expression and then when O stared at him, his eyes expressed complete betrayal..

Om’s eyes looked at him as if he had done the most worst thing Om could ever imagine and Rudra agreed that this was his biggest crime, hiding something and that too this important from his brothers.

Rudra averted his eyes away from O not able to withstand O’s betrayal look and he had to see Shivaay Bhaiyaa’s expression now..

Shivaay bhaiyaa still looked to be in denial that his baby brother Rudra could do something like this..

Shivaay bhaiyaa’ azure eyes was glued to the television screen where they are repeating the video clip of his marriage..

Bhaiyaa turned his head and looked at him as if to let Rudra explain that is all false but one look at Rudra’s face, Shivaay bhaiyaa could read his expression well as Rudra can do…

Shivaay bhaiyaa’s eyes expressed the same betrayal he had witnessed in O’s eyes in fact even more, mixed with raw pain…

It was nothing but torture to witness his brothers pain and being the cause of it.

Just then a neck turning slap on his cheek had brought him to look out at the world around him instead of his brothers alone.

His right cheek hurt and he looked up at his father who was the one who slapped him. Before the next slap reached his cheek, his mother stopped him,

“Tej.. Please…”

“No Jhanvi.. Not today. Look at what he had done. Just like Priyanka and Rudra now. What more do I have to witness? My two children had their marriage without informing anyone. Couldn’t they tried to ask us elders at least one time? Why marry in secret like this…?”

His parents looked devastated, Rudra knew that they were already upset with Priyanka’s news.

“Please let me explain.. Please uncle”

And just then Rudra noticed the trembling form near him.

Oh my God…!


Rudra could not even imagine what she must be going through. And Rudra readied himself to take the slap if his father raised his hand to slap but none came.

“Tej uncle.. You know about Romi, right?”

His father looked confused but nodded at Soumya with terrifying eyes,

“We were escaping from her when she decided to marry Rudra all of a sudden and started chasing him and we hid in an event to hide from her. But the event staff gave something to us and we.. We got drunk from that.. And.. And in drunken mind we didn’t realize it was a marriage event to couples and.. and we somehow got married..”

His father laughed aloud hearing it from his Sumo,

“Dad… Please.. That’s the truth.. We didn’t intend to get married like this..”

“Did you hear it Jhanvi..? Got married off while he was drunk.. Can anyone believe it if we say this to them?”

His father stomped off in anger to which his mother followed him while Pinky Aunty and Sakthi uncle trying to console Dadi who was openly crying now about him and Prinku.

Rudra’s voice seemed to fail him when he looked at his brothers still with a betrayed look. Usually Shivaay bhaiyaa wouldn’t let anyone raise a hand on either of them whether it be their parents or anyone but seeing him like this…


Those azure eyes that now stared at him looked right past him as if he doesn’t exist anymore and that hurt him like hell..

“Please.. Bhaiyaa.. O.. Listen to me.. That was an accident.. We didn’t intend to. You know right, I will never marry like that in secret.”

And Rudra explained everything, not leaving anything about what happened on that day.

But looking at the blank expression from both of his brothers scared him like nothing did.

“Bhaiyaa.. O.. Please.. Say something.. Scold me, Beat me or slap me.. Please say something.”

Rudra watched with aching heart when Shivaay turned his back and climbed the stairs to his room.

Om stood with angered eyes now looking at how hurt Shivaay bhaiyaa looked..

And Rudra knew that Om and Rudra had an agreement of no matter what they do, they will never hurt Shivaay bhaiyaa.

And he did just that..


When Rudra extended a hand towards O, he moved back from his touch.

“Don’t Rudra.. You know how much I hate lies.. Yet still..”

O looked pained and Rudra wanted to die because anything is better than this.

“I am Sorry Om..”

“I don’t think you understand why everyone’s angry Rudra… Everyone’s not angry because of the marriage since you cannot help the situation you were in but everyone’s angry because you had kept it as secret from us, hiding it from your family, me and Shivaay.”

“I was going to tell you two Om.. Please. I’m sorry O…”

“When Rudra? When were you going to tell? When? Did you see how Shivaay is..? It is all hour fault”

“It is all my fault bhaiyaa not Rudra’s. Please don’t scold him.. It was I who wanted to hide. You know how much my family will get upset that’s why I told him to hide it from everyone”

Sumo lied for him and even in this situation she is protecting him, trying to take all the blame on her.

And Rudra realized in the worst possible situation that he loves her..

He loves this amazing, wonderful woman and had been loving her like since he met her.

“Soumya.. You.. What are you going to say to your family now..? Just go and explain yourself instead of standing here”


“Rudra go with her”

“But Shivaay bhaiyaa..”

“Annika and I are here for him.. Go with her now.”

