Mayavi Maling 29th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Angad’s feet get burnt

Mayavi Maling 29th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Eshwarya telling everyone that they aren’t anyone’s enemies. She feels some air from a direction and guides Chegu. Everyone enters the cave and find the way shut. Chegu moves away the rocks. Everyone sees the way open and run away. Chegu and Eshwarya fall down. She worries seeing him hurt. He asks her to come out. The cave collapses. Madhumali finds Chegu’s blood on the rock. She touches the blood and senses its Dev vanshi’s blood. She hits rock with a knife. Eshwarya asks the prisoners not to fight. She says there is no opening from this cave, we should return to jail, we will find a way and leave. The man says we should go ahead when we see the light.

The guard says we are trying to find Eshwarya and all the prisoners, don’t know where did they disappear. Maharaj scolds the guard and asks him to go. He asks Pranali not to worry, she will be getting married in some time. Pranali says how shall I marry when Eshwarya is missing. He says time tests us, it doesn’t mean we give up to situation, marriage has to happen, just prepare for it. He tells Dharani that he will find Eshwarya. He asks Pranali not to make his head bow down. Dharani worries and cries. Maharaj says I will do anything to find Eshwarya, but mahurat shouldn’t pass, the baraat has come. She cries. Pandit asks Maharaj not to go anywhere now. Maharaj asks what shall I do then.

Dharani asks him to fulfill his duty and do the marriage rituals, she will pray for Eshwarya. She asks him to do his Dharm. Eshwarya, Chegu and everyone see a big wall. Chegu holds the rocks. He asks Eshwarya to get on his back. He calls her heavy. He tries to climb the wall. The prisoners attack each other to escape first. Eshwarya asks them not to fight. Garima wakes up and gets scared seeing Adhivan. He says sorry, I was helpless. She asks why did you hit me. He says there was danger there. She says that chest just moved. He says no, sorry to hurt you. She goes.

Chegu and Eshwarya come out of the cave. Prisoners also come out and try to attack. Chegu asks Eshwarya to see their true faces, she saved them from death and they are after their lives now. Angad asks Maharaj to start the wedding ceremony rituals. Maharaj says sure, I will start with Adhivan. Adhivan says I heard this water has magic. Maharaj washes Adhivan’s feet and wipes. Dharani waits for Eshwarya.

Chegu beats the prisoners. He fights with them to protect Eshwarya. They all surround Eshwarya and Chegu again. Eshwarya asks Chegu to show his real avatar to these devils now. Chegu says as you command princess…. Chegu and Eshwarya run. Everyone follows. Chegu gets her on a tree. Everyone looks for them. Madhumali runs to stop Angad. Maharaj washes Angad’s feet with the holy water of Maling. Madhumali shouts stop. Angad screams when the water burns his feet. Maharaj and everyone get shocked seeing Angad’s burnt feet. Maharaj holds the water and checks. He thinks why did the lake water affect Angad this way. Madhumali signs Angad.

Eshwarya and Chegu reach the jungle. Angad asks the men to catch Eshwarya and Chegu. Angad’s men find Eshwarya and Chegu and attack. Eshwarya wants to save Pranali from the fake marriage.

Update Credit to: Amena

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