Rise of the Dark Shade… (Kumkum Bhagya) Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Its not easy to conclude that what are you going to do and what it will result out… But the fact is you want to do so… you never think that you will walk on a wrong path, but situations leads you to those dark shady paths… but those who get one ray of light on those path, lights their whole life… but when those lights turn your bright life into the dark shady plots… then you have to choose between right and extreme right… but here the case is altered, I have to chose between wrong and very wrong, and the question arise in my mind is what will be that wrong and very wrong… what could be worst and very worst… I don’t know about that to be honest, but what all I know is I have to turn tables to my side, I am going to do what I shouldn’t and I am going to do what those Mehra’s haven’t imagined about me… a quote is famous in hindi naming “sam dam dand bhed” which means use what ever you want to use as a weapon but you have to win the fight… those years they used every possible weapon against me, whether it was of love, hatered or concerned every single weapon was so dangerous that it killed me 1000 times but their 1001 attack was so powerful that it killed me to the core…. Really those words were enough to end every sensation of mine for him even for them, (Flashback) “you are a bad omen to our house till the moment you entered our home nothing is happening good nothing is working in your favour loving you was my mistake just get the hell out of my sight and never turn back you are died for me now” (Flashback ends)… Really!! Now as per your wish Pragya Mehra is died and now Pragya won’t let you harm her life… you played well, now its my time to show my face that what can I do, what can a mother do or what can a lady do to take revenge… there is a similarity between a trader/businessman and a women… both never leave their task pending, a trader trades till the last stock and last profit and a woman lives 1000s of lives till her last revenge, let’s play a game now and replicate what you did with me… replicate every single moment which you have shown, you won’t have imagined every what is going to be happen… its just our meeting in the court today and you will see my first ever card….
A car was shown moving towards court and getting off from it Pragya, King and Kiara moved towards court room…. the court room drama started and looking himself losing, he kept the point in front of the judge that ” I and Pragya were married seven years ago and so I can prove that Kiara is my daughter…” Pragya smirked and when was called in the witness box she denied and said ” I was never married to Mr Abhishek Prem Mehra…”, “these photographs are the proof Mrs. Pragya you are lying” the lawyer mocked, ” Photos can be forged easily now a days Mr. Tripathi what’s a big deal in it!! it is possible that the technology has reached so far that it doesn’t takes time to forge a photograph and what is the proof that these photographs are about 7 to 8 years old…” Pragya mocked at Abhi’s lawyer Mr. Tripathi and no one was having answer, as it was a strong point to be kept infront of everyone those photographs were proven wrong and as the witness list wasn’t provided to the judge they were unable to call any witness for taking their side and as a result the court was adjurned for the next week…. Pragya smirked,
Outside the courtroom…
Abhi grabbed Pragya’s hand “why did you lied and why did you said that photos are forged, you made joke of our marrige…”, Pragya releasing herself replied “it was already a bad joke a bad prank which you people played with me, now when I have played it you are feeling bad huh!” Abhi grinned his teeth “its just matter of time, just wait and watch you will see how I will win, just one week and Kiara will be mine”, Pragya smirked and said ” Let’s see” Abhi left the place and she mumbled “not one week…. but it will be about months and months with the end in my favour”
“End in my favour.. that is something which I have planned upto my expectations… you will get an end in your favour but only that end which belongs to you… not the one which belongs to me… you have snatched too much from me, this time I won’t allow you to do so, keep in mind you will face every aspect of my life, and on this path my first target will be that person who crossed every limit for torture me… who snatched my happiness within a moment, who doesn’t left a chance to make me feel low, be ready to get the first shock of your life Mr. Abhishek Prem Mehra for the family of 8 members the count down starts now, All the best because you will never know who is the villan of this story Its my promise that I will change the story in the end….”

She has been shown looking out from the window of the car and Kiara is sleeping on her lap her eyes are filled with anger….

“har saans zeher har saans saza teri sazish thi mujhe ishq hua (every breathe is poisonous every breathe is a curse it was your conspiracy that  I fell in love) meri mannat wo mera sajda wo, wo dua meri mera sadka wo.. (he is the one whom I prayed for he is my offerings to god) tune mita di kyu wo lakeerein jinme ishq ki thi takdeerein (why did yoerased tthose lines from my hands which were having the destiny of love) ashq chhene mere tune junooon cheena mera tune khuda tu ho nahi sakta khuda chheena mera tune (you snatched my happiness you snatched my tears you snatched my craziness you cant be my god because you snatched my god from me)”

Plays in the background.

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  1. Reshma_Pradeep

    Interesting Dude! Pragya ki Character aise Dekhne mein Maza hi Kuch Aur Hei…Starts To Like It✌??

  2. Bhennnnn! Can I say I love this pragya???? Okayyy I do I do, itni strength, who could’ve imagined but you! I just loved this dialouge “there is a similarity between a trader/businessman and a women… both never leave their task pending,” and this stole the show! I love how you are portraying her character. This episode was more than amazing.

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