Pyaar Phirse- an Udaariyaan ff (part 4)

Hi guys welcome back this is Ravya…this mainly dedicated to @Snowflake !! my new fren

From the last ff i got lots of suggestions to make it longer i will do so

Also people said to keep Zain Imam as the ML for my FF ..this FF wont have any photos…Becos i am not sure about what photos i should add for Zain ..please give me some suggestions in the comments below..!so that i can add some photos

Rehan and Tejo hug each other that moment Sonakshi comes in ..

Sonakshi: Wa! so you guys are getting married am so happy …for you too! finally i will marry Ahaan ..Ahaan was thinking that if he would get married then people will think that how could the elder brother be unmarried and younger brother married!

Rehan:Forget all that!but the marriages will not take place here will happen in is threatening me that i need to come back to Mumbai and get married or else i need to see her dead body and all..seriously this is nonsense!

Sonakshi and Tejo laugh just then Ahaan enters and asks girls why are you laughing they tell what happened and he laughs too ..then he says lets have dinner and celebrate

At the restaurant ..Ahaan and Sonakshi are discussing about their marriage plans and Ahaan asks Rehan when are we leaving

Rehan says 2 days later book the tickets

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Sonakshi and Ahaan of my ff (Hope you like it)

After dinner Tejo asks Sonakshi to take a photo of her’s Adhiraj is asking

Priyanka Chaudhary (Udaarian) Biography, Wiki, Age, Height

(Tejo’s new look hope you like it)

Once Sonakshi takes the photo Rehan tells Tejo to call her family to Mumbai ….

She says okay

Sonakshi says dont call that Chudrail..and tell your family members too!

Tejo says as if i am going to call…i will die but not call her

Ahaan tells Rehan he has booked the tickets

Rehan says good lets go home

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Ahaan asks Tejo today onwards i am going to call you Bhabhi..Is that ok?

She says yes ..and thinks how Adhiraj came to know she was alive..

One day at a coffee shop …Tejo was with Sonakshi at that moment Adhiraj and his friend had come for vacations to Australia he sees Tejo and gets shocked and calls her and says Tejo you are alive and who is the girl you are sitting with? he remembers all the fun time with tejo and they hug each other

tejo - Abhiraaj | Priyanka Chahar Choudhary | Abhiraaj Chawla | Udaariyaan  ✈ #udaariyaan - YouTube

Adhiraj and Tejo in the past ..he remembers their fun time and nokh jhok

Tejo tells what happened and introduces him to Sonakshi and then he reveals that Jasrik got married and Fateh went to Australia and the Virks had gone to Mumbai …Sonakshi calls Tejo ,Tejo Bhabs kya hua all ok ?we have reached home come we need to take rest lot of packing needs to be done..come

Tejo nods her head and thinks what must Fateh be doing and then she fears the worst ..she was going to Mumbai and there were chances that she could meet them..she said Sonakshi all this..Sonakshi tells ..its okay it is time you face them and say you are very happy in your life ..and they are no one to you should think about your family the Sandhus not those Virks who disowned you!okay!

In Mumbai 

Jasmine is shown ironing Amrik’s clothes she thinks about Tejo ..she says to herself i wish you were here i really want to apologise to you ..and she cries and throws the shirt on the cot ..

Amrik sees that Aey what are you doing i asked you to iron my clothes not spoil it you idiot …

Jassu says do it yourself know everything na…

Amrik hello mrs.Jasmine Amrik Virk…you are supposed to this….not me you remember 2 years back you destroyed Bhabhi’s life and broke are family…i want you to feel guilty and regret it every moment in your life!Jassu cries

Mama and Papa’s 25th wedding anniversary is coming up .. i need to convince Veere,Mahi, and Dadi to come back stop chewing my brains and go make me Ginger tea!go !

Gurpreet comes to the room and sees Jassu crying and going and asks what is this..the past is past ..she is already suffering in her heart ..that is enough for her ..

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Jasmine being sad

Mama you dont give gyaan !Amrik says

Amrik! shouts Simmi is that the way you talk to her she is your mother not your wife Jasmin atleast forgive her for mama’s sake

Amrik says fine and says sorry to Gurupreet

Gurupreet says i lost 2 kids and my mamiji i dont want to lose you all ..

Amrik and Simmi hug Gurupreet

Amrik says i will make sure i will bring them back it is my promise

Gurupreet leaves and Simmi gets an idea ..and says Amrik i have got and idea we can ask Candy to ask them to come ..they will not refuse am sure about that .

Amrik says that’s a good idea di!

Simmi calls Candy and Amrik dials  Mahi’s number and Fateh’s number on conference call .she picks up and Candy says hello Mami and Mama i want you 3 to come back..Mami please come back with Nani please…and Fateh mama you too …they refuse and say no and he starts crying ..they get emotional and reluctantly agree ..Amrik and Simmi give a high five to each other !

Precap: Mahi and Dadi reach Virk house and Gurpreet hugs them.Tejo and Fateh are at the same airport

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