Rishi laxmi—— match made in heaven Episode 11

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“Whatever you all had to you, you have said. Now enough.” Laxmi said tearfully.

Laxmi: mummy ji you said that rishi marry me because he loves me, he likes me……..so tell me whether rishi really ever loved me or he just faked his love because my horoscope can save him from markesh dosh.

Neelam and everyone else get shocked to hear about markesh dosh. They didn’t know that laxmi knew about the markesh dosh.

Jiya took out rishi’s horoscope from her purse and put it in front of everyone.

No one understand that from where did  they get  rishi’s horoscope…….how come they knew about rishi’s markesh dosh.

Everyone was silent as they didn’t know what to say. The thing they feared the most happened. Laxmi came to know about the truth behind the marriage .

Nakshu: what happened Auntyji , you are not saying anything . Till now you were singing great praises of rishi and his goodness now what happen………what did you say a while back ….. that rishi respect girls and he can never cheat anyone…….then tell us by hiding the truth of markesh dosh , your son married my sister …..what will you call it… his honesty or cheating.

Everyone’s eyes were down, it seemed that they had nothing left to say.

Laxmi went to rishi’s grand mother and says”  do you know the first time we met , after seeing you I remembered my grandmother. She was just like you. She always keep smiling like you. You always brought a smile on my face like her. Seeing your love  make me forget the absence of my grandma….. But that love was never true. You never consider me as your granddaughter.if you would have considered me as your granddaughter then you would have told me the truth. You would have stopped them from destroying my Life.”

Grandma feels bad for laxmi . She wants to hug laxmi but she knew that she can’t hug her because she had lost all her rights on laxmi.

Laxmi then moved towards devika and Ahana : “In this house I never feel alone just because  of you both . I always considered you both  same as bani and shalu. But how stupid I am who thought that you consider me  as your family. You pretended to like me, so that your guilt could be lessened .”

Ahana hold laxmi’s hand and said” no sister in law don’t say like this….I always considered you as my family…”

Laxmi shout ” no, don’t call me sister-in-law……..I am not your sister-in-law……If I would have been you’re sister-in-law then you would have told me about rishi and malishka’s affair.

Laxmi withdrew her hand and walk away.

“And you ayush ….you once told me to consider you as my Friend …..but freinds didn’t cheat each other….they don’t hide truth…..they don’t break trust…..you was never my friend ….you was always rishi’s brother.” Laxmi said….

Ayush feels bad for laxmi. But  he also knew that he is wrong.

“Mummy ji I had lost my mother long back but after coming in this house I have  never felt the absence of my mother, just because of you. You gave me all the respect that a daughter-in-law should get in a house. With this much respect and love, I felt like the luckiest girl in this world………But all that love and respect was fake. It was all a sham. You never consider me as your daughter-in-law. You did all these pretending just because you didn’t want me to know the truth. I was just a shield for you that could save your son. Not me for you only My horoscope was important. A mother-in-law is considered as second mother of a girl ….but you have proved that a Mother-in-law will always be a mother for his own son…she can never became mother of her daughter-in-law.”

Neelma had no explanation for the allegation leveled by laxmi.

Then laxmi looks at rishi and moves towards him. But without saying anything to him she goes to virendra.

Rishi get heartbroken after seeing laxmi’s ignorance. He always knew that laxmi would get angry with him after knowing the truth. But he never thought that instead of venting hr anger on him she would ignore him. He couldn’t understand that when he loves Malishka then why he is bothered with laxmi’s displeasure.

” Do you remember when we first met I told you looked like my father . You consider me as your daughter by placing your hand on my head. After coming in this house you never leave my side….you always stood by me. I was always thankful to you for because because of you I get such a lovjng family. I was always thankful to god for introducing you to me. …..but in reality he never introduced you to me…it was all your plan to trap me…….today I curse the day I met you for the first time.” Laxmi said while standing in front of virendra.

Virendra’s feel bad after hearing all this. He never wanted this truth to come in front of laxmi. But somewhere in his heart he knew that one day all this truth would definitely come in front of laxmi.he wanted to tell laxmi that he had sincerely considered laxmi as his daughter. His lover for her is unconditional. But he didn’t have the guts to tell laxmi all these things.

Laxmi : what did I do wrong with you people? Why you all made my life a joke.? What was my mistake. You all knew that rishi loves Malishka , yet you get him married to me. You all knew that he is having an affair with Malishka after that marriage….but still none of you did anything. And I like an idiot kept thinking that they both are friends. Why malishka why didn’t you stop this marriage.  Why just for saving your boyfriend’s life you spoil my life……..after all what was my mistake that I belong to a middle class family or  my horoscope  which can save rishi’s life. why did you all save me from balwinder ….when you all itself have to destroy my life ……..When I saved rishi from the fire, I thought that maybe god  saved me from dying that day for this good work. ….. today I wish god shouldn’t have saved me that day….I wish I would have died that day.”

Laxmi break down and start crying….. Malishka feel bad for laxmi. Even though she hate laxmi but still somewhere in her heart she knew that she did wrong with laxmi.

Rishi tries to handle laxmi but Jiya stopped him.

Nakshu handle laxmi and said” don’t say like this sister . It wasn’t  your fault. If anyone was at fault then it is these obroies.”

At the same time shalu came down from upstair . She has two bags in her hands. She put one bag in front of neelam.

Neelam:what is in this bag.

Rajeshwari: this bag contains all the jewellers and clothes you gave to laxmi.

Neelam: why did you put them in front of me.

Rajeshwari: because now laxmi will not stay here. She is going with us …and I don’t want my daughter to have anything given by you.

Neelma get shocked to hear this.

Neelam: laxmi is thes daughter-in-law of this house. How can she leave.

Nakshu: she was your daughter-in-law but now she is not. She has signed the divorce papers . Now ask your on to sign the papers and free my sister from this imprisoment.

Neelma: divorce can’t happen . I will not let this divorce happen. I knew we did wrong but we didn’t have any other option. I will give you whatever you want but just stop this divorce. Do you want money…..how much do you want tell me….I will give.

Virendra: what are you saying neelam

Neelam: no virendra, don’t stop me. I can’t let this divorce happen.

Nakshu smirk and says” : ok if you can give anything then give me your daughter devika for 3 months. My friends want to get married to an rich girl….he will divorce her after 3 Months.

Neelma gets angry and says” how dare you talk like this about my daughter. She is not a thing  whom I can give you for 3 months. Her life will get spoiled.

” Then how can you think that we will give you our sister. Even after knowing that your son wieoll leave him after one year. For you your daughter is important ….then what about my sister isn’t ahe a human being ….. isn’t her life important.

Rajeshwari stand up and says” now enough….rishi sign the papers and free my daughter…. otherwise….

Karishma ” : otherwise what. We may have lied to you people. But we also save your daughter from balwinder..we provide her a lavish life….which she can never get even in her dreams.after one year we will also give her enough money for living.”

Nakshu smirk towards jiya and said” it’s look like these people have too much money and power…..

Jiya smile towards Nakshu (because she understand that now is the time to give obroies there life’s biggest shock )

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