RIANSH: WILL THEY FALL IN LOVE? (A beautiful journey) Episode 71

Hi guys, 

Sorry guys, I know that it was a very long break. I don’t know whether even you guys remember me and my ff. Please, forgive me for such a long break. I don’t know whether you guys will support me. But, I still hope.. Please, do keep supporting me. Hereafter, I’ll be posting my episodes regularly.. I hope you all remember the last episode in which riddhima’s car break fails and somehow vansh and angre saved her.

Episode begins with.. 

SHWETHA: Riddhima, I have a doubt. Why the client meeting is fixed suddenly.. 

RIDDHIMA: Even, I don’t have any idea.. Let’s see.. 

Riddhima, vansh and shwetha enters the conference room.. All the clients were there.. As soon as everyone sees riddhima they all begins to question her regarding the income tax ride at the office.. Riddhima and vansh gets shocked. 

CLIENT: We don’t want want to face any loses because of your problems. Whatever you are facing is your own personal. But, why should we pay for the loses. We don’t want to spoil our reputation.. 

RIDDHIMA: Sir, I know but all these rides are common. There is nothing wrong to worry.. And one more thing nothing wrong happened here. Even I know how to maintain professional and personal problems. So, it’s better that we don’t talk about all these things here.. 

CLIENT: Fine, we don’t have any interest to interfere in your personal problems. Let’s talk professionally.. What about our projects? We don’t have anymore trust on you. All the mishaps that happened made us to came to a conclusion that you can’t complete it. We don’t want to face any loss because of you. Already many left.. It’s just us remaining. We accepted the deal because we had trust on you. We all know that how riddhima handles her business.. But, may be you lost all your luck.. 

Riddhima gets angry.. 

RIDDHIMA: I never believed in all these luck and lottery.. I just trust me and my hardwork.. And I can assure you even now that I will succeed in this project.. Whatever might happen, I can handle all that. I just need time. It’s just one week left. You’ll get your results within a week. I even know why you all came here. I can assure you that you won’t face any loses because of me. 

Vansh hears everything.. The clients and riddhima were continuously arguing.. 

VANSH: (thinking) So, virat this was your play.. 

Vansh gets angry and shouts to stop.. 

VANSH: Being the legal partner of riddhima enterprise, I have decided to end this matter within two days.. I hope that you all haven’t forgot about our deal papers in which you have signed.. According to it any important decisions or informations regarding the project should be informed prior two days. And since, you all have informed your decision now, we have two days left to consider your decision. And I have decided to complete this project within this two days. 

Riddhima gets shocked hearing vansh’s words.. 

CLIENT: Impossible.. How can you complete it within two days? 

VANSH:That’s our problem.. You have informed your decision and we have informed ours.  Now, let’s see what happens.. If we complete our project then, I hope there won’t be any problem for you. 

CLIENT: Of course, we don’t have any problem. But, if you fail to complete then, we can’t help you.. 

VANSH: Fine. Now, you all may leave.. 

All the clients leaves the conference room.. Shwetha too leaves. Vansh looks at riddhima.. Just then, riddhima receives a call. She attends it.. 

RIDDHIMA: Fine.. Thank you sir.. 

She cuts the call and gets upset.. 

Vansh notices it and leaves without saying anything.. Riddhima sees vansh leaving. She goes behind him. Vansh comes out of the office. Riddhima stops him.. 

RIDDHIMA: What happened to you? Why did you say all that? 

VANSH: What did I say? 

RIDDHIMA: How can we complete the project in two days? 

VANSH: Is that impossible? 

RIDDHIMA: Of course.. 

VANSH: Then don’t do it.. 

RIDDHIMA: Have you gone mad? If we lose this, then my effort will become useless.. 

VANSH: Then, do something so that you can make your effort into success.. 

RIDDHIMA: First, answer my question straightly? 

VANSH: I think I have been doing that since 5 minutes.. 

RIDDHIMA: Are you angry? 

VANSH: With whom? 


VANSH: Who am I to show my anger on you? What right do I have? 

Saying so, he leaves before she could speak anything further.. 

He leaves in his car.. Riddhima sees him leaving.. 

VANSH: (thinking) Sorry riddhima.. I wanted to be your strength. But, day by day I think I’m becoming your weakness. This weakness should not destroy you. I won’t allow that. I know what you will do now..

Riddhima thinks of vansh’s words and leaves immediately in her car.. 

She comes to the house. Sejal sees her and comes running to her. She hugs her.. 

RIDDHIMA: Don’t worry.. I’m fine.. 

SEJAL: Are you mad? What happened to you? 

Just then, angre too comes there.

ANGRE: Riddhima.. 

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, not now.. Where is that donkey? 

ANGRE: Which donkey are you speaking about? 

SEJAL: Bhai, she is asking about vansh bhai.. 

ANGRE: Riddhima.. 

RIDDHIMA: Please, don’t lecture me.. Don’t support that idiot.. I won’t leave that Buffalo today.. 

