Nima Denzongpa 29th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Nima exposes Asha and her husband

Nima Denzongpa 29th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nima asks Asha and her husband to leave before I call the police. Asha says you seem very angry? Mania asks who are these people? Asha asks her to introduce her. Nima glares at her. Asha says years ago, your mother tried to have an affair with her husband. Nima asks her to shut up. Asha says I will tell about your truth to everyone now. Asha goes in the society and starts screaming for people to gather around. Nima asks her to stop her drama. Sunita says it’s Asha, how come you here? What happened? Asha says call Suresh and then I will talk. All look on. Tulika asks why Suresh? Sunita says he went to the market. Tulika asks Asha who are you and why are you asking about my husband? Asha says you will go crazy when I tell you the truth. Suresh comes there and says how dare you to come here? Asha says I was waiting for you only. Suresh asks her to get lost. Asha says I will but I will expose you and Nima first. Nima asks her to shut up. Asha tells Tulika that they have an affair going on, he spends the whole day with Nima and they work together. Tulika asks her to shut up and is about to slap her but Asha says I am not the filth here, this Nima is filthy. Nima says you are talking about filth? Your husband is filth who tried to take advantage of an innocent girl. Asha says you are alleging us, she pushes her away. Nima is about to fall down but Asha’s husband holds her. Nima pushes him away and slaps him. She says I am not that old Nima, if you touch me then I will call the police, you are a no-man. Asha says he doesn’t want you. Nima says I wouldn’t even spit on him. Asha’s husband says if I had you that day then I would show you what a man I am. All are stunned. Suresh beats him. Nima says leave it, the truth is out now. Asha glares at her husband, Nima tells Asha that she wanted to insult me but the truth is out now. God is always with the truth. Asha and her husband leave. Tulika angrily goes home. Suresh looks on.

Scene 2
Sunita asks Suresh why did he lie about his job? Suresh says I needed the job to earn for this house, if Nima can stay in this society then why can’t we work on the same job. Tulika thinks if I get angry with him right now then he would go off. She asks Suresh why did you lie to me? Suresh says because you would doubt me for no reason. Tulika says I have given you a boy but you never make me happy, I am tired of getting angry at you. I don’t want to make Suresh angry with me again. She tells Suresh if you want to work with Nima then do it, you want to talk to her then do it but stop making fun of me and my son anymore.

Nima tells her girls that I was very helpless at that time, they took advantage of me. That’s why I keep saying to become strong and independent so you don’t have to rely on anyone. Her daughters hug her. Mania says you had to bear a lot in life. Nima says it’s been years since I separated from your father but people still question me for no reason. Mania says it’s good that Suresh took a stand in front of everyone.

Sunita asks Tulika why didn’t you react? Tulika says I am tired of fighting for Suresh and this house. She takes out the papers and shows that I have made the property papers in your name. I will get my father’s property so you can have this house. I don’t care anymore. Sunita says I will ask my lawyer. She leaves. Tulika smirks and recalls how she got the papers from her lawyer who said that they will remove Sunita’s name from the papers once it’s signed and they will replace it with Tulika’s name. Sunita gets the paper checked by her lawyer and says they are fine. Sunita thanks Tulika.

Nima comes to Suresh and says I want to talk. Nima asks if I ever complained to you? Did I ever ask for your help? Suresh says no. Nima says then why did you hide that Asha was working with you? Suresh says I just wanted to expose her and handle everything on my own. Nima says you know I don’t like lies, she insulted me because of all that. I am tired of getting insulted because of our relationship so please stay away from me from now on. Suresh is hurt and says I will stay away from you starting from now. Nima looks on.

The episode ends.

Precap: Mania gets a call from a guy Ankit asking her to come for audition for a role. Mania gets happy, but it’s a conspiracy against her by Tulika. Mania tells this to Nima and she awaits for Nima’s approval.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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