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Akriti wanted me to write a os on happy family in which there are moments of riansh with their child. I don’t know if she is reading this or not but hope it is upto her expectations. You can comment any topic you want me to write on. Happy mother’s day❤️❤️! So let’s start:


At Lifeline hospital:


A man was waiting outside the ICU. He was very tensed. A pregnant woman was inside the ICU. It was her delivery time. Doctors were treating her.


Yes you all guessed it right the man is vansh and the pregnant woman is Riddhima. Vansh was very tensed. Just then the most awaited moment came. He heard cries from the ICU. He was shedding happy tears from his eyes. Raisinghania family was very happy. They all hugged each other. A nurse came out.


Nurse: congratulations sir… A girl is born.



Vansh was on cloud nine. Nurse handovered the baby to vansh. He kissed on her forehead. Aryan came and was about to touch her but vansh held his hand.


Vansh: no..she is my daughter..don’t come close to her.


They all laughed seeing his proctectivess towards his daughter.


Dadi: vansh you come with Riddhima. We all are going to prepare for her welcome.


He nods. They all leave. Vansh goes to riddhima.


Vansh: Riddhima.


Riddhima wakes up.


Riddhima: vansh..how is our baby..


Vansh: our princess is perfectly fine riddhu.


She gives the baby to Riddhima. She kissed on her forehead. After some formalities they leave to VR mansion. Dadi did their aarti and welcomed them. The girl was named ‘Vanya’.


At night:


Vansh comforts Vanya between him and Riddhima. It was their first night with their little princess. They made her sleep and then both of them slept.


At 3:00 a.m.


Vanya starts crying. Riansh wake up.


Vansh(in a sleepy tone): what happened??


Riddhima: I don’t know let me check.


Riddhima holds Vanya in her arms and caresses her face. She was crying continuasly. Vansh also tried to calm her but in vain. Riddhima checked her diaper but it was clean. She checked if she was hungry but she was not. Then she starts singing:


Lori lori lori

Lori lori lori

Lori lori lori

Lori lori lori

Chandaniya chup jaana re

Chan bhar ko luk jaana re

Neendiya aankhon mein aaye

Bitiya meri so jaaye


Neendiya aankhon mein aaye

Bitiya meri so jaaye

Leke godh mein sulaaun

Gaaun raat bhar sunaaun

Main lori lori

Ho main lori lori

Lori lori lori

Lori lori lori

Lori lori lori

Lori lori lori 


Vanya sleeps. They both too drift to sleep. Vanya keeps on waking in intervals. Riansh care for her.




Riansh come down with Vanya. They both were sleepy.


Dadi: what happened to you both?


Vansh: dadi..she was awake whole night..so we were…


Anupriya: common vansh this is common with babies. Get used to it.


Ajay: exactly you also was like this.


They all laugh. Ishani comes and takes Vanya into her arms.


Ishani: my cutie cutie pie..


She caresses her face. Vanya smiles and laughs. All were happy to see their bond. Sia and aryan too played with Vanya. They had a fun time. After that they all leave Vanya with riansh. Vansh was caressing his princess while Riddhima was adoring them.


Vansh: thankyou Riddhima for giving me this gift.


Riddhima smiles. Riansh kiss on vanya’s cheeks. And then vansh shouts.


Vansh: what is this??


Riddhima starts laughing. She takes Vanya from vansh.


Riddhima: vansh get used to it..she just damaged your clothes by her urine.(laughing)


Vansh: oh ok. Let me changer her clothes and make her wear the diaper.


She nods. Vansh changes her clothes and make her wear the diaper.


Vansh: she is too sweet. I never want her to go away from me.


Riddhima: me too.


Riansh took Vanya in arms. Half in riddhima’s arms and half in vansh’s . Vanya was cutely smiling. Riansh adored her and smiled. They kissed her forehead. They were looking like a happy and perfect family.


.                      THE END!!


Hope you guys like it! It was just a random and short one.



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      Hello aditi I would definitely give it a try but can’t assure that it would upto your expectations or not😊

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