With that Rudra grabbed Sumo’s hand who was crying apologies for Om and drove her to her house.

“Please don’t cry Sumo.. It’s my fault.. I was the one who wanted to hide.”

“No Rudra, we both decide too so it’s not your fault alone”

So when they reached her home, all hell break lose with the way Sumo’s fiance and his relatives there, breaking off the marriage and Soumya’s mother scolding her..

Rudra did explain to her but she refused to listen..

“Now, who will marry her Rudra.? I trusted you with her and allowed your friendship even though you’re a rich boy.. Is that what we get from you? You will go off with marrying some rich girl, who will marry her?”

“I will Aunty.. We’re legally married already.”

Aunty’s face was frozen in shock,

“I know I may not be your choice for your daughter but I will marry her again and treat her with respect and give all the love of a family.”

“Rudra, you’re not just making fun of me, right?”

“No aunty, just let me take some time to settle the scandal down and convince my family.”

Sumo’s mom put a hand on his head so as to bless him with tear filled eyes, relieved that her daughter’s life is not ruined anymore and moved towards the relatives to calm them down.

“You don’t have to do this Rudra… Just because of this scandal..”

“I am not doing this for that alone Sumo, I don’t know if this situation is correct to say this but if I didn’t say it even now, I’m not a decent human. I love you Soumya Rudra Singh Oberoi..”

Sumo hugged him tightly, hiding her face in his chest, her whole body trembled and Rudra hugged her back to reassure her..

“I love you too Rudra..”

“I know Sumo.. I know”

Rudra did know somehow of how much she loved him and how much it hurt her to see him flirting with girls now that he realized his love.

He pulled from the hug and looked at her,

“I am going now Sumo.. I will speak with you later.. I have to go and take care of this situation in my family.. Just wait for me, ok?”

Soumya nodded and Rudra leaned down and kissed her forehead as if saying inaudibly that he trusts her and turned towards the exit..

But when Rudra reached Oberoi Mansion, Shivaay bhaiyaa was absent and Om refused go speak with him.


Om looked at Annika who was just staring at the food, not eating it. In fact home is not like home anymore ever since yesterday’s news about Rudra.

Om was really upset with the way Rudra had hidden it from everyone including his brothers.

Om was like a best friend to Rudra and he had always tolerated every prank Rudra did and forgave every mistake. And Shivaay… He pampered Rudra the most.

Om was just like everyone, wondering where Shivaay had went off to from yesterday. No one’s speaking with Rudra except his mom and Dadi.

Om was worried about Shivaay because it’s almost a day since he went off from Oberoi Mansion.

Om had let him thinking Shivaay needs some time alone but looking at how it’s almost a day, Om’s worries increased.

Om cannot just eat his lunch with the way Shivaay is missing. And when he looked at Rudra who has been dragged by his mom to eat something since he didn’t eat anything from yesterday, is now still refused to eat and just stared at his plate, as worried as Om for Shivaay.

These disappearing acts of Shivaay whenever he is extremely upset scared Om like nothing did.

Om pushed his plate away, startling everyone up.

“Om.. Eat something please.”

His mom said to him.

“No, I don’t think I can stomach any food without knowing where Shivaay is or how he is”

Pinky Aunty nodded at him in gratitude since Sakthi uncle and Mr. Oberoi is busy with taking care of the media damage for once since Shivaay is absent.

“I will come with you too.”

Both Annika and Rudra said at once,

“No.. We don’t know where he is so I will find him and I will call you all of how he is once I find him.”

With that Om took one of Oberoi’s cars, his hands trembled when gripping the steering.. It has been so long since he had drove anything.

Om gripped the steering tighter and his trembling slowly stopped, he drove the car to the nearby areas and called Shivaay’s acquaintances of his work to find about where he is.

He called Shivay’s office to find no one answering it..

Om called the head of the bodyguards in charge of Oberoi family’s security and found Khanna was the last one who saw Shivaay.

Om called Khana to know about Shivaay’s whereabouts because Om is feeling a strange emotion of restlessness.

“Khana, where is he?”

“Omkara sir..?”

“I know that you know where Shivaay is.. Tell me Khana”

“Sir.. He ordered me to not tell anyone.”

“Khana.. Please.. I am worried about him and his health. I’m sure he hadn’t eaten anything from yesterday and he didn’t take any of his medicines too.”

“Sir.. Shivaay Sir is in office, he had dismissed everyone from office to go home for a while and has been holed up in office since yesterday evening”

“Thanks Khana”

Om cut the call and drove the car to Shivaay’s office.

Damn it Rudra..

Shivaay had been through so much and Om has hurt Shivaay with his drug habits, Rudra had now hurt with his lie.

Yes, his family is upset and even Om is angry with Rudra but to go to this extreme, Om don’t know what’s going on in Shivaay’s head.