ANGRE: Why this much anger? 

Vansh who was hiding in his room hears all this.. 

RIDDHIMA: That monkey should be in his room.. I won’t spare him today. What is he thinking about him? 

Riddhima goes towards her room.. 

ANGRE: Sejal, what’s happening here? 

SEJAL: Bhai, I think you are hearing all this after a long time. But, I’m used to this.. Now just come and watch their cat and mouse game.. 

Sejal and Angre follows riddhima.. Vansh who sees riddhima coming towards the room acts like speaking over his mobile phone. 

Meanwhile virat sees riddhima coming up. He comes in front of her.. 

VIRAT: What happened? Why do you seem to be worried? 

He laughs.. 

Vansh hears virat’s talk.. 

RIDDHIMA: Don’t say anything.. Just move aside.. 

VIRAT: I won’t.. 

VANSH: (thinking) Bad time started for virat.. 

RIDDHIMA: This is my last warning for you.. Move that side.. 

VIRAT: Okay, request me.. I’ll move.. 

Just then, angre and sejal comes there.. 

RIDDHIMA: Idiot, why should I request you? What do you think of yourself? 

ANGRE: Riddh.. 

SEJAL: Bhai, please don’t stop her this time.. Only riddhima can teach a good lesson to this virat. Better, don’t stop her.. 

ANGRE: Okay.. 

VIRAT: I won’t move until you ask sorry to me.. 

VANSH: (thinking) Bad time at the peak.. 

RIDDHIMA: I know how to make you move.. 

Riddhima stamps on his foot. Virat shouts in pain and takes his leg. Riddhima goes.. Angre and sejal follows her. 

VIRAT: How dare she? Let’s see who wins.. 

He hops and goes behind riddhima.. Riddhima sees vansh with his mobile. Virat comes and holds riddhima’s hand.. 

Angre was about to react but vansh asks him to be silent through his actions.

RIDDHIMA: Idiot, how dare you to hold my hand? I know how to handle stupids like you. 

He twists his hands and bites him.. 

RIDDHIMA: Before I take half kg flesh from your body, run away from here.. 

VIRAT: I won’t spare you for this..

RIDDHIMA: Better, go and think any other nice idea and come. Get lost.. 

Vansh controls his laugh.. 

Angre and sejal laughs.. 

RIDDHIMA: Now, should I say specially for you both.. Leave from here.. 

Angre and sejal looks at each other and leaves. 

Vansh still acts like speaking.. 

Riddhima snatches the mobile and throws it.. 

RIDDHIMA: What do you think of yourself? 

VANSH: What’s your problem? 


VANSH: Okay, then I’ll leave.. 

Vansh was about to leave.. Riddhima closes the door and stops him.. 

RIDDHIMA: Enough of all your nonsense.. I can’t tolerate it anymore. Actually, because of you I got stuck in a big problem.. 

Vansh raises his eyebrows and looks at her.. 

RIDDHIMA: Okay, it was my mistake.. But, without even asking anything to me why did you say that in the meeting.. 

VANSH: What’s your problem in this two days matter.. 

RIDDHIMA: Idiot, shwetha’s flight ticket is also booked after two days. The same day when we have to submit the project. We have to make all the necessary arrangements for that.. 

Vansh gets shocked.. 

RIDDHIMA: Now, what’s the use of this shocking reaction? Monkey, now what will I do? And this virat and varun are the biggest idiots in this world.. You three donkeys are taking my life.. She shouts at him and goes.. 

Vansh hears all that and stays silent.. 

Just as riddhima leaves, sejal and angre comes there.. 

ANGRE: Vansh, why is she shouting like a atom bomb.. 

VANSH: Your sister is always like that. (He tells everything about the meeting and shwetha’s ticket) 

ANGRE: Vansh, what will you do now? 

VANSH: It’s very easy to handle her. I’ll take care of that. You don’t worry. I will solve all this problem within two days.. 

ANGRE: Vansh, when you care for her this much, why are you making her angry? 

RIDDHIMA: Instead of becoming an emotional fool, let her stay like this.. This is only safe for her. I don’t want her to become dumb. Don’t worry about her. I won’t be with her, but I will always be there for her. 

Saying so, he smiles and goes.. 

SEJAL: Bhai, I think vansh bhai loves riddhima.. 

ANGRE: Not only him.. I’m sure that riddhima also loves him.. 

SEJAL: How are you so sure bhai? 

ANGRE: I saw that in riddhima’s eyes today. Today I saw that fear of losing vansh in her eyes. The way she hugged me and the moment she saw vansh safe. I’m sure they both love each other.. 

SEJAL: But, when will these two realise this? 

ANGRE: Soon that will happen.. 

Let’s go.. 

PRECAP: Vansh and riddhima works together to complete the project.. 

Guys, I don’t know how many of you will read this episode. I hope that you all will support me.. Please do comment your views and also do share your suggestions if you have any.. 


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