Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 86

Kritika gets severely injured in her body and losing strength to stand up.

“Kritika wake up” Preeta pats her face

She does not respond much holding her womb tightly. Dhruv gets tensed with both girls not answering phones. He calls Karan informing him everything.

Karan : what?

Dhruv : I should have told you yesterday about her behavior

Karan : don’t worry we will find them

The goons get call from their boss who tells them to leave the girls.

Rana : boss said we should change the location, take all those girls in tempo

Sheru : what about this two?

Rana : let them go, anyway they won’t be able to find our new location

The goons shifts the whole place to another part of city far. Preeta calls Karan

“Preeta where are you, I am calling you from last half hour” Karan scolds her

“Karan” she cries

Dhruv : what’s wrong

“Kritika” Preeta tells them everything

The boys gets shocked knowing everything and takes Kritika to hospital. All of them paces around tensed with her condition. Dhruv gets guilt stricken for not able to save his love in time of need badly.

Karan : Preeta how many times I have told you not to put yourself in some kind of trouble, if something had happened to you both

Preeta embraces him emotionally

Doctor checks Kritika carefully. She gets her test done and get reports in few hours.

Doctor : you are her husband right?

Dhruv : yes but please tell me she is okay

Doctor : she is out of danger but

Preeta : but? please tell us clearly

Doctor : in accident her uterus was badly injured, unfortunately I have to say she probably won’t be able to become mother

Last words blow their thinking

Preeta : what?

Doctor : maybe like 3 or 4 percent chance and there is very less treatment that can help her

Karan : thats not possible, I am sure there will be some way. Preeta say something

Preeta : doctor are you sure? I mean there could be some way, science have achieved lot research on everything

Doctor : but its different with every case, in Kritika’s case there are extremely less chances after injury on her uterus side

Dhruv loses his ability to face Kritika after the disaster. Just when both started to dream of blissful life, the chance was take away from them mercilessly.

Preeta : I am sorry Dhruv, it happened because of me you both had to suffer

Dhruv : why are you blaming yourself?

Karan : how will we tell this to everybody and my sister she will not be able to cope this

Dhruv : I can’t even face her

Karan : but only you have to handle her, she needs your support more than us (consoles him like elder brother caressing him)

Dhruv goes inside to find Kritika sitting like corpse after knowing worst truth of their life in small corner.

Dhruv (sits next to her) : you know yesterday when you said we should have our junior I felt our world will be complete

Kritka starts feeling more guilty with his words

Dhruv : but I forgot if everything was in our hands then people would have changed fate

“Dhruv, why did this happen, we never did wrong with others, I shattered all your dreams” Krtiika breakdown in his arms

Dhruv : hey look here (cups her face) my world is only your precious smile, I need your support

Kritika : will our life always be incomplete? (Asks him like small child)

Dhruv does not have answer to her question

Kritika : we will never hear that small noise of our child, his crying, naughtiness (gets emotional)

Dhruv : listen to me (hold her face tightly) you will not become weak at any cost, we have to stand like pillar in this darkness (kisses her forehead tearfully)

Karan asks Preeta about the people

Preeta : I don’t know who were they, I never saw them before its no use they changed their place and nobody knows where, think about those girls who are begging for death everyday

Karan : right now lets not talk about this, Kritika needs rest and we will tell mom when they come

Preeta : okay, come lets go home

Dhruv : I will fill the formalities at reception and go home

The four of them heads back to home

Dhruv : you both can go rest and you would be mother I hope you know baby inside can also be hungry too

Karan goes to Kritika who becomes gloomy

“Hey sister, look here, whoever did this I won’t spare any of them promise” Karan hugs her

Kritika : bhai (sobs loudly)

“You are my strong sister right, we are together

no matter what and till your brother is alive my sister will never face anything wrong” Karan wipes her tears

The girls leave for room when Shrishti Sameer enters with usual argument

Sameer : next time I will go alone

“Even I don’t want to go with this shorty, its question of my image” Shrishti scolds him

Sameer : aha your image? please thats because of me, tall pole

Shrishti : di explain him don’t mess with me or else I will

Sameer : you what?

