Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 18th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Imposter Kills Meethi And Flees, Everyone Is Saved

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Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 18th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Imposter tells Sakshi that Diya has forced him and that’s why he is forcing her. He asks her to lift gun. He asks her to shoot at Bhuvan else he will kill Mohak. Sakshi apologizes to Bhuvan and says he is a good father. Bhuvan says no problem and asks her to shoot him. Sakshi shoots at him, but there is no bullet. Imposter says wah..you are saved, daughter couldn’t kill her father. He asks Bhuvan to shoot CT. Diya asks Imposter to stop the drama. Bhuvan tries to shoot himself, but imposter stops him and asks him to shoot CT. Bhuvan apologizes and shoots, but there is no bullet. Imposter Deepu asks CT to shoot Mohak, but again there is no bullet. He asks Mohak to shoot Nitya, again no bullet. He asks Nitya to shoot at Yash, but there is no bullet.

Imposter says it is Yash turn come and asks him to shoot Isha. He shoots, but he there is no bullet again. Imposter says now it is your turn and asks Isha to shoot Ratan. He says bullet is one, but even I don’t know in which block it is there. He asks Isha to shoot Diya. Isha says I can’t shoot. Imposter holds her hand and aims at Ratan. Sakshi says no.

Imposter asks Isha to pull the trigger. They see bullet coming out of gun. Diya moves Ratan and takes bullet on her hand. Ratan shouts. Diya closes her eyes. Ratan asks her to open her eyes. Diya opens her eyes and says how can I let anything happen to you, and says I am elder than you in age and experience. Ratan ties cloth on her hand and asks Meethi to give medical kit. Meethi says she will give and asks him to plead and beg infront of her, by falling down on her feet. He begs infront of her. Meethi laughs and says your Daata hukum is pleading infront of me, falling on my feet. Ratan says please give me medical kit. Meethi hits him with gun. Ratan falls down.

Imposter Deepu asks Meethi to give him medical kit. Meethi asks terrorists to bring hot boiling water. They bring it in bucket. She drops medical kit in hot boiling water and asks Ratan to take medical kit out of water. Ratan takes out medical kit from the water and writhes in pain. Diya says no and feels his pain, although she is in pain. Yash cuts her sleeve to take out the bullet. Meethi asks Bhuvan and Mohak to dance and says Diya’s husband will save his wife, but what about your wives, who will save them. Yash takes out the bullet. Bhuvan and Mohak dance. Meethi then asks Bhuvan to drink hot water in one go and aims gun on his head. Just then they hear Police coming there and announcing that police have surrounded them and asking them to surrender. Imposter thinks to escape silently and thinks until I am alive, my mission will be saved.

Meethi shouts asking Police to let them go. police asks Meethi to surrender. Imposter takes briefcase and leaves from the hall. Meethi asks terrorist where is boss? Where did he go? Yash throws medical box on her hand to make gun fall down. They beat the terrorist men. Meethi holds CT on knife point and threatens to kill her. She moves back threatening to kill CT. Everyone get tensed. Diya tries to go behind her, but Ratan stops her and says I will handle her. Diya says I am fine and asks Ratan to check at other side.

Meethi comes to Imposter and asks why is he leaving? She tells we had planned to make this Palace blast if we get caught. Imposter says I can’t die until my mission is completed and will kill the one who comes inbetween me and my mission. He shoots Meethi on her forehead. Diya witnesses everything and comes near there, but Imposter manages to escape. Diya thinks Imposter has killed Meethi and fled.

Inspector tells everyone that you all are safe now, we have checked kesar Mahal. Diya gets the knife and opines that this is the same knife with which Meethi attacked the imposter.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Just watching the programme…
    Surprising that though they are all being beaten and threatened the jewellry is still perfect.
    Yeah being a cop is not a real night cookie is he… preferred the old yash

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