Kumkum Bhagya 10th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Tanu’s demand shocks Pragya to the core

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The Episode starts with Pragya coming to Shahana and Sarita behen. She asks how are you? Sarita behen asks why did you come? She says the circumstances are not good. Pragya says I have reached safely and asks her show her foot. Sarita behen shows her foot and asks her to think about her problem and says your husband’s court hearing is after 3 days, and we have just less time left. She asks her to think how to save her husband and how to expose Tanu. She says Tanu understands all your trying and executes a new trick. She says you shall be more scared than me and asks her to focus on the case, as Tanu is eager to snatch your everything. She says this is 20 years old eagerness, now she is dangerous for all the family. She says Aaliya had told that they have to handle Tanu differently else they can’t win the case. Pragya says Aaliya suggested me to do compromise with Tanu. Sarita behen asks what did you say? Pragya says I said that she will think. Sarita behen asks her to go to Tanu and understand how to calm down her ego, anger, etc. She says the judge has taken his verdict, and it needs to be declared just. Pragya recalls the judge’s words. Sarita behen asks her to think and asks if you met him to part away with Mr. mehra. She says this is not truth and wrong game, but became dharm yudh. She says it needs sacrifice. Pragya says I will apply you medicine first. Sarita behen asks her to go and meet Tanu, tells that she shall not think anything and Mr. mehra shall get freed too. Shahana takes the ointment and says she will apply. Pragya calls Tanu and says send me your address, I am coming there. Tanu asks did you call me by mistake, or did you accept your mistake? Pragya ends the call. Tanu thinks why Pragya want to meet me?

Pragya comes to meet Tanu. Tanu says you came and does poetry. Pragya recalls Abhi and Aaliya’s words, judge believing that rape had happened? Tanu asks why she is crying like weak cat and tells that today night is qayamat night, says she is so scared. Pragya recalls her promise made to Abhi and sits down pleading with Tanu to leave Abhi. She asks her to take out her anger on her, took revenge on her and leave him. Tanu checks her mobile and says I am checking if you are recording the video. Pragya says I will not do anything. Tanu says you have analyzed well, that you can’t get him out of the jail and the charges, says you have broken or say I have broken you..I was waiting for this day, you was proud of your kumkum, husband and used to say that the kumkum filled head feels proud. She tells that she is happy to see her kumkum head bent down infront of her. She says Abhi told me so much and threw me out of the house. She forces her to say that she has done a mistake by returning in Abhi’s life and stopping her marriage. Pragya cries and accepts that she has done a mistake by returning in Abhi’s life and apologizing to stop her marriage. She asks her to forgive her and take Abhi out of the lock up.

Rhea comes to Abhi. Abhi asks her to come. Rhea says how did you come that I have come. Abhi says just as you come to know. Rhea says she is scared of the judge verdict. Abhi says Judge is like Principal. Rhea says how will you save yourself from this punishment. Abhi says why will I save myself and tells that her mom will save him. He says she is like a legendary warrior and has saved me from Tanu many times. He tells that Pragya had brought Tanu home once, and says what to tell you. He says then she came back as a hitler and rescued him. Tanu likes to see Pragya pleading infront of her and says I said like that that I will forgive Abhi and let him go, to make you stop crying. She tells that we will start with your love story and says Abhi used to say that you was his inspiration etc and asks do you really love Abhi. Tanu asks how much? Pragya says which you can’t think of. Tanu says I will ask you to do something which you can’t think of and asks her to rub her nose on her feet and apologize to her. Pragya is shocked. Tanu says what happened, you can’t do this and says you will have just some trash on her nose and asks her to see her kumkum then. Pragya says nothing is important to me than my husband and will rub my nose on your feet, so that you take back the case, says I love him so much. Tanu stops her and says I made you so helpless that you agreed to rub your nose. She says you are doing this, as Judge has decided. Pragya says she is ready to give her anything and asks what she wants, his property, money. Tanu says she just wants one thing, her kumkum. She asks her to get Abhi married to her, else she will send him to jail. She says if you love him, then leave him and go away from his life. She says Abhi was mine, before you got married to him. She says he was with me on your first night, time has come for you to leave. She asks her to forget all her promises, kumkum and marriage and tells that she has broken everything. She asks her to get her married and leave from here. She says you have today’s day time, think and take a decision else judge will take his decision. Pragya is shocked.

Precap: Rhea asks Prachi not to take advantage of Ranbir’s goodness. Mitali tells Pragya that they are dependent on her. Pragya assures that she will not let anything wrong happening.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Hmmm. The tuna-fish and Aliyah. The epitome Of Indian Womanhood, as advertised on this production. Neither is a mother, so you can’t call it Motherhood. What to do? Especially when you know women who think, speak and behave just like the tuna-fish. Birthed with natural beauty in order to become the voice of hellish ugliness. Greed. Isn’t that one of the opposites of Hinduism?

