Riansh OS (Destiny) by jaya

It’s start from when vansh jump from cliff

Note: Vansh and vihaan are twin brother and riddhima didn’t know about Vihaan & not seen him yