Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Imposter Laid A Trap For Diya

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 11th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Diya rescues woman and her son and takes them to Panic room. Imposter and his terrorists shoots the people in the palace. Meethi comes there. Imposter asks Meethi where was she? Meethi tells that Diya made her unconscious. Imposter says they have less weapon, but they managed to fool her. He asks her to search everyone and kill them with Iric. A baby starts crying. Someone asks his mum to give him milk. Mother gives milk to baby. Yash says what we will do. Diya says Kesar Mahal’s customers will try to enquire when they couldn’t contact their families. She says we will talk to Police anyhow. She asks him not to worry. Nitya bandages her ex husband’s hand and thinks even though you left me for other woman, but I can’t see you hurt. Yash tells Mohana that Diya and Ratan are each other’s support. Bhuvan tells CT that Ratan and Diya have been each other’s supports and regrets to give access card to Meethi.

A woman shouts that her daughter is not here, and says Nitya must have taken her. She says Nitya must want to snatch her from me. Girl comes with nitya and says she went to washroom, and Nitya saves her from terrorist. Sakshi gets worried thinking about wound on her face and shows to Mohak. She says I know now you will not love me. Mohak says what you are saying and says do you think I got married to you seeing your beautiful face. He says no, and says he likes her simplicity and beautiful heart. Sakshi apologizes to him for thinking him wrong and hugs him.

Imposter tells Meethi that they will not use their bullets and strength and says everyone will come out when they get hungry. Baby’s mother asks diya to make arrangements of milk as her baby can’t bear hunger. Diya tells Ratan that they have to bring food from Kesar Mahal’s kitchen as hotel kitchen is locked. CT and Bhuvan tell that they can’t risk their lives. Ratan says we have to take the risk and says I am Daata Hukum of this place and have responsibility of everyone. Diya tells CT that they will not get caught and says they will go by secret way. She says we will bring biscuits and dry fruits. Imposter is waiting for diya in the kitchen and tells that they have to lay the trap for them here. Diya tells everyone that she will not let them be hungry. Imposter asks everyone to hide and asks one terrorist to stand outside.

Diya, Ratan and Yash come out. Diya stops Ratan and Yash and says they have laid a trap for them. She makes an utensils fall, terrorist aims gun there. Diya hides and says they have to be careful.

CT and others make food in panic room. Imposter gets food smell and comes there. He aims gun at Diya.

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