Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 29th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Ratan Realizes Diya Is Trying To Save Him From Terrorist

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Diya confesses that she loves Ratan a lot and looks at Ratan’s locket fixed with camera. Ratan says he knew she loves him. She says that is okay, be ready on time to drop her to chartered plane. She walks to Deepu and asks him to get ready tomorrow and hide in car. Deep says she accepted her love for Ratan, if she makes any mistake, she will repent and Ratan will lose his life. Diya says she will do as he says. She then walks to her room and cries reminisicing time spent with Ratan and their love for each other. She writes a letter to Ratan explaining about her love for him and terrorist hiding bomb in his locket and she going away from him to save his life, etc.. before he reads this letter, she would have gone far away from him.

Next morning, Ratan brings Diya’s suitcase down. Whole family pleads her not to go, but Diya does not budge and leaves. Ratan takes her near car where Deepu is hiding and says he has always accepted her demands and will drop her to chartered plane, asks to give her bag to keep it in dickie. Diya sees Deepu there and angrily says Ratan that she herself will keep her bag in dickie. Ratan says he will be back and goes into palace. Deepu warns her to stop her romance and hurry up. Ratan returns and asks Diya who will correct her sari and pin, who will remind her to have food, etc. Diya says he does not have to worry about that and asks to drive car. He drives car chatting with her. Tyre gets punctured. He walks towards dickie to get tyre stepnie, but Diya stops him and asks to get punctured fixed from a nearby shop. Ratan leaves. Deepu starts verbally abusing Diya again.

Sakshi walks into kitchen messaging someone. Mohana says Diya did wrong by leaving Ratan even when Yash tried to stop her with emotional blackmail, Yash is deeply hurt with this. Sakshi drops her mobile. Mohana reads message. Sakshi hurriedly picks it and says leaves picking water from fridge. Mohana follows her and sees her meeting a jeweler and saying she mortgaged all her jeweler and needed 30 lakhs, but he did not give even a single paisa. Jeweler says without proof nobody will believe her and she will get any money and leaves. Sakshi panics. Mohana walks in and asks who was that man. Sakshi reveals that Mohak lost 90 lakhs in gambling and club people are threatening him, so she mortgaged her jewelry, but jeweler betrayed, she thought of taking help from Ratan, but this terrorist attack ruined everything. Mohana asks her not to worry, she will get her money from jeweler.

Ratan drops Diya at a cliff and says within 15 min her plane will come. He says he will take care of palace hotel and be obedient, will sleep on time and have tea at 6 a.m. remembering her, she need not worry about him. She emotionally hugs her and asks not to let her go. She then realizes it is her imagination and asks him to give her farewell gift like he did when he came to India. He says cactus, he will get it in 15 minutes and leaves. Deepu comes out of car and says now he will leave this country and will return with another terrorist attack, he will defuse bomb once they leave this country.

Ratan searches cactus and finds one plant on roadside. He realizes his locket is missing. On the other side, Yash informs CT that he cannot believe Diya did not budge to his emotional blackmail and left, something is wrong, he will go to stop her as Ratan cannot stay without Diya. CT says it is of no use. Ratan calls Yash and asks to find out locket in his room. Yash searches locket and finds Diya’s letter. He is shocked reading it and informs Ratan over phone. Ratan runs to save Diya.

Diya shows locket to Deepu and pointing gun on him warns if he thought she will let him go easily, he cannot escape from India. Deepu snatches gun and strangulates her. She takes out remote from his pocket and points gun again, overpowering him. He provokes her to blast bomb right now and kill them both. Diya says she is not coward like him and will get him arrested or kill him. He throws mud on her and overpowering her strangulates her again. Ratan runs for her help.

Precap: Deepu points gun at Diya. Diya says she will press button and blast them both and heads her finger towards button.

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