    1. Well , isn’t Aliya , Aryan’s mother ??

    2. Well, rumour has remained that Aliyah is not the mother of Aryan. It has not been established as yet. Excepting by Aliyah’s claims and who would trust the word of Aliyah?

    3. Then who is Aryan ??
      I have heard gossip that he is actually Sunny , Disha and Purab’s son , but I doubt it.
      Do you think the woman like Aliya , who has always been so possessive of Purab , would accept Purab’s son born of some other woman’s as her own ?? Mere existence of such child is a slap to her face , a proof that “her Purab” , belonged to somebody else in the past.

      Moreover We have heard it many times that Purab is with Aliya only for Aryan , which would not be if Aliya was not actually his mother. Also if you remember on Aliya and Purab’s wedding anniversary DIsha had come to Mehra mansion with C.M. to give award to Abhi and Pragya to save ex C.M’s life , and there Aliya introduced Aryan as her and Purab’s son to Disha , that makes it clear that it’s not Sunny

  2. Honestly , now Rhea blackmailing and threatening Prachi at every turn is getting old real fast….. it’s high time now that Prachi will retort instead of meekly bowing her head and going “Yes ma’am , don’t worry ma’am , I will take care that it will not happen again”

    Either that or at least they should spotted by either Abhi or Pragya while Rhea is threatening Prachi. It’s getting unbearable to handle Prachi’s submissiveness now

    1. Does Rhea have anything better 2 do besides threaten and blackmail Prachi and 4 once can Prachi give her a reply like srsly Rhea just can’t handle Ranbir being with any1 else and kinda ironic that she’s saying that considering she’s been taking advantage of his goodness this whole time ugh Rhea being Abhigaya’s daughter is depressing she’s nothing like them 😢😔

    2. Sincerely it’s annoying that reah is abhi and pragya daughter. So annoying 😭😭

    3. Prachi’s and Pragya’s submissiveness (really all the ‘nice’ females on this show) is generally called ‘sweetness’. You earn the label ‘sweet’ when you are abundantly obedient (often to nonsense that you are trapped in) in order to provide the foil for the lives of vicious, malignant excuses for humans who also happen to be female. Thank-fully, they include characters like Shahana who does protest… but in the end she remains ‘sweet’ through her ultimate obedience to the norms. What a waste of talented, creative humanity because of being locked into an obedience narrative.

  3. You are so right Keke! But then again, Rhea may be the biological daughter of abhigya but really she is the daughter of Aliyah with Pallavi and Mithali as her aunts. These two lying, greedy, lazy (b) itches alongside the psychopath Aliyah are the true ‘mothers’ of Rhea. Abhi is a complete failure as a husband and a father. Supposedly he is a good brother and a good brother-in-law to his pet parasites living in Aliyah’s house and property… or so she wishes.

    1. LOL yeah , whatever else maybe , Abhi IS a complete failure as father. I laughed so hard when he won “Best father award” in Zee Rishtey award 2020 ; like ; Rhea is a walking talking testimony to how utterly he has failed in handling fatherhood.

      Instead of Abhi winning best father award it should have been Pragya winning best mother award : Prachi IS a mirror of her ; sweet , compassionate and sacrificing and considerate of others’ feelings

    2. True Colin. Sweet, compassionate and sacrificing and considerate of others’ feelings…. are wonderful attributes to have. However when you are unwilling to also share truth in order to end a conflict… in order to save someone’s feelings (usually a Dadi) … that also adds ‘stupid’ and self-destroying into the mix.

    3. Yeah……
      Actually I understood Prachi’s decision to accept Rhea’s deal when Abhi was marrying Meera : Prachi could not have known that Abhi was only doing that to provoke Pragya into confessing her feelings.

      I also understood when she gave way to Rhea when Abhi was in childlike state : we have all seen to the depths Rhea could sink to get what she wants and that time there was no Abhi to Pull Prachi out of trouble.

      But now , when Abhi is well and married to Pragya and not very likely to ditch her again on Rhea’s insistence or manipulation……. it’s not Prachi’s own fears that are acting as chains that are forcing her to bend in front of Rhea. She is just not understanding that Rhea is playing just mind games on her ; a variation of “offence is best kind of defense”

      Most likely Rhea knows that she does not really have any hold on Prachi now , should Prachi decide to spill the beans in front of Abhi and Ranbir , so she is launching attack after attack on Prachi , giving her no time to think it through.

      Though I don’t much blame her. Having lived with Pragya , Prachi has had no experience how to deal with such manipulative and cunning people , and Rhea most likely started absorbing these two attributes from Aliya from the day she was old enough to understand.