Everybody looks on silently

Shrishti ; why are you all tensed? (sees injury on Kritika’s head) whats that wound

Dhruv : nothing you know how careless she is, always in hurry for something

Shrishti : okay look what I got, toys clothes for both our niece and nephews, we don’t know gender so

Sameer : so madam shopped the whole store

Shrishti : listen shorty I am much smarter than you okay, mark my words none of this things will go in waste, who knows next will be our Kritka’s turn right friend

Everybody looks at her

Kritika’s wound get reopen again seeing everything and runs away

Sameer : what happened bhai

Dhruv : don’t worry, she is just tired you all continue (leaves)

Sameer : bhai is everything okay

Karan and Preeta looks at each other sadly

Kritika locks herself in washroom leaning against the door.

Dhruv : Kritika open the door please (knocks gently on door)

Kritika ; please leave me alone (sits on her knees together)

“Okay you don’t want to open I won’t force you” Dhruv sits outside leaning on door

Kritika keeps sobbing

Dhruv : do you know when mom left I complaint to god everyday why I have no mom with me, all my friends had parents, family I had nothing just a hope that maybe one day life will give me what I lost

Kritika listens to him finding herself lucky in whole universe to find gem

Dhruv : and having child does not mean just your blood, relation are made by heart, remember how Nandini aunty raised Tanya like her own daughter, she gave everything a mother would give to her child, today Tanya is at this success only due to them

Kritika recalls Tanya and Nandini’s unshakable bonding like real parent child.

Dhruv : god is testing our belief we don’t have to lose this, our life will also be completed, god will give us chance to become somebody’s parens you see

Kritika comes out but to soothe the pain inside him seeing her condition

“I am sorry Dhruv, after today I won’t cry promise” Kritika holds his face

Dhruv sheds his amount of tears too. The siblings come to share their hug.

“Dhruv, kritu you both are so mean seriously, sharing pain within each other, we are all each others life “ Shrishti scolds them

Dhruv : thats your friend not me

Preeta : share some emotions with us too (opens her arm for Kritika)

All the sibling including Rishab Tanya who joins them too have group hug together first time.

Karan : so guys get ready we are going to Luthra house

Rishab : what?

Preeta : did you also lost your senses?

Tanya : exactly

Karan : bhai you make them understand

The boys made plan to cheer up Kritika and have movie day at Luthra house

Tanya : but why can’t we have it here? I have everything in my house

Sameer ; but they don’t work like your brain (reminisce how he and Karan cut the wire for DVD before)

Tanya ; oh god not again

Duo very hesitantly agrees to go at Luthra house for movie day.

All of them comes to Luthra house. Rishab feels very emotional to come back home.

Shrishti : wait whats the hurry (makes Tanya and Rishab stands at doorstep)

Tanya : what is it?

Preeta : patience bride, (gets the tray of aarti to welcome them)

The sibling does the ritual of grahpravesh again for the couple.

Shrishti : Ms bridal, now hit this urn and put your feet in this red water

Tanya gets worried for Rakhi’s arrival while walking inside.

Preeta : so my job is done

Karan  : what do you mean?

“That means brother that today you all will cook for us” Kritika tells him

Dhruv : did you really lose memory in accident

Kritika : I have not Mr husband but I can make you lose one

Dhruv : no thank you

Sameer : one second first tell us what is going on here

Shrishti : plan is before movie you boys will make food, how about American chopsuey

Tanya : my mouth is already getting water

Karan : and what will we get in return

“This” Preeta shows him bottle of drink

Rishab : I didn’t expect this from you girls like really no drinks

Sameer : please bhai only for today

Kritika : give them permission bhai, this is last day for them to get this thing

Dhruv : we are not fond of such things okay you can take them back

Shrishti : I am feeling very hungry please

Karan : at least give us recipe help with everything

The boys goes in the kitchen followed by their beloved. Preeta instructs Karan to boil the noodles in bowl. Kritika share cute eye lock with Dhruv while cutting vegetables. Sameer sheds tear chopping onions. Shrishti blows his eyes

“Rishab look what is going on here, the love birds are enjoying their scene” Tanya tells him

Rishab : and you are teasing them

Tanya : I have not started yet should I

Rishab : please save this for later


Payal sees Sahil doing rehearsal in the music room for his next show.

