Riansh (the saga of truth unfolds) #episode 72

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Lets start..

Scene 1

Riddhima (still dancing )- What !! How is it possible..vansh who told you..

Flashback starts

Shwetlana takes vansh to room and locks the door

Vansh – What the hell are you doing..

Shwetlana – Shhh!! Don’t shout..i have to tell you something important

Vansh – What!!

Shwetlana – I know you are here for rescuing anaisha..

Vansh (rolling his eyes) – What’s new in this ..i know for what i am here..

Shwetlana – She is not in basement now..

Vansh (flabbergasted) – What!!

Shwetlana – Yes!! Vikram shifted her..

Vansh – And why will i believe you..

Shwetlana – Do you have any other option..

Vansh (huffing) – Fine!! Then where is she..

Shwetlana – I don’t know..vikram ji didn’t tell me..but if u want i can help

Vansh – And what you will get in return..

Shwetlana – atonment …i will repent my mistake..of killing an unborn child in his mother’s womb..

Vansh – Why are you helping us..

Shwetlana (tears) – Aryan was like my baby only..he was 15 years old when i got married to vikram ji..i took care of him like my own child..

When he died i was 3 months pregnant and suffering from complications already..

I went in shock and had miscarriage..

Vikram ji got enraged and decided to avenge our child’s death…

I was in love with him madly..so i helped him..

He told me that you killed aryan because of riddhima..he was innocent but you killed him..

Vansh (shouting) – that bastard rapped my riddhima and tried to molest my sister ishani..still you think that he was innocent..

Shwetlana (shocked) – What!!! How is it possible.. vikram ji told me that he was innocent..

I was fool to believe him..i gave my everything to him but..he only used me..

Vansh – I can’t forgive you for what you did with ishani but..if you really want to repent then help me to get anaisha..

Shwetlana (weeping her tears) – I will..i will help you.. I can’t let suffer another mother because of him..

Vansh (giving her a bluetooth) – go and tell vikram to take you to anaisha..

Once you reach her location connect me to this..

Shwetlana – If he will get to know i did this..he will kill me..

Vansh – your safety is my responsibility..

Shwetlana – Death is much more better than being with that kind of devil..

I am going..you will soon get your daughter..i promise..

Flashback ends

Vansh – ishani rehan..get back to angre fast..

I am going to party again..

He disconnects the telecom and left with tarini..

Scene 2

Ishani and rehan comes to angre..

Angre notices ishani is standing numb holding her stomach

Angre – What happened jaan..

Ishani – I would have kill that woman if it’s not about aanu..

He killed our baby angre..😭

Angre hugs her and console..

Scene 3

At party..

Vikram is half inebriated now..he is drinking continuously..

Tarini drags him to center and started dancing around him seductively..

Mohabbat ka dassta tumhe naag hai kya
Tumhare bhi dil mein lagi aag hai kya

Mere liye kya
Tadapte ho tum bhi
Main betaab jaise
Tumhare liye hoon…

Laila main Laila, aisi hoon Laila
Har koi chaahe mujhse milna akela

She removes his cell phone from his pocket and passes to riddhima..

Riddhima goes to shwetlana dancing and hand over the phone to her..

Shwetlana left from their smirking at vansh..

She goes to a corner and call vikram’s secretary

Shwetlana – hello mishra!! Vikram ji asked me to check over that baby girl..

Take me to her right now..

Mishra – sorry mam..but i have to ask him first..

I will get back to you once he will tell me himself..

He hang the call without waiting for ber reply..

Her pov

Damn!! What will i do..now..

He will ask vikram ji..and i will get caught..

No no.. think shwetlana..think.. something…

I have to save that baby at any cost..

Scene 4

Shwetlana is standing with mishra at the door of a secluded room in backside of palace..

Mishra – She is inside..once you are done call me again..

He turn to leave but shwetlana hits him on his head and he collapsed on the foor being unconscious…

She smirks..

Flashback start..

After hanging the call of mishra.. she again called him..

Shwetlana – I am giving this phone to your boss in 2 minutes..

Then he will tell you himself to take me to that baby..

She hang the call and rushes to vansh..

Whispering something to vansh..he moves to vikram holding the call of mishra..

Vikram is dancing in center with tarini drinking on loud music

Vansh (in his ears) – Your secretary is asking you if you gave the permission to let the diamonds come today..

Vikram in inebriated state takes phone from his hand and told mishra that..

Vikram (without listening to him) – Yes!! I gave the permission.. don’t call me again..

Flashback ends..

Shwetlana goes to anaisha who is sobbing

Shwetlana ( taking her in lap) – baby!! Don’t cry i will take you to your mom..

Anaisha (crying) – plz take me from here..aunty..

I want to go to mumma!!

Shwetlana picks her in her arms and turns to leave but left flabbergasted

Shwetlana (shocked) – Youuuuuu!!!!

Done done dana done βœ…..

Precap : Tarini’s real identity..

So..how was the chappy..

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