      So I would say the fault slightly lies with Pragya as well : She gave best values and ethics to her daughter , but could not teach her importance of “Tit for Tat”

    4. Yeah I agree with you Colin. According to Prachi Rhea was the one who insisted for Abhi and Meera marriage and Abhi agreed for that. Till know also Prachi don’t know that it was Abhi’s plan so that Pragya accepts that she loves him not even Prachi even Rhea also don’t know about this. But Rhea told Prachi that she stopped the wedding bu asking Abhi not to marry Meera and marry Pragya. If Prachi came to know about this that Rhea had not done anything then there are chances that She might tell Ranbir the truth about her behaviour and that fake mms which was made by Rhea.
      I want that Abhigya’s story end soon as it is revolving same only and they start Pranbir story…Let Abhigyan leave together and let them focus on their children’s life….

    5. Sincerely. They should settle together.

    6. Am fade up with tanu, Rhea is nothing like their parents.hie did she become like this🤦🤦🤦

  4. Sweet, compationate etc… are good attribute to encourage and promote evil. True, good mother or sister does not want to see a daughter or sister behind bars but yet will like to punish others for their wrong doings. Had pragya and abhi threw aliya to prison for killing pragya’s sister and other atrocities committed earlier, their lives woulve been different.
    Understandable forgiving them once or twice but again and again?
    Rhea shouldve been arrested for attempted murder several times but noooo….
    Let’s face it, these good attributes are nothing but foolishness and stupidity.
    If I hadn’t known little about the Indians, i will assume that the show is potraying Indian men as foolish, brainless and mindless while good and smart middle class women are been punished for who they are and the rish, mind controling freak women as ugly!

    1. Love it! So True! LOL. ; ) I’m assuming that you are a woman!

  5. Dear Colin, I was referring more to the whole nature of the show. As well, when an intelligent person has been victimized three times they should be able to figure out the manipulation being played on their life or at least recognize that a manipulation (lies) are occurring. “Tit for Tat” is not a very good answer to manipulative behaviour. It just continues the fighting drama. How about truth and consequences? You know, responsibility for your thoughts and actions? That sounds more honest, intelligent and adult. Repetition after repetition (you remember ‘memorizing’ in school, right) schools the viewer to carry this submissive behaviour into real life, perpetuating horrible injustice to continue in society.

    1. I agree.
      But when you have been raised to be docile and non confrontational , when you are taught not to talk back even when you are not in error , so as not to hurt feelings of the person in front of you , you cannot just act opposite to that.

      Take the example of event where Rhea finds out Ranbir’s plan of marrying Prachi secretly and barges into her house to demand answers and throw various accusations at her. TBH Prachi was in no fault at that time , she even didn’t know anything about Ranbir’s plans , and even Rhea knew it and still she blamed Prachi only. At that time Prachi SHOULD have retorted to Rhea in her own language and threatened to reveal everything to Ranbir. She even had fodder for her argument : Rhea had not done anything to bring Pragya back home so technically Rhea was not following her end of the deal so Prachi was not obliged to , either. If Prachi had said all this what could have Rhea done ?? Nothing. She knows her hold on Ranbir is extremely slippery ; he is away just one confession from Prachi to break up with Rhea. Prachi should have made use of it. Instead what she does?? She apologizes again and again and assures her that it will not happen again. Same happened in office where Ranbir almost hears about their “deal”. Someone like you or me might have revealed everything to everybody a lot sooner.

      But Prachi has been conditioned to think about others no matter at what cost , that’s shown in the scene when Aliya asks Pragya to leave the house and when Pragya comes to Sarita’s house and tells everything , Prachi wants to go confront Aliya about her behavior , which WAS right , but what did Pragya do ?? She asked Prachi to not disrespect her aunt even that aunt was doing injustice to her. This is conditioning. Pragya literally held her back from doing what was right , just because Aliya is elder to Prachi.

      Perhaps Prachi is worried that , just now her parents have united and are happy to have a chance to live with both of their daughters , and if she reveals to them Rhea’s true face then they both will be extremely hurt that their daughter can stoop so low. So better to suffer in silence than spreading misery in entire family. This is conditioning.