Payal : hey rockstar (comes to him)

Sahil : oh hi

“You know I saw your rock concert yesterday, it was amazing “ Payal praises his talent

Sahil : thank you

Payal : you are most popular among girls here and now in whole country, you didn’t find somebody yet

Sahil (recalls his Roo) : of course there is but you know dreams have no name

Payal : would you be my friend? mostly people don’t refuse me but you are very special one

Sahil shakes hands with her

Payal : so friend, how about coffee?

Sahil : actually I have to go somewhere, maybe next time promise

Payal : be careful I am very particular about promises, you owe this day to me

Sahil ; yea sure why not, bye (leaves quickly)

Payal gets super impressed with his attitude

Ruchika gets angry on Sahll for agreeing to the offer of Payal for coffee

Roo : its not even few days you gave me ring and now going on date with that idiot

Sahil : please listen to me, now she asked me by herself how can I say no

Roo : oh yes I forgot you are superhero, and getting golden chance why would you say no (stamps on his feet angrily)

Sahil : seriously you are giving tough competition to your brothers for this jealousy game not bad

Roo : shut up, and don’t talk to me

“Wait where are you going? you seriously thought I would go to coffee with that spoiled brat leaving my gorgeous girlfriend” Sahil holds her through waist

Roo : really? how sweet but still remember next time if that mice wander around you I will strangle her (tells funnily)

Sahil : okay now come I will drop you

A guy watches them from car playing with the phone.

Luthra house 

The siblings gets ready to watch movie in hall together setting up food.

Dhruv : which movie we are watching

“Madhuri, Salman, Sharukh,” all of them says together with different names

Rishab : in that case it will take two days

Sameer ; no no we will watch my fav Katrina

“Katrina my foot, your heroine is in front of you and you are thinking of that foreigner” Shrishti gets annoyed

Tanya ; my fav Hritik Roshan, he is so handsome

Karan : hello, you girls are so shameless, your husbands are standing here have some shame

Preeta : look who is talking

Dhruv : our day will pass in thinking about this lets make a cheat and whichever comes in hand we will watch of that actor deal

Rishab : perfect idea but who will be judge

Kritika : me of course or Rishab bhai none of you okay

Karan : aha me and Rishab (mimics her), you are always losing I am lucky charm

Preeta : but we will become unlucky today if you pick the paper no chance

Sameer : Dhruv give some other idea

Dhruv : do I look like inquiry officer, you all use your brains too and hey wrestler why are you standing quiet your brain is the one working in such situation

Tanya ; what do you mean by that? at least think before saying anything

Kritika : she is right, but you know what the baby inside will also say same that my mom is one antique object of this world and only my dad can handle her

Tanya : I don’t want to watch any movie, I am going back bye

Everybody stops them. Kritika picks up the sheet from bowl for movie.

Preeta : yes my fav Salman movie, maine pyar kiya come on guys

Karan ; ever since this marriage happened, my nights are ruined, I got sleepless days

All the siblings starts movie and enjoy the time. The watchman tells Karan about elder’s coming inside house.

“Mom dad are coming” Karan says casually

Nobody pays attention initially but realizes about the blunder.

Dhruv : oh my god, put this drink inside or else we will get permanent exit today

The gang hides inside the kitchen but one bottle remains under sofa. Tanya and Preeta are left behind when siblings tell them to handle parents and situation.

Tanya ; this people are so mean, now wait and watch the fun

Preeta : what are you planning to do

Rakhi, Mahesh and Dadi enters the room but are quite shocked to see Tanya there.

Rakhi : you?

