Beats Connection ft. #Riansh ~Tere Naal~ By Aayu!


No on remember me? seems so…koi nahi I remember you all….


~Different from the story line~




A girl in her mid-twenties walking aimlessly with no expressions..


She was disturbed…


Her eyes were telling the pain she is having..


And expression were telling the truth the pain behind the mask.


Saans Leti Hu Toh Tera Hi

Ehsaas Hota Hai, Ehsaas Hota Hai


‘Hey Riddhima stop!’


A voice stopped her for a while but she start moving again..




Someone running to catch her…


She started moving more Faster..


But atlast she was caught!


‘Riddhima you are caught,now Stop ignoring me for God sake’


Door Hoke Bhi Har Lamha

Tu Mere Paas Hota Hai

Mere Paas Hota Hai


‘Don’t you understand English?’


‘I said na it’s over’ she said with painful voice


When? He said smiling


Listening ‘his’ voice she smiled and those tears which were trying to escape from cage started to flow…


Turning her face another side she said.


Tere Bin Ik Din Na Guzre

Kaise Beetenge Na Jaane Ye Saal

Hai Dil Ka Yeh Haal


Were you deaf when I said? She said with hope that he will said something that she wanted to listen.


‘Ummm….i think so because you were saying completely wrong thing’…he said again with a bright smile on his face…


She knew she knew this man very well! His answers,his expressions,his reaction everything has only one outcome ‘positive response’


Tere Naal Jeena Mainu Tere Naal

Marna Mainu Tere Naal Tere Naal

Tere Naal Jeena Mainu Tere Naal

Marna Mainu Tere Naal Tere Naal


‘See you said It’s over but I being less educated,less intelligent didn’t understand what you mean’


She knew his trick she knew that why he want me to repeat as he knew I will not able to say it again and in clear words no at all I’ love him’


Aayi Hu Jiske Liye Main

Duniya Saari Chhod Ke

Ik Pyar Hi Toh Hai


‘You said anything’


No na….I knew he said passing his handkerchief…


Baadalon Ko Aasman Se

Jodti Jo Dor Hai

Ik Pyaar Hi Toh Hai


She couldn’t control the tears now…


She clutched his shirt and hugged him tightly…


She was crying bitterly Cursing her faith she somewhere hurted him she knew he will not react but he is hurt…


Dhoop Chaao Baarishon Mein

Rab Se Ki Jo Sifarishon Mein

Khayal Hai Tera Hi Khayaal


‘Will you tell me now what happened that you what to end this deal of ours!?’


Deal? She looked him with questioning look….


Tere Naal Jeena Mainu Tere Naal

Marna Mainu Tere Naal Tere Naal

Tere Naal Jeena Mainu Tere Naal

Marna Mainu Tere Naal Tere Naal


‘Aree My wife is so cute you forgot the deal we did before our marriage?


Lemme remind you!!


~Tere Naal Jeena Mainu Tere Naal

Marna Mainu Tere Naal Tere Naal~’




The End~




Just a raw one…………….



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