rishi laxmi—match made in heaven episode 15

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Nakshu was turning red and yellow with anger. Jiya placed her hand on Nakshu’s shoulder and gave her a Reassuring Smile. Nakshu get confused that why jiya is smile when there plan is getting flopped.

Nakshu: what are you doing jiya? Why are you happy? Everything is slipping out of our hands?

Jiya smiles towards nakshu and says:” nakshu take a chill pill. Nothing is slipping out of our hands. You know why we didn’t destroy these Obroies earlier, because we were waiting for the right time. And today is the right time for which we have waited for so long. But what will be the fun, if we give these Obroies such an easy defeat after such a long wait. The fun will come when these people feel that they are winning from us and suddenly they come to know that what they consider to be victory is the mirage of the desert. The pleasure in defeating the enemy comes when he is on the seventh heaven of his happiness and suddenly the earth slips from under his feet. You just wait and watch the drama.

Jiya:  I agree with Mrs. Karishma that Miss Malishka is the best choice for this house….after all she helps you all in arranging the money. And we are also thankful to you miss Malishka because because of you we will get our money back on time. So thank you very much.

Nakshu understand that jiya has some plan for Malishka also. So she didn’t say anything and wait for jiya to implement her plan.

Obroies get confused seeing jiya’s smiling face. Karishma  [in her mind why they both are so calm. They should have freak-out. Now as Malishka is helping us, we will be able to arrange the money on time……..now they can’t destroy us….then why they are still calm. Do they have some other plan in their hands?]

Suddenly malishka’s phone rings.

Malishka: see rishi how lucky we are. We were just talking about dad, and see he is calling me right now. Now you just wait I will talk to him about the money problem.

Jiya smirk [in her mind “yes Malishka you are very lucky ……. Obroies just get one shock today……but you are the lucky lady …..You will get a bonus shock today. Pick up the phone baby”.]

Malishka: hello dad…..you have a long life. I was just talking about you and you called me……actually dad I want to talk to you about something….

Suddenly malishka’s father interrupts her in between and said something to her. Malishka get shocked after hearing her father. Her face turns pale.

After seeing malishka’s pale face, nakshu understands that something interesting is going to happen.

Malishka: what? What are you saying dad? How can this happen? How can they do this?

Obroies are not able to understand that what happened with malishka’s family. Why she is so worried.

Jiya winks towards nakshu and nakshu understands that now is the time to punish Malishka.

Karishma: what happened Malishka why are you so worried?

Malishka: “Aunt Income Tax Department has raided Papa’s company and arrested Papa for money laundering.”

Everyone was shocked to hear Malishka’s words.

But there was a satisfying smile on Jiya’s face.

Nakshu: when did you plan this?

Jiya acts as innocent and says:” what are you saying nakshu? Are you doubting me? nakshu you know me very well, do you think I can do something like this?

Suddenly jiya smirk:” Do you like my surprise? What did this Malishka think that after whatever she has done with laxmi di, we will let her go so easily? The time you were making plan against the obroies , I was digging information about malishka’s family. And finding out dirt on their business was not  not a big deal…This is gift is from my side to laxmi di.”

Karishma: what are you saying Malishka? How this can even be possible? Your father is a powerful business man, how can the Income Tax Department put a raid on him all of a sudden?

Malishka: I also don’t know aunty that how this thing happen. Dad called me and said that income tax department has arrested him in case of money laundering.

Neelam: don’t worry Malishka your father will get a clean chit from income tax. We believe that he is innocent.

Jiya: what is this Malishka; you said that your father is going to help rishi in returning our money. But now we can’t take your father’s money…. because If we take your fathers money….then god knows what will happen to the reputation of Choudhary’s when people comes to know about that we are related to a person who did money laundering.

Nakshu: there is no need to refuse them jiya. After seeing their situation, I don’t think they can even offer a single penny to us. After all once this whole thing relate to money laundry will come out, no one will invest in their company, they will lose all their money and power and they have to apply for bankruptcy.

Malishka got angry hearing Jiya’s words. She tries to say something when suddenly something clicks in her mind.

Malishka: You both have done all this, haven’t you?

neelam: what are saying Malishka? Have these two done all this? But your father is arrested by Income tax department, how can they be related to income tax.

Malishka: no aunty I am sure that they both are behind my father’s arrest. They wants to destroy all of us.

Everyone turns towards nakshu and jiya with a confused face.