Tanya : i am so sorry aunty I didn’t mean to come without your permission

Rakhi : where is everybody

Preeta : see na mom they all left and said we will not go with them

Rishab : Karan I told you not to mess up now see the consequence, mom will feel so bad when Tanya is here

Shrishti : no Rishabji, this was shorty’s idea of enjoying movie here thats why you cut that wire in her house right

Sameer : great now you are tampering whole bill on my name, you and your jiju are root cause of all this

Kritika : can you all stop fighting? how will we escape from here and this girls will definitely trap us all

Sahil comes inside with Ruchika to meet Preeta and Tanya

Rakhi pretends to get angry on Tanya

“Aunty I know I hurt you a lot but trust me I always saw a mother in you, never in my dreams I could think of separating you from Rishab “ Tanya holds her hands

Mahesh and Dadi does not say anything

Rakhi ; fine on one condition

Tanya : just say

“Dear, I will hold this grandson first in my hand and after I want one from you and Rishab, at least you can do that from me” Rakhi opens her arm for her finally and embracing her as daughter

Tanya ; promise aunty

Rakhi : silly girl, don’t say aunty, call me mom

Tanya : sorry mom (hugs her) and yes you will hold your grandson first even before Rishab

Rakhi : then get ready to bear your mom’s every order, with Preeta you will be under my observation, your freedom days are over

Tanya : i would rather be under your shadow than being alone

Mahesh : where are my useless and fool sons

Preeta : see na papa, they all went for party and we said no too

Karan : I won’t spare this kareli, she will pay for this lie now

“I will also watch movie” Roo comes inside

The gang rubs their head for another storm

Rakhi : movie?

“Yes mom, bhai and everybody planned to party here and watch movie, bhabhi did you already finished movie” Roo asks her

Kritka : this girl is always our enemy

Tanya smirks


Tanya text Roo to play along with her and blame all the siblings for partying alone.

Flashback ends

Roo intentionally plays with small bottle of drink with her leg. Rakhi smells the alcohol bottle

Mahesh : let them come, you have spoiled them a lot

Tanya gives Preeta rubber cockroach to leave outside the kitchen. She intentionally puts near the kitchen counter but is not noticed by others.

Shrishti sees the cockroach on floor and starts screaming.

“Cockroach” Kritika shouts with all boys

The elders finds them creating ruckus in kitchen


Roo gets blackmailed by Saurav

Rishab and Karan leaves for their matches outside country.

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  1. Awesome
    Loved it?
    Kritika’s loss??….poor her…just when she dreamt of having junior her or dhruv she got the biggest shock of her life
    Siblings fun??
    Finally Rakhi accepted and forgave Tanya??
    Tanya and preeta putting all blame on rest??
    Roo igniting the fire more??
    Precap; so saurav started to play his game
    Excited for rishab and karan’s matches
    Post ASAP dear
    Love u loads❤❤
    Stay blessed???

    1. Ashini Patel

      Thank you dear
      Comical time is over
      Time for some intense and action

  2. Kritika???
    I hope the siblings save the girls soon..
    RivIka ne toh aaj dil jeet liya .❤
    Dhriv is so understanding and sweet!
    Cooking scene was cute??
    Jealous Roo!
    Sahil calling Payal spoilt brat! She deserves this .
    Movie fight??
    Rakhi accepted Tanya back . Yippee! By the way who told Rakhi that it’s a boy !
    The siblings left Preeta and Tanya in problem!
    Plan backfired ! Our smarties Tanya , partner in crime -Roo and supporter Preeta!?
    Saurav!!!?? . RuHil band bajado!
    B-bye RishRan !!!
    I commented early comprising my beautiful sleep . I deserve praises for this Ashi di .
    Keep smiling ??

  3. Ashini Patel

    Yes dear you deserve million praises for compromising your sleep
    Rakhi part was an error it was supposed to be grandchild.
    Tanya will have baby girl
    Ruhil ki band bajegi not bajado lol

    1. Thankyou for the praises !
      Wow Junior Tanya!
      What! RuHil ki band bajegi! Par uske baad vo bhi toh band bajayenge . Tabhi toh happy ending hogi .
      And yes update soon…

  4. Despacito

    awesome epi di

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