Rishten yeh banae hai pyaar ki rang mein (Chapter-33)

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In Rathore mansion..

Falguni : We have to give a traditional neckalce set to Gitu..

Lucky : Whats the need of that

Falguni : Its tradition of our family that Grooms family should gift a jellewery to bride..

Yuvi : Oh.. now that’s intresting..

Naira : So.. Maya di will also get one right..

Maya smiles..

Viraj : But we don’t know if they have any such traditions..

Just then Payal enters..

Payal : They have.. and they told that they will be here in few hours..

vikram also enters the place..

vikram : we are going to gitu’s house to gift her..

Payal : But that’s not possible as Arjun’s family are also comming..

Vikram : But.. your presence is not important her.. but In there you have to give her the set..

Payal : Don’y even try.. you know i don’t like her at all and.. i will not come that’s my final decision..

Payal goes from there..

Viraj : Thank god.  Abhi is not here.. otherwise he would have got hurt.

vikram : Now who will go to gitu’s..

Falguni : Don’t worry.. we both are also his parents and we wil do this..


Ragini : Mom.. please make it fast..

Arjun : Where are you two going..

Ragini : To maya bhabhi’s

Arjun(excited) : Wow..

Jhanvi : Only we are going..

Arjun(sad) : oh.. but why..

Jhanvi : I have to give our heritage jewellery to Maya… When your mom came . your dadi gave this to her and now this belongs to our wife..

Ragini (confused) : Bhai’s mom!!!

Arjun and Jhanvi realises what Jhanvi said..

Jhavi ; Arjun’s mom means me.. you pagal..

Ragini : Oh..


Anita welcome Falguni and Viraj inside..

Payal gets coffee for them..

Anita : What made you come here..

Viraj : Actually .. our family had a tradition of giving a jewllery to bride showing our love..So we came to do that..

Anita : Ji.. didn’t payal ji and vikram ji came..

Falguni : Arjun’s famiky is also comming there.. so she thought that Maya may need her.. so that’s why..

Anita : Yeah.. i can understand..

Anita asks payal to call Gitu.. Gitu comes to hall.. was shocked to see Falguni and viraj thereShe tries to put a smile on her face but was not possible..

She greets and takes blessings from them

Falguni explains about the tradition to gitu.. and shows her the jewellery

Falguni : Do you like it..

Gitu : Its beautiful..

Falguni : Try it..

Gitu wears the set.. Falguni clicks a photo of her..

Falguni : We have to show this to abhi.

All laughs .. but gitu looks dull


Jhanvi : Oayal ji.. how are you all

Payal : By gods grace we are all good..

Ragini : Mom.. please make it fast

Jhanvi : We have come to give Maya the jewellery..

Oayak : Ji I wil call maya..

Maya comes down..

Maya takes there blessing..

Jhanvi : Maya beta.. i wanted to give you this..

Just then Yuvi comes and calls Payal saying that Naira is fighting with lucky.. Payal goes to look that.. Ragini geta a call from Twinkle and goes from there..

Maya : This is..

Jhanvi : This is Arjun’s mom’s.. and now its yours..

Maya : Arjun’s mom’s

Just the  Payal comes there and seeing the necklace she also starts praising its beauty..

Ragini : Mom.. i have to go??

Lucky : Whats so hurry..

Ragini : I have a friends b’day party.. today..

Yuvi and lucky drags lucky to aside..

Ragini : What!!

Lucky : We want to meet twinkle again..

Ragini looks furiously at lucky.. Lucky points towards yuvi

Lucky : Actually he..

Yuvi : And i know you can helo me.. please..

Ragini : A treat!!

Lucky : What???

Ragini :today You guys invite me for a treat and i will get twinkle with me..

Lucky : That’s not.. possible..

yuvi : Done..

Lucky looks at yuvi..

Payal and jhanvi comes to them..

Jhanvi : What’s going on??

Ragini : Twinkle..

All stares at her

Ragini :I heard of a twinkling star falling towards earth today and we were duscussing that.

Jhanvi and payal looks at eachother confusingly..

Jhanvi : Its time for us to leave..

They bids bye.. and while going Ragini signals yuvi to call her.. yuvi gives a yes signal




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  1. Jasminerahul

    though jhanvi said arjun’s mom nobody could understand d truth.onder how the truth will be out n how will others react.giving traditional family jewellery to geetu n maya was nice.geetu wearing it n taking pic..then they all planning to show it to abhi was cute.perfect pics

  2. Ohhh interesting ..The truth of arjun ‘s mother will bring many twists..
    Loved it
    Post nxt soom

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