Jiya: why are you all watching towards us with such a confused face? What is the need of confusion? You could have asked us that weather we did this or not……..we could have answered you that ……. Yes everything that is happening with miss. Malishka’s family is done by us……

Malishka get angry hearing jiya’s words:” how dare you to trap my father? I will not leave you both.

She tries to slap jiya when nakshu stops her hand.

“Don’t you dare Malishka. Don’t forget that right now your father and his company are at our mercy. I don’t think you want to keep your father in jail for forever. So don’t cross your limits. And what did you say that we trap your father? No we haven’t trapped your father. We have just done what you did with Laxmi Di. And Income tax officers are not kids whom we can manipulate. They arrested your father because your father has done something illegal. So stop blaming us.

Karishma: Malishka is right. You both have trapped his father. His father is a great businessman. He can’t do such kind of thing.

Nakshu: I don’t understand Mrs. Karishma that why you always support the wrong one. First you support rishi even after knowing that he cheated his wife. And now you are supporting Malishka’s father even after knowing that he is did money laundering.  Its look like you has decided to always support the wrong one. Thank god you are not a judge….otherwise god knows what will happen to this country.

Malishka: shut up your nonsense. Who do you think you are? Just because you belong to a wealthy family….do you think you can destroy us……no this can’t happen ….. I will show you your real worth.

Jiya: I always know that the you are not a good friend as you snatch your friend’s [laxmi] husband. But now it seems you’re not even a good daughter. Your parents are in trouble…. But still you are standing here and wasting your time in talking. So sad.

Malishka tries to say something but Karishma stop her.

Karishma: do waste your time on them. Right now you should be with your parents. You go, we will handle here.

Malishka nods and goes from there.

Sonia: now why are you both standing here? You both have done enough drama in ours house. So now get lost.

Nakshu: you don’t have patience Miss. Sonia. Do not think that we have any interest in living in Obroies Mansion. We will leave but after talking about the most important thing.

Virendra: Which important thing are you talking about?

Nakshu: divorce papers. In between all this drama how can you forget about the divorce papers?

Nakshu picks up the divorce papers and walks towards rishi and put those papers in his hands.

Nakshu: now listen Mr. Rishi you have 5 days to sign these papers. After 5 days we will submit the divorce papers in court and then you and laxmi di will be free from this useless and namesake marriage.

Rishi get shocked to see the divorce papers. Even though he know from very starting that divorce will definitely happen one day. But he is not able to understand that why he is so sad about it?

Nakshu turn towards Neelam and says:” And before you say something Mrs. Obroie listen to me carefully. We can forgive your loan for once but will not forget Divorce. Divorce will happen definitely. And if you try to stop the divorce then get ready to fight us in the court.

Obroies get shocked to hear about the court.

Jiya: And remember Neelam ji, now only we know what you have done with Laxmi Di. But if this matter goes to court, then the whole of Mumbai will comes to know about it. And we don’t even need to tell you that in whose favor the decision of the court will come. After all which judge will support a person who has married a girl fraudulently, after marriage has a wrong relationship with another woman and has cheated his wife. ……………………..And in short, the thing you are most proud of, your respect…… will be blown away.

Nakshu: And who knows, maybe the judge would give a sentence of 4-5 years to Rishi.

Grandma: no my rishi will not go to jail. This can’t happen.

Neelam: no mom nothing is going to happen with rishi. I will not let him go to the jail.

Nakshu: that’s why I am saying that Mr. Rishi should sign the divorce papers. Everything will be fine after he sign the papers.

Jiya acts innocent and says: But what I was thinking Nakshu that if Rishi signs on Divorce papers then he will be saved from going to jail, but then who will save him from Marrakesh Dosh. I have heard that this Marrakesh dosh is very dangerous, it definitely take away the life of the person.  Now that Laxmi di is not in his life, who is going to save him from this dosh. What if something happen to him?

Neelam: shut up how dare you to talk like this about my son. I will not leave you if you a single word against my son. Until now I tolerate everything because we were wrong. But if you utter a single word against my son, then no one will be worse than me.

Nakshu: Control your anger Mrs. Neelam. People should always speak after seeing the situation. And I don’t think you have the right to shout at me because of the situation you are in now. Now you know how angry I must have been when you made my sister a scapegoat to save your son……….You should be thankful to my sister that because of her I have only ruined you people. If my sister didn’t consider you as her family, then I swear I wouldn’t let you even have a roof over your head.

Jiya: let it be nakshu…..Our work is done here. Now we should go.

Nakshu: by by obroies. Now we will meet after 5 days. Until then have a bad day.

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