      It’s not easy to shrug of years of conditioning in mere days. Either you need external help ; like Ranbir finding it out on his own and telling Prachi that she was wrong to let Rhea walk all over her , or you need to snap , go beyond caring about consequences of your actions. This is what I am hoping to happen with Prachi , that she gets pushed beyond level of tolerance and will unleash her fury on Rhea , not giving a damn about their parents’ feelings

    2. Dear Colin, I do understand your thinking, especially as I endurd and survived that upbringing. From the time that i was a small child I recognized the harm that lies and liars unnecessarily created on innocent lives. All because of their ego and lack of courage…although I did not have those words. Thus a child is forced to deny their identity for the sake of the parents convenience. The children become commodities. Bargaining chips with some labour value and some ‘show-off’ value when the child is exceptional. It is rather pathetic and considered abusive when parents ‘use’ their children, to meet their own needs. To continue this attitude in this production is regressive and continues to normalize abuse. I would prefer that each human child is encouraged to grow up into adulthood to be responsible for their own feelings and thoughts and actions. To train women to be submissive and compliant and to call it sweetness is immoral but terribly convenient for those who hold all the creativity, power and intelligence that those women could have produced if they weren’t so convinced that their only role was to live according to someone else’s wishes…sweetly. One is able to be gentle, compassionate and sweet even when functioning as a thinking adult female. No need to be a manipulative liar. Ever.

  6. Amal

    I just don’t know how it’s Pragya’s responsibility to protect Abhi from Tanu, I mean it’s always been Abhi’s family, specially his sister who entertained and welcomed Tanu into the house. She never had any right to be at that house… Tanu is acting very entitled Cos they’ve always favourite her and insulted Pragya while she just stood there crying, protecting the so called family’s respect . Oh spare us the bs 😴

    1. They can do anything Mehra family can call anyone to their house but when she creates problem it is Pragya’s responsibility to take Abhi out of that mess… Event after this molestation case also when Abhi will be proved innocent they will again call her to Mehra mansion. Those who forgot that because of Tanu only they lost one daughter of their house(Kiara) how can’t they forget about this molestation case. They will again call her and she will again create a new problem.

  7. Please don’t end the serial

    1. Samaila


  8. Samaila

    Saale Anil doob doob ke maro

  9. This is getting serious. What will Pragya do now with no evidence against Tanu 🤔

  10. seriously tanu and aaliya are real trp magnets,i mean thanks to those two the trp has never been so low.
    the Pragya-Tanu part disgusting and don’t tell me that Pragya sacrifices her marriage again so that Tanu wins and in the end it’s Pragya again who stops the wedding.🤦‍♂️🤮😡

  11. I think pragya will not accept the deal.

    1. Yaha I also think the same and if she agrees also then this time Prachi, Ranbir and Abhi are there who won’t let this happen…..so hope no seperation this time🤞🤞🤞

  12. tanu why you talk like this to pragya.
    tanu if you do like this otherwise pragya she will gets upest because of you tanu wait and watch.
    pragya please try to understand that pragya you can go to your house and one request for you pragya you don’t think about tanu you let her do if you want I don’t care at all never.
    tanu you know that abhi he gets upest because of you tanu.
    abhi please try to understand that you don’t receive the mobile
    keep it selint your mobile you can do it.

  13. tanu why you talk like this to pragya.
    tanu if you do like this otherwise pragya she gets upest because of you tanu.
    pragya you can go to your house and don’t think about tanu you just leave it let her do if you want I don’t care at all never.
    abhi please try to understand that you can keep silent your mobile don’t receive the mobile.
    abhi you don’t think about tanu leave it let her do if you want.
    abhi you are safe now days okay.
    ranbir please you don’t make upest for pranchi she is innocent like you also ranbir but you can do it.

  14. This is just getting more stupid day by day. I guess pragya will go away from abhi again and prahi will go with her leaving ranbir. Abhi will have to marry tanu and rhea will marry ranbir then it will show some 20 years lap and then the whole story will start repeating itself bla bla…. pragya will return for something…etc.. this show is a cycle. It don’t move to nothing.

    1. Na Pragya will most likely leave Abhi 4 some reason but he’ll definitely not marry Tanu and same with Rhea and Ranbir he won’t marry her he’s only doing it 2 make Prachi jealous or come close 2 him… But yea pretty sure it’ll end with some new misunderstanding

  15. Akituster I have always believed that aryan is disha and purabs second son. Not sure if I’m remembering correct but I do believe that before the split disha was pregnant again. Perhaps aliyah found this out and decided to steal dishas child to keep purab cause we know for a fact purab never slept with aliyah although she allowed him and disha to believe that. Purab isnt fetish I’m sure he must have done a paternity test after aryan was born to prove he was indeed the father which made him believe aliyah. I’m sure during her fake pregnancy purab had no dealings with her so therefore wouldn’t have known if her pregnancy was real or not. Disha on the other hand may have been told she had a miscarriage by the doctor paid of by aliyah. Maybe it’s a stretch but I firmly believe that especially since aliyah has no emotion to aryan except when she wishes to use him to get to purab. Shes always been more invested in riah than aryan who’s supposed to be her son with the man she wants the most.

  16. fernandomacuvele487

    This fight will not end so soon until tanu get what she wants

  17. fernandomacuvele487

    You have to fight pragya dont let tanu take you kumkum away 💑

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