Riansh (the saga of truth unfolds) #episode 54

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I thought to make this epi emotional but then i thought in the serial riddhu is trying hard to pacify vanshu and track is bit emotional so i m giving u this funny epi hope u liked it

Epi startsΒ  here

Scene 1

At night

Vansh is sitting in garden on bench closing his eyes

Vansh’s POV

I WON’T. Lie staying away from u is killing me from inside but i can’t forget what u did..

When i give u love u bear it now i am giving u punishment you have to bear this also sweetheart

Pov ends

Vansh (closed eyes) – Why are u here riddhima i don’t want to talk to u..

Riddhima is smiling sitting on bench beside him

Riddhima (innocent ) – Oh!! you are also here..

Sry Mr.hubby i didn’t see you

Vansh open his eyes in anger

Vansh(angry) – Stop following me riddhima😬

Riddhima (chuckles) -dont give this much importance to urself i came here for fresh air..not for u

Vansh (angry) – Just leave

Riddhima – Why will i go..this is my house also i can go wherever i want if u have prblm with me u can go

Vansh (angry) – Fine i will go..😏

Riddhima (smiling) – Ok go!! Good night hubby😊

Vansh’s POv

What the hell i thought she will stop me..

What are u upto now riddhima

Anyways i have to go now i can’t fall weak in front Of her i am VR😎

Pov ends

He gets up angrily to leave but ended up falling on bench with thudddd!!!

Riddhima laughs

Vansh(angrily) – What is this now riddhima😬

Riddhima (innocently) – What!

Vansh (pointing towards his shoe laces) – You tied this na..

Yes!! She tied his shoe laces together

Riddhima (laughing) – This is my favorite thing vansh u know i always used to do this with bhai..

Vansh stomped his feet in anger and leaves😬

Riddhima’s POv

If u r VR then i am also Mrs. VR
Now just wait and watch..😎

Scene 2

Ishangre’s Room

Ishani is in bathroom taking shower (her most fav work nowdays in episode πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)

Angre’s POV

I will pacify u jaan

But plz don’t kill me for the stunt i pulled just now

God plz save me..

Countdown start..




And bhooommmm!!

Ishani’s voice is coming from bathroom

Ishani (shouting) – Angreeeeeee!!!!😬
Angre (from outside the door) – What happened jaan do u need something

Ishani (angry) – Where the hell are my clothes i know u stole them give it back😬

Angre (chuckling) – Why will i stole ur clothes i have my own moreover your clothes won’t look good on meπŸ˜‚

Ishani (angry) – I swear i will kill u with my bare hands give me my clothes

Angre – first forgive me then i will give

Ishani (angry) – In ur dreams i m not gonna forgive u at all and for that i have to stay in bathroom for whole life i am ready

Angre (casually) – Ok!! As u wish enjoy there..

And he moves towards bed

Ishani’s POv

What the hell what will i do..now

There are no clothes here and i won’t ask for help from him

Should i go out..

No no I won’t i can’t fall weak

Pov ends

After half an hour

Angre’s POv

C’mon ishu come outside i wanna see ur angry bird face I know i will be dead after that..

Pov ends

Suddenly sound of door opening comes

Angre turn towards the door and left jaw dropped

Ishani is standing with wet hairs wrapping herself in towelΒ  till above her knees

Very next moment a pillow is thrown on angre’s Face

Ishani (angry) – How dare u to do this with me..😬

She started hitting him with her palm

Angre (holding her hands) – Calm down jaan what if your towel slips in fighting😝

Ishani gives himΒ  deadly glare

Ishani (angry) – You pervert…i will kill u..😬

Very next moment

She finds herself on bed with thuddd with her husband

Yesss!! Angre jumped on bed with ishani in his arms

Ishani (angry) – Leave me angre i am not going to forgive..u😬

She tries her best to free herself but angre’s grip is much more firm on her

Angre (sliding her hairs ) – I am sry jaan plz maaf krdo..

I won’t do this mistake again

Ishani – Not so easily U troubled me alot..

ANGRE (raising his brows) – So u won’t forgive me right

Ishani – No!! Do whatever u want..

Angre (trying to pull her towel) – Ok!! i will do what i want..😝

Ishani jerk him and stormed towards bathroom blushing with her clothes😊

Scene 3

Riansh’s room

Vansh is working sitting on bed and riddhima comes with a plate of food in her hands

She comes and keep the plate on table

Vansh (angrily) – Don’t force me i am not gonna eat the food made by u.😬

Riddhima (casually) – Who told u that i brought this food for u.

It’s for me i will have this

But if u want u can have this with me i won’t mindπŸ˜‰

Vansh (firmly) – No..!! i don’t need food of yours

Riddhima (casually) – Ok!!

Vansh’s POv

i refused with so much attitude but i m hungry yr sweetheart plz offer again..yr

He looks at riddhima

Riddhima is sitting on couch with plate on her lap and eating food like she is hungry since ages

She feels stare of vansh she looks at him and ask him again for food through sign

(Showing food in plate)

But vansh being vansh refused again with attitude

She sleeps on bed after eating

Her POv

Mr.hungry VR till when u will stay hungry

I bet u will come to me soon afterall i did grand arrangement for u

Pov ends

Vansh also lay down beside her on bed

Riddhima (opening one eye) – Won’t U sleep on couch u r angry with me na😁

Vansh glares her and turn his back to her

After some time

Vansh’s POv

Enough Now mouse from my stomach will come out and kill me

I am damn hungry now

What she think of herself if she won’t give me food i won’t eat

I will go to kitchen and eat😎 (,jao jao waha bhi surprise h tumhare liye)

Pov ends

He goes to kitchen and search for food

But after the treasure hunt of 15 minutes he didn’t find a single food stuff

His pov

What the hell is this..

The great VR is longing for food now..

Don’t worry i will cook myself

But wait!! I don’t know even how to boil water how will i make food

Pheww!! I have sole option now..

He marched to his room with full attitude😎

Entering his room

He goes near riddhima

His pov

What u thought i will beg in front of u for food

U were right sweetheart i m hell hungry now

He whisper in her ears

Vansh -Riddhimaaa!!!

Riddhima wake up..yr..

But riddhu being riddhu don’t even budge to open her eyes

Riddhima (closing eyes) – Let me sleep ..vansh..

What u want now

Vansh (pleading) -Riddhima i am hungry plz cook something for me

Riddhima (still closed eyes) -Why will i cook

You are the great VR na go and cook yourself

And u were the one who told me u don’t want to have food made by meπŸ˜’

Vansh (pleading) – Riddhima plz..na..i am hungry

Riddhima -No..!! I m sleepy let me sleep

Vansh (glaring her) – Look if u won’t get up now and cook for me
I swear I will eat u and u r smart enough to understand the meaning
And i mean itπŸ˜’, (or isi ke sath vanshu ne mara chhkka😁 or riddhu hui clean bold )

Very next moment

Riddhima wakes up with sudden jerk..

Riddhima – No!! Don’t do anything i will cook

Vansh smirks😎

Riddhima – Let’s go before i change my mind

She murmurs

Laut ke buddhu ghr ko aye..

Vansh – And i heard that..πŸ˜’

Riddhima (smiling) – Oh nice!! That was for u only😁

She smirks (riddhu rocked vanshu shocked)

Done for today i hope u all liked it.. i tried my best to make it funny

Precap : riddhangre’s secret plan

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