Porus 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Darius Runs Away From Battlefield

Porus 11th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Thesius applieswarm compress to Aelxander’s back to says he knew from childhood that Alexander is amazing warrior, but he was surrised seeing today’s fight, tomorrow a new history will be written in Faras’ history. Alexander says after his mother, only Thesius believes in him, asks to promise he will never leave him. Thesius says there is no need to promise. On the other side, Barsin suggests Darius to reconcile with Alexander as he is very cruel and kills people brutually. Darius asks if she means he should accept defeat. Barsin says it is better to kill ego to save many people’s lives. Darius shouts he would have killed her if she was not her daughter, it is necessary to teach a kid Alexander a lesson and kill him and his army. Barsin asks to rethink.

Hasti points sword at Vishuddhi and says she is finished now. Ambi Kumar says stop, she went against her people and helped us. Hasti asks who sent her to kill Puru. She says she does not know who hired her, but can say someone close hired vishkanyas to kill him. She says she wants to accompany Puru to Faras and help him. Puru agrees. He pampers Moloy and asks soldier to take him to Pourav rastra. He with his team rides horse and reaches near Faras.

Alexander and Darius face each other again. Darius says he will kill Alexander and his army today. Alexander he will kill Darius Instead. Their verbal argument ensues. Their sword first starts next. Alexander defeats Darius and asks to answer about Faras before he kills him. Darius tricks and attacking him with spearhead runs away and then rides horse. Alexander shouts Darius and rides horse behind Darius. Darius is injured runs on his horse shouting he is not coward, will return to get back his crown. People declare Alexander as winner.

Puru with his team reaches a market. They see people’s reactions. A soldier informs that Darius was a coward and now Aelxander is their king. People throw stone on him. Puru and his team watch hiding. Puru thinks where is barsin. Barsin tells other princess that her father did wrong add will not be spared. Guard informs her that Darius escaped, Barsin thinks how can abbu leave us alone. She hopes Puru is here. Her mother tells Alexander is cruel and they will not ocme under his group. Puru watches Alexander’s soldier’s troubling people and says he does not want that.

Precap: Barsin’s mother asks soldier to kill her and her daughter as she doe not want them to be tortured by cruel Alexander. Alexander kills soldier via arrow and walks in.

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  1. Yvonne Codner

    I knew that Darius is a BIG coward…see he ran away and left his people to die, including his daughter without a thought for their well being…SNAKE…Well, he sees that Alexander is no Puru, he has no compassion and will kill anyone at the drop of a hat.

  2. Liked today’s episode also. Two good episodes in a row. Wow. I think it is Alexander’s presence that is making us feel good.

  3. What a coward Darius is, if he would have been courageous, he would have stayed in the battlefield till his last breath. Liked Narain too, how happy will she be once she knows Puru is there to help. N I loved the fact that without any further delay Puru has reached Dara’s. Just waiting to watch Pourav Rashtra… My fav scenes… I wish Puru will return now n marry Laachi in a grand way…???

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