Riansh OS: I think it’s Riddhima

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The most beautiful thing in life is having a friend who loves and cares about you. I want you all to have such a friend. Happy Friendship day to all of you

Story starts:

A reporter on T.V:

This morning a girl named Anjali Trivedi was found dead in her building. It’s believed she was murdered but there is no clue about the killer. The Police told our sources that the killer wrote on the body that “never stare on something that’s not yours”. Stay tuned to find out more

Boy: Vansh bro, this is the girl who was with you in the club yesterday

Vansh: yes Angre, it’s so strange that we were together till 4 in the morning and now she is found deade

Angre: but bro, this is not the first time. Every girl who is with you in the club ends up dead.

Vansh: yeah right

Angre (laughs): it’s as if someone who loves you is stalking you and then kills every girl that was with you.

Vansh (smiles): Angre, there is no one who is obsessed with me

Angre: bro, you are so handsome so we never know

Vansh: you will never change

Girl: hi vansh

Vansh: hi riddhima

Riddhima: what were you watching?

Vansh: you remember the girl we were within the club

Riddhima: yes, why

Vansh: she was found dead this morning

Riddhima (shocked): what!!

Vansh: not only that but they said that the killer wrote on her body that “never stare on something that’s not yours”.

Riddhima: that’s quite shocking but anyways she is dead, we can’t do anything.

Vansh: yeah right.

Riddhima: I wanted to say that why don’t we go to watch a move been long

Angre: yeah yeah, I was thinking the same

Riddhima (hi-fiving Angre): We are always on the same page. So vansh let’s go

Vansh: okay.


Riddhima (taking popcorns): vansh do you want some or will you take something else

Vansh: whatever you take, I will go with that

Riddhima: ok, now let’s go.

They were about to enter the cinema when a girl came and hugged vansh. Riddhima clenched her fist, if it was possible she would have killed her right now but that wouldn’t be good for her image in front of vansh.

Riddhima (polite but in a possessive voice): ma’am, if you are finished hugging my fiancΓ© can you move

Girl: who the hell are you?

Riddhima (smiles): I guess you have hearing problem, I told you that he is my fiancΓ©

Girl (shocked): vansh baby, is that true

Vansh: I’m afraid that yes

Girl (Sad): but why didn’t you tell me

Riddhima (crossing her arms over her chest): I don’t think that it was necessary, as you were just a friend

Vansh: riddhima please, don’t talk like those type of girls who are possessive for me. And you Ahana, I don’t think that it’s necessary to inform you about every detail of my life. I had already told you that I don’t love you but you were the one who wanted to stick on me.

Ahana (crying): please vansh don’t say that. You know na; I love you from our childhood

Vansh: but I don’t love you, you were my childhood friend and you will remain so.

Ahana (angry): I’m sure all of this is because of this girl here. If she didn’t come between us then we would have been together. But remember, I’m going but I will be back to take my vansh.

She left while riddhima started crying.

Vansh (hugging her): riddhima what happened?

Riddhima (crying): what if she really comes back and takes you from me. I will di…

Vansh (putting his finger on her lips): don’t even say that because Vansh will only be riddhima’s and riddhima will always belong to vansh, okay. Our love is not that weak that it will break just because of Ahana. Now let’s go and see the movie, or else you will cry the whole day and we will miss the movie

Riddhima (smiles): vansh

Angre (Coming with popcorns in his hand): I thought you guys would be already inside. Seems like I became so important that you were waiting for you

Vansh (mocking tone): don’t fly too high that when you wings are cut you break into pieces. Come down to earth. We were here just because of a crazy fan of mine; I’m so handsome that when my fans see me they go crazy.

Angre: you are not an actor that you will have a line of crazy wanting an autograph

Vansh: I’m not an actor but I’m something better than that. I’m Vansh Raisinghania, something which everyone wants to be, even you *winks

Riddhima (chuckles): vansh, don’t be so mean. My buddy is the best, he is even better than you, right Angre

Angre (confidence): of course

Vansh: yeah, yeah support him

Riddhima: now let’s go


Riddhima (caressing a knife): you see, my obsession for him is something that is beyond limits. Whenever someone touches him except me, I get so angry that I kill him, and now it’s you turn

Ahana (with blood all over her body): please let me go, I won’t say a thing to anyone

Riddhima (innocent): should I let you go?

Ahana (nods): yeah

Riddhima (bends toward her): but what if you go to vansh and tell him everything

Ahana: I swear on my mom that I won’t say anything

Riddhima: accha, let me think. (Thinks for a moment): I have decided to kill you (smiles): you see, every person, I killed used to tell me the same thing but when I let them go, they used to try to act smart and then I sent them to their creator. I was thinking that why don’t I do the same to you. I would enjoy so much

Ahana: please spare me

Riddhima (caressing her face with the knife): you should have thought about that before threating me. Actually, I believe that you should say what you think but you should think about what you say.

