Being with my so called kidnapper # episode 4 # coming closer or being apart

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Here is the epi


He covered her with comforter and sleep on the couch in same room

Scene 1

It’s a Serene morning again sun rays are peeping through window and falling on vansh’s face and this broke his sleep

His pov

As soon as i get up i saw the most beautiful face i have ever seen in my life in front of me

She is sleeping like a baby crawling on bed

Then i remember the last night incident and my heart felt that pang again

I went to kitchen to make some breakfast for us..

Pov ends

Riddhima’s Pov

What a peaceful night i had ever in my life

I woke up thinking abt this

Never ever i had imagined i will sleep on bedΒ  in my life

Then last night memories flashed in my mind and i started making an
explanation for my behavior

And then he comes

Holding a tray in his hand
I was hell emberresed as i was literally checking him out

Wet hairs treamed beared black t shirt and jeans looking like a perfect greek god

He cleared his throught to get me back from my lala land

Pov ends

Vansh sits on bed beside Her

Vansh (casually),- how r u feeling now

Riddhima (hesitantly) – Much better

Riddhima’s Pov

Then i starts fidgeting with my fingers waiting for his question regarding previous night

But for my surprise or should i say shock

He said go and fresh in up then we will have our breakfast

I looked at him in disbelief how he got to know that i don’t want this question

Is he for real or not how can he behave so casually as if nothing happened

Pov ends

Vansh’s Pov

Seeing her nervousness i decided not to talk abt previous night may be it will freshin up her wounds

So i told her to go and have bath

Pov ends

Riddhima – But i don’t have any clothes with me how will i..

Vansh’s POv

Oh yes!! She doesn’t have clothes

I don’t have any female member in my house neither i know any neighbor who could help

A sudden idea crosses my mind i asked myself
Whatever i am going to do is right or wrong

Without thinking for a sec i rushed to my room and open my cupboard

I took out a saree from it and caresses it and kissing it

I said looking at saree

I don’t know u will like it Or not but i have to do this she needs this right now

Pov ends

Riddhima’s pov

Saree!!, He gave me a saree to wear

As far as i know i don’t know any female member whom he knows

Then who’s saree is this

My heart badly wanted to ask but as it was bit personal i decided to stay quite

I moved to washroom silently

Pov ends

After half and hour

Riddhima’s room

She is getting ready in front of mirror

And vansh enters

Vansh’s POv

And there she is!!my heart said i took right decision giving her the saree

She is looking perfect in that

Unknowingly my eyes went to her curves which is clearly visible in saree

Her bare waist is so tempting

I mentally jerked myself for thinking this shitt!!

But what my eyes saw next made my heart skipped a beat

Her bare back is clearly visible as she is trying to tie her blouse’s knot

But she catched my stare on her and turn abruptly In order to hide her back from me

Such a innocent soul she is

Now she facing me and i can see her bare back in mirror

What difference it made..

Silly girl…

Pov ends

Riddhima’s POv

Such an idiot i m i forgot to lock the door

I catch him gawking at me..

First time in my life someone looked at me with affection not lust..

But wait what i did..

Shit!!i m trapped from both the sides he is staring at my bare back..

Pov ends

Vansh quickly turns back closing his eyes

Vansh – I am sry i should have knocked the door

Riddhima – Its ok..

Vansh – If u won’t mind may i help u..

And their was complete silence of 2 minutes as if they are paying condolence to their unknown emotions

Vansh’s POV

She is not saying yes but wait she didn’t said no either

I asked her again breaking the ice

Pov ends

Vansh –Β  riddhima may i

I promise i will close my eyes

Riddhima’ s POv

And without waiting for my answer he turned towards me closing his eyes

And then!! his cold hand touched my bare back..

Damn!! What’s these feeling i don’t know

It’s like butterflies are fluttering in my stomach

I won’t lie i am liking it..

Pov ends

Vansh’s POV

The moment i touched her bare back She flinched a little

And trust me my hormones were on it’s peak

Only i know how i controlled myself from opening my eyes

I badly wanted to take her in my embrace

Shut up!! vansh !! She is just a mere stranger

Is she !! Uff!! I will get mad

Pov ends

Vansh (after tying the knot) – Come outside we will have breakfast

Scene 3

At dining table

Both are eating their brkfst silently

Vansh – So what’s your next plan thought something

Riddhima(nervously)- i will leave in evening..

Vansh’s Pov

That’s it her single sentence and i lost my all interest in further discussion.

I continued eating my brkfst silently

Scene 4

At evening

Vansh’s room

His pov

I was doing my work on laptop but a sudden urge of seeing her rushed in my vein

I get up leaving my all work behind and went to her room to see her but for my shock she was not there

A sudden fear conquer my heart

I checked in hall kitchen but she is nowhere to be found

Several thoughts occupied my mind

Did she left..

Did someone took her forcefully

Is she Safe

Without wasting a sec i rushed to garden in order to search her

As soon as i enter i felt my heart will come out today..

I gasped


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