Nima Denzongpa 10th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Suresh saves Nima and her daughters’ lives

Nima Denzongpa 10th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The goon points a gun at Nima. Mania sits on her knees and says please forgive us. She pushes him and tries to take his gun but the goons catch them. They tie them to the pillars. The blackmailer says let’s release the video, we didn’t get our money so let’s do it and then we will kill them. Suresh comes there and says stop. I am their father, I have brought the money so just delete the video. The goon checks the video. Nima is stunned to see him there. Suresh says just delete the video and let us go now. The blackmailer says our boss said to kill them. Suresh says what? We have already given you the money. The other goon says we got the money so let’s just leave. The goon gives the USB to Suresh and says you have trust us that we don’t have anything else. The goon says we won’t release the video, we just need the money. We will be leaving now so wait till you hear the horn. They start leaving from there. Suresh frees Nima and the daughters. They all hug each other. Nima says how did you come here with money? Sia says he was arranging the money while you all were planning. Suresh says I couldn’t see you all worried, I did it for my daughter. Mania hugs him and says thank you for saving our lives. Suresh says it was my duty. Mania says I hope this ends here. Suresh says I am here with you all. Sia and Mania hug him. Nari looks on. Nima smiles at them. Sia says God sent you here. Nari says sorry baba, I never trusted you before. Suresh says I should be sorry for many things also. Nari hugs him and cries. They all smile. The horn plays. Mania says we can leave now. Nima says let Nari stay with Suresh for sometime.

Tulika gets her father’s call and says our plan worked. Suresh has given away the house and we even scared Nima and her daughters. We should delete the video now as it can destroy our respect. He says we have already deleted the video. Tulika says nobody should know we were behind all this. She ends the call and turns to see Sunita standing there. Sunita asks what were you talking about? Tulika says nothing. Sunita asks where is Sureh? She says I don’t know.

Nima and her daughters come out of the den. Nima asks her to daughters to go as she has to talk to Suresh. They all leave. Nima tells Suresh thank you and says you should have talked to me. Suresh says you wouldn’t have taken my help. Nima says I always did everything alone so I started thinking that I can’t ask for help but you are their father so you have a right to know about all this. I did a mistake by not sharing all this with you. Thank you so much for not listening to me. She cries so Suresh hugs her and says don’t worry. The daughters come back. Mania says they have deleted the videos from everyone’s phones, they fulfilled their promise.

Scene 2
Suresh comes back home. Tulika asks if he gave the money? What about the house?

Kanchan is leaving the house. Shiv stops her and says let’s go back home. Kanchan says you wanted this right? Shiv says you are my wife, I have nothing with Sia. Let’s talk and clear the misunderstanding. Kanchan says you have to promise to stay away from Sia. Shiv says I have chosen you already so I will stay away from Sia. She hugs him.

Tulika asks Suresh about the money. He asks her to go inside. She leaves. Suresh talks to Nima and says we can stay like a family, if there is a problem then share it with me, you are not alone. Nima says when I am in need then I will take your help, I promise you. She leaves from there.

In the morning, Mania comes to Suman’s house. She sees it all decorated and says there must be a function going on. The servant tells her that it’s their son’s wedding. Mania goes to the mandir and prays for Paras and her love. The wedding mehndi mistakenly gets on her hands. Maaji calls her and says who are you? Mania says Nima is my Ayi, I came to give her the phone. Maaji says she is in the kitchen. Mania starts leaving but Dinesh comes there, he asks who is she? Maaji says it’s Nima’s daughter. Dinesh doesn’t see her face and leaves.

Suresh thinks I have to arrange the money and get this house back from debt. Sunita comes there and asks what is he thinking? Suresh says nothing. He asks about Tulika. She says she went to get veggies but it’s taking her too much time. Suresh looks on.

Mitali’s family meets Dinesh’s family. Mitali’s father asks if Paras will accept this wedding when he doesn’t know about it? Maaji says we wanted to surprise him, he will be happy with the wedding. Nima brings refreshments. Suman says she is like a family member. Maaji asksk Suman to be careful as she is our servant. Mania is leaving and hears that. She is hurt.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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