Ahana (confused); what do you mean?

Riddhima (chuckles): idiot!! It means that say whatever comes in your mind but before saying it think for some time or else you risk to lose your life for what you said like you. It so sad that people don’t understand a little think

Ahana (splats in riddhima’s face): may vansh leave you when he learns you truth

Riddhima (angry): how dare you? (slaps Ahana): you splatted in my face, and about vansh he will never get to know, you are not the first that I’m going to kill, even Anjali died because of eyeing my vansh now it’s your turn

She stabbed her in the eye shouting, “vansh won’t know anything”. She continued to stab her in the nose, in the heart and then in the stomach, she was already dead but it is as if riddhima had got angry to an extent that she was not seeing that she had already died. A man came in and asked her to stop stabbing Ahana

Man (stopping her and taking the knife): ma’am… ma’am calm down she is already dead and the police is on the way. I don’t how but they got to know that you are here to kill Ahana, so get up and leave, so that I clear the evidences.

Riddhima (crying, angry): no, I won’t let vansh know the truth. Let me kill her

Man: calm down, calm down. We have to go

The man was trying to make riddhima understand but seems like she was in a trauma that she wasn’t ready to understand. When the man saw that it was useless to make riddhima understand, he lifted her and took her. He came back to clean every evidence that could lead the police to know that it was riddhima who killed Ahana


Man: Riddhu, why didn’t you control you anger, we could have got caught

Riddhima: Varun, you know how much I am obsessive for vansh, so when someone says he will expose me before vansh, I get angry. I get a panic; I fear that I will lose him. And you know na, that I don’t want to kill them but I don’t know what happens to me that I kill them without knowing it. sometime, I feel as if someone is controlling my mind.

Varun: yeah I know. That’s why I always tell you that we should go and consult a doctor but you don’t understand.

Riddhima: Varun, please I don’t want to talk about that. BTW, what’s the time?

Varun: we are 2AM

Riddhima: what! Is there something to eat?

Varun: yeah, Ahaana’s body

Riddhima (pouts): Varun, if that’s a joke then it’s a really bad one.

Varun: accha sorry.


Angre: bro, did you watch the news

Vansh: no, I didn’t have time I was busy in some meetings

Angre: do you remember, you childhood friend Ahana

Vansh: yes, why?

Angre: she was found dead this morning

Vansh: what? I just meet her yesterday when I was with riddhima

Angre: you mean to say that your crazy fan that you were telling me was Ahana

Vansh: yeah. What did the police say?

Angre: they said that her death was quite different as she was stabbed so many times but they also said that on her body it was wrote, “never stare at something that is not yours and don’t threaten me the next time”

Vansh: strange, she died different from the others they used to tell us. It seems the person who killed her is not the same

Angre: I am sure it’s the same. When I listened to the news, I thought the murder was not the same as you didn’t meet Ahana but after listening to your words, I feel that I was wrong.

Vansh (thinking): I wonder who could have killed her. As far as I know Ahana, she was a lovely girl, it’s so disappointing that I didn’t even talk to her nicely the last time, I saw her. But one minute, Angre, said something that I did not understand clearly. (to Angre): Angre, what did you say that was wrote on Ahaana’s body.

Angre: “never stare at something that is not yours and don’t threaten me the next time”

Vansh (shocked): what!

Angre: what’s so shocking in what I said? (jokes): I think Ahaana’s death shocked your mind to an extent that you are exaggerating things

Vansh (Serious): Angre, don’t joke. It’s not time right now. Can’t you hear that the murder added something to what he/she usually wrote?

Angre: yeah but I don’t see something fishy in that

Vansh: you can’t see that because you were not there with us yesterday

Angre: what as such happened yesterday?

Vansh: Actually, Ahana threatened riddhima to snatch me from her… now do you understand what I’m understanding

Angre (shocked): you mean to say that you are suspecting riddhima to be the killer.

Vansh: yeah, from what I’m seeing and hearing that’s all I can think. I can’t say that’s it’s you who is killing them because you won’t have any reason.

Angre: yeah right. But how will you confirm your suspicion.

Vansh: from what I’m thinking, I’m sure that riddhima is obsessed with me and that’s why she used to check my phone, follow me everywhere and now now from what I suspect, is that she killing every girl who wants to be associated with me. And if she is really obsessed with me, then she won’t tolerate the fact that I’m leaving her, and will tell me the whole truth herself.

Angre: nice plan


Vansh: Hey, Varun.

Varun: Hey

Vansh: where had you been yaar.

Varun: I was here only, busy with some work. BTW, where is my buddy Angre

Angre: I’m here yaar.