Om nodded of the security outside of Shivaay’s office and got inside but not before calling his family to inform about Shivaay’s whereabouts and that he’s fine.

But when Om got to Shivaay’s cabin, Om knew that Shivaay was not fine with the way papers here and there on the floor, over coat lying on the chair, Shivaay slumped against the wall.


Om’s heart skipped a beat in fear of how broken Shivaay looked. Om cannot even imagine if this is how he looks every time Shivaay disappears somewhere.

Shivaay just disappears not wanting to show his vulnerable side and hiding his pain from everyone.

But not anymore..


Shivaay looked at him in surprise and tried to change his expression not to worry Om.

Om knelt down and hugged Shivaay tightly.


My brother…

What all you have to endure because of us….

“Shivaay.. Talk to me bhai.. Please.. Don’t hide it in yourself. Don’t hurt yourself. I beg you.. Please”


Shivaay hugged him back and Om held Shivaay in his arms because this time he has to be the one to take care of his brother.

“Shivaay.. Talk to me..”

After a while Om let him pull out of the hug and sat beside him, leaning against the wall, shoulders bumping as a comfort.

“Baby Ru…”

Om patiently listened knowing that getting it out alone can lessen the pain.

“He.. I can’t even imagine him being married but Ru was the one who has married before all of us… How long he had been hiding it from us Om?”

“I know Shivaay.. I know. I am angry too but this way of staying in office, not returning to home is extreme.. What is troubling you?”

Shivaay was silent for a while but answered Om,

“He didn’t tell me for months Om.. That means he’s scared of me, right? That means he doesn’t trust me anymore, right? That means I am not reliable anymore as a brother Om..”


Om put a hand over Shivaay’s left shoulder and leaned his head on right shoulder, feeling miserable of how Shivaay is feeling, his insecurities had finally came out.

Shivaay had been like this ever since Shivaay came to know about his drug habits. Shivaay started doubting himself as a brother and Om is responsible for this broken state Shivaay in..

“No Shivaay. It’s not like that. Rudra not just hid it from you but also me and the whole family, does that mean he lost trust in me too? He’s immature and childish.. We know that, right? He must have been scared of the situation he was in.. So stop hurting yourself and doubting yourself. You’re a perfect brother anyone could get.. Ok?”

Om looked up at Shivaay, removing his hand..

But Shivaay instead, put his head on Om’s shoulder and sighed…

“Come on Shivaay, stop moping.. You know and in fact the whole world knows how much Rudra adores you and looks up at you.. Honestly, sometimes even I think he loves you more than myself..”

Shivaay got up suddenly and said,

“That’s not true O.. You know he loves us equally.”

Om smiled hearing how Shivaay admitted it, realizing how Rudra loves them.

“See.. Stop worrying.. Rudra has been so depressed in the house and so are the family members.. Come on.. Let us go home”

Their conversation was interrupted by a loud growl from Shivaay’s stomach and it brought smile on both of their faces.

Soon the smile turned into laughter when Om’s stomach growled too in hunger.

Just then Annika came inside the cabin all of a sudden, startling them. She was carrying a basket with her.

Shivaay’s eyes grew wide when she started fussing over them to go and hand wash it since she had brought food for them.

When they were forced to take the plate she gave them, Shivaay looked at her.

“I am sorry Annika for worrying you”

Thankfully Rudra hadn’t eaten anything else he would’ve choked on it hearing the great Shivaay Singh Oberoi apologizing to someone other than his brothers.

“I understand you were upset Shivaay but please don’t worry me like this next time”

“I promise.”

Shivaay promised and even shared his plate with Annika since she hadn’t eaten anything too.

Om smiled at them, happy that his brother’s marriage relationship is going perfectly well

“I know I don’t have any say in this but please hear me out Shivaay.”

Shivaay nodded to Annika,

“I know you are angry with Rudra.. I am not asking you to forgive him but please scold him or just say something to him. Rudra has never been in this situation like now of how you two not speaking with him. He hasn’t eaten anything to and he has been looking like he had lost everything.. I am worried about him.”

Om and Shivaay nodded to what she’s saying because they both know how fragile Rudra is in actuality.

“Now pass me the gravy Bhabhi..”

Annika stared at him wide eyed before giving him the gravy.

Om was reluctant at first but seeing how much she had become a family already, he felt he should call her as Bhabhi at least once.


When Shivaay, Om and Annika reached Oberoi Mansion, they met with a horrified sight.

Shivaay felt like his heart will finally give out looking at how Rudra was standing near the door, surrounded by Jhanvi aunty, his mom and Dadi trying to convince Rudra to not do this..

There Rudra was…

With a knife just above his left hand’s vein..

Ready to slice his own hand any moment while staring at both Shivaay and Om..


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See you all with next update)

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