Special one in our life #based on true story# (season-1) episode-31

Vikram :- what the……. (In anger)

Rithika:- what’s wrong with him? I really don’t understand what’s his problem? This guy’s is really irritating sometime (while walking)

She reached to home

Her mom :- hey! Rithu…….

Without paying attention to her mom…….. She went into her room.

She threw her bag aside on bed, she kept her phone on table and sat on bed by holding her head. Her phone screen blinks with name ram………

Rithika had taken her to answer the call but she didn’t. She thought…….. Why should I want to answer, he left me at mall know he was calling me to say sorry? No!!!! This time I won’t forgive you. She didn’t attend the call.

She kept her mobile on table and went to take a shower.

After 20 minutes, she came back and checked her phone. She was shocked!!!! Because, Their are 50 text messages from Vikram and 25 missed calls. At the same way, many text messages from ram too. But, she ignored them. She switched her mobile off and she started her work.

Next day morning………

Everyone are waiting for rithika. Tanu called her but she was not answering her call. Tanu said, she is not even answering my call. She questioned them, what happened?

Ram and Vikram both were silent, no one had said anything. Tanu asked what’s wrong guys? At mean rithika came their and said, nothing Tanu! It’s just a small fight. Tanu asked, with whom? Rithika replied…….. Me, ram and Vikram. Tanu asked, but what happened? She replied very sarcastically…….. Vikram get angry on ram, due to his friend’s out burst, ram left me alone with Vikram. And this made me so angry on both of them. Harry said don’t say jokes. Tanu cut him off and said, yes!!!!! Vikram get angry on ram. It’s not gonna happen in this life. If you said, he get angry on you then definitely we believe you. Stop joking and tell us. Rithika replied, are you listening, what they have said? (Eyeing Vikram)

Rithika replied, nothing guys. We are just trying to play Frank with you. That’s it. Ram and Vikram tried to talk with her but she ignored them.

After some chit chat Tanu and Harry left from their.

Rithika also ready to leave but someone hold her wrist. Without seeing who was holding her. She said, Vikram leave my hand. He didn’t! She turned back and said, I told you to leave my hand. He leave her hand. Ram said, rithu! We are sorry for what happened yesterday. Vikram said, yes rithu! I am really sorry and I am regretting for what I had did. (Both were holding their ears and said) sorry!!!!! If you don’t accept our apology then……… Rithika asked, then what? (Anger) ram hold rithika and Vikram started tickling. Rithika said please!!!!!! Not now, stop it. (Smiling) Ram then talk with us, rithika said no! Ok then, it’s your wish. After few seconds, she said, ok !!!!!!

Precap :- it want to be our  secret, at any cost you won’t want to tell her.

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