Varun (hugging him): I missed you yaar

Angre (hugging him back): not better than me I think

Vansh: Varun, where is your sister

Varun: she is in her room

Vansh: ok, I will go and check on her while you two talk



Riddhima: come in

Vansh: hi

Riddhima: vansh, when did you come

Vansh: I just came right now

Riddhima: ooh

Vansh (Serious): I don’t want to stay here for any longer that’s why, I will directly come to the point. I wanted to tell you something

Riddhima: why are you scaring me with your serious tone? Tell me what you wanted to say

Vansh: I have decided to leave you.

Riddhima (shocked): but why?

Vansh: I’m scared that if I continue to stay with you, you may die

Riddhima: what do you mean?

Vansh: from what I’m seeing, every girl who is associated to me is dying day by day. I’m sure you must have listen to the news. And now you know that Ahana is no more, so I don’t want you too to die

Riddhima (panics): no, you can’t do that

Vansh (serious): Yes, I can. That murder is killing everyone. What if he kills you?

Riddhima (panic and shouts): how can I kill myself? When I am the murderer

Varun and Angre who in the hall talking and laughing heard her shouting and run directly to her room to see riddhima panicking.

Vansh (smirks): that’s exactly what I wanted to hear

Varun (hugging riddhima): riddhu what happened

Riddhima (stammering): VA…VA…VA…Varun, Vansh got to know

Varun (understanding): riddhu, calm down okay. Vansh won’t leave you

Vansh (smirks): oh really, do you really think that I will stay with a murder

Riddhima (panics, shout): I am not a murderer, bhai. Please tell vansh not to leave me

Varun: Varun won’t tell me anything as I will surely leave you and even hand you to the police

Riddhima (breaths fast): no…no… I don’t want to go to jail, bhai please

Varun (worried): riddhu please calm down and listen to me. No one will touch you

Riddhima (feeling breathless): no, no no,… I don’t want to go to jail

Varun went to the drawing table, took an injection, injected riddhima and she fell unconscious in his arms.

Varun (angry): vansh, please follow me


Varun (angry): couldn’t you stop when you saw that she was panicking

Vansh: sorry, I didn’t know that she will panics to that extent. I just wanted to scare her and that’s why when she was panicking, I still acted as if I don’t care.

Varun: please vansh don’t leave her, she won’t tolerate that pain.

Vansh (confused): why do I feel as if you are hiding something from

Varun: yeah there’s something that you don’t know about riddhima.

Vansh: please tell me

Varun: you know very well, that riddhima is the smallest of our family. But in reality, she was not supposed to be the smallest.

Vansh: what!! How?

Varun: mom and dad got her whatever she wished for. By giving her all of that, mom and dad gradually turned her to a possessive person and a person who becomes obsessed with something or someone she likes and doesn’t like to share anything means anything even persons. They made her possessive to an extent that she had a problem with me calling my parents mom and dad. But gradually she understood that, even they are my parents and I have a right to call them mom and dad. One day, we got to know that mom is pregnant and there she became possessive again. She didn’t want anyone to come after her, as she thought that mom and dad attentions would be given to that baby. In her obsession to remain the smallest, she pushed my mom on the stairs so that the unborn baby dies, but mom died with the baby. When dad got to know about that he said that he will leave riddhima on the street and stay with me only as his riddhima had died with his wife and unborn baby. Riddhima begged dad but he didn’t listen. And since then, riddhima panics on hearing that someone she cherishes will leave her. And because of mom’s death, she kills everyone who she thinks will take away her loved one.

Vansh: you mean to say that she had this problem since long

Varun: actually, she started having these problems after she meet you in college

Vansh: what do you mean?

Varun: actually, I told you what caused her obsession but I didn’t tell you that somebody is controlling her

Vansh (shocked): what!!

Varun: yeah. Actually, she still doesn’t know that somebody is controlling her, she just suspects that. But I had done her blood test, and the doctors told me that, someone either injects her with medicine or gives her pills, which blocks her brain cells and whatever she is told, she says that and does the same

Vansh: so it means that she is not a murderer

Varun: no, she just made look like one. She kills people when she herself doesn’t know she killed them. I think that someone knew about riddhima’s obsession from the start and wanted to separate you two and that’s why he/ she is doing this.

Vansh: I just don’t understand who would benefit from separate us. But that someone is wrong, I won’t leave my riddhima

Angre (thinks): Oh bro, you are so foolish. All this time, you didn’t realize that I’m the one who loves riddhima and wants to separate the two of you. Do you think that our friendship just happened like that? No, I made it strong so that when you get to know the truth about riddhima you leave her and she comes to me. But this Varun spoiled everything by telling you the truth. When I planned, I thought he would come back from London when it’s too late but he came too early and I didn’t even get to know. I was the one who made riddhima kill Ahana and write, “don’t threaten me the next time” as I knew that you would surely remember what Ahaana had said. But seems everything failed miserably. I think I have to first take care of Varun and then prove to you that what Varun said right now, is just a lie. Then you will leave riddhima and riddhima will became mine forever. And her obsession will only be for me as my obsession is only for her.

~The End~

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