Shakti 18th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman inches closer to find Soumya, Sameer falls in love with her

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Shakti 18th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer’s mum asking him what he was teaching Soumya and asks where is his bike? Sameer says bike is not working. His mum says truth is that you are in love. Sameer asks how do you know? He blushes. Sameer’s mum says the things which you are doing are done usually by the people who are in love or if they are stealing. Sameer says love is also a theft of heart. His mum calls him jhalla and asks him to come home. Harman and Jasleen come to the Mela in night and enquire about the women selling toys. Jasleen tells him that they are searching someone and asks him to help them. Man gives address of the organizer of mela. The organizer of the mela are sleeping outside and asks Harman and Jasleen to go. They ask him to tell about the women. Harman says my wife is missing since many days and asks him to tell about toys. Organizer gets up and asks him to sleep too, and says your wife must be sleeping with someone. Harman gets angry and beats him, says she is my wife and I can give and take life for her. Jasleen tries to calm him down. Harman says if you say anything against my life then I will not spare you.

Organizer asks him to leave him, checks the register and tells that the women came from Ludhiana. Harman tells Jasleen that Soumya is in Ludhiana and says they shall go there. Sameer asks his mum to tell about love. He asks what to do? His mum asks him to make Soumya believe in love and asks him not to ask about her past. She asks him to become more good than her husband and take her to mandap. She blesses him. Sameer hugs her.

Harak Singh asks Preeto to have food else she will get unwell. Preeto says I can’t have food thinking about our son who is outside. Harak Singh says he is my son also and I love him equal to you. He says you are my wife and it is my duty to tell you.

Raavi gets her lover’s call. He flirts with her. Raavi says she will slap him and asks him not to say bakwas. Lover says if she will slap him with love then he will bear. Raavi says love with you and asks him to keep dreaming. He says I know you will have dinner now and asks her not to ask how he knows about her.

Harman calls Preeto and tells that Soumya is in Ludhiana and he is going there. Preeto says she is in Ludhiana and says she will inform Saya and others, and will reach there. Harman asks her not to come and says he will return with Soumya. Harak Singh messages Kishan lal to go to Ludhiana and catch Soumya before Harman can reach her. Chintu takes call and asks him not to come empty hand. Harman says I will bring your Mami back. Preeto hopes Soumya shall return soon. Harak Singh thinks this can’t happen.

Sameer tells his mum that that man shall never come back infront of Soumya as he always gave her pain. He says he has to make her realize that some guys are good like him. He says he ran behind girls and now he has just Soumya in his life.

Saya and kinnars reach there. Harman says Soumya is in Ludhiana and asks them to paste posters and pamphlets on the walls everywhere and says we both will go and search her in shops and houses. Saya is hopeful and thanks God for showing ray of hope. Harman says your Harman ji has found your address and I am coming to take you back home.

Kishan Lal comes to local goon/Sameer’s shop owner and says someone is coming to search Soumya and says if they find her before then it will be no use. Local goon asks him to show their pic. Kishan lal shows Harman and Jasleen pic on his mobile. Local goon asks if they are husband and wife? Kishan Lal says yes. Local goon asks his men to see them carefully.

Harman, Jasleen and Kinnars paste posters and pamphlets on the walls of Ludhiana. Sameer’s mum tells Soumya that Sameer is cutting bindi for the second time. Sameer says you don’t make me understand like Soumya. His mum says you have left hanuman chalisa and started Soumya puran. She says I have given you birth but Soumya is teaching you how to become a good man. Soumya serves him tea. Sameer drinks and says it is good. He says it is more good than your tea. Soumya asks what you are saying and says it is an ordinary tea. Sameer says Maa told me to say truth. Kareena and Raveena see the posters on the wall and think to leave before they are caught. Kishan lal comes there and asks them to search Soumya else Harak Singh will not spare them. Kareena says if Harman comes to know about your pond conspiracy then he will dip you there. She says we know how to do enmity with her and asks him to see his own way. They leave.

Sameer admires Soumya as she is stitching toy. His mum asks him to go to shop to fulfill his dreams. Sameer says you can’t taunt me as I told you everything. He gets up. Women workers come to take the toys basket. Sameer’s mum asks Soumya to give the baskets and says it will be auspicious.

Varun calls Surbhi. Bebe says she went to take medicine for Maninder. Varun says you would have told me, I would have brought medicines for you. He says neighbors are complaining that you didn’t clean the gutter fully and says you have done all incomplete work, elder daughter is incomplete and younger daughter has an incomplete character. He says he will inform neighbors that Maninder is still unwell and leaves.

Sameer wears shirt and thinks he is looking good. He thinks his mother is superb and thought of a plan so that he can spend sometime with Soumya. He thinks Soumya looks good in any clothes. He thinks Harman might look like a hero and that’s why Soumya don’t give him (Sameer) attention. He thinks to become hero. He comes out and asks Soumya to come to shop. His mum tells that she can’t make food in the afternoon and asks them to have lunch outside. Women workers talk about Sameer and Soumya without taking their name and says they have given us work. Harman and Jasleen hear them. Harman says we shall ask them. They walk towards them.

Harman checks Jasleen’s sprained foot. Few men gather there and ask if they are romancing. Harman says her foot is sprained. They make issue. Jasleen says they are husband and wife. Soumya hears them. Sameer says so he is your husband and is about to call him. Soumya keeps her hand on his mouth to stop him from calling Harman.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Sameer says you can’t taunt me as I told you everything and goes to his shop.
    No, that’s an incorrect observation
    Sameer says you can’t taunt me as I told you everything and goes CHANGE.

  2. It will be Sameer says you can’t taunt me as I told you everything and goes to change.
    PS-Even I omitted the word “to” but see I was alert and rectified it

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