Rishmi love forever-getting back her love epic-5

Rishmi love forever- getting back her love epic-5
Rishi: Rishi came to terrace see lakshmi watching star.
Lakshmi:she keep smiling at stars she feel good moments with her dad and mom those happy days.
Rishi:Rishi admiring Lakshmi, he went near her Lakshmi .
Lakshmi:she ask why are you here? you will be busy with your own stuffs .
Rishi: replied its my own wish,why you didnt eat from morning onwards.
Lakshmi: its my wish you dont need to bother about me.
Rishi :oh really then why are bothering about me..
Lakshmi : its my duty to bother you.
Rishi: similarly its my duty to bother about you i will do what you have done for me.
Lakshmi: im not like you ,to do what you have done with me.
Rishi:he felt pain in his hearts,then think how it will hurt Lakshmi,he change the topic why are you standing alone ?
Lakshmi : im alone. nobody is with me,she felt like lonely today .
Rishi :who told you are alone im always with you..
Lakshmi: she feel happy for Rishi saying but soon she change the mood,how many days you will be with me?one month ,2months,3 months till 1 year you will be with me.
Rishi :Rishi anger raised hey till my last breath i will be with you. Rishi started to say love but Lakshmi interupted
Lakshmi:dont show pitty concern to me.you want me to eat only. ok i will eat dont talk unnecessory.
Rishi: In his mind i was ready to say but she interupted, anyway thanks to god i want to surprise her withmore love😍.
Lakshmi : she think if she too arrogant go him.she think about Rishi behaivour before marriage he is too filimy after marriage he didnt consider me,but now his behaivour was totally different ,he care for me but sometime i feel like he loves a lot.I dont know what should i believe.
Rishi: Rishi think about there first kiss and smile ,he told in his mind its a forceble kiss i feel her pain,anyway i make her to understand my love.
Scene shift to dinning table
Lakshmi : Lakshmi come to dinning table she take the plate rishi came there.
Rishi : i will serve you,he serve her favorite items,she was surprised she didnt prepared this food (rishi thinking i know you will be surprised thats i order chef to prepare your favorite food before coming to terrace).
Lakshmi: Lakshmi who told to prepare my favorite food she think one way if rishi told,or someone will told to chef.
Rishi: Rishi watching Lakshmi while she is eating.
Lakshmi: did you had you dinner?
Rishi:Atleast you asked now.
Lakshmi: let you have your dinner?
Rishi and lakshmi finished dinner.They went to their room.
Rishi: Think to express love to Lakshmi.
Lakshmi: she changed to night wear and came near bed.
Rishi:Admirring Lakshmi he think why she is so pretty during night than morning.
Lakshmi.she lay down the bed and slept.
Rishi : admirring beauty of Lakshmi and slept.
In moring he wake up first and saw the Lakshmi sleeping in bed he think its already late why lakshmi didnt get up?he think she may be soo tired so will go refresh and come first.After refresh Rishi came from washroom and see lakshmi sleeping in bed.
Rishi went near lakshmi and wake up her but she didnt get up…..remaing will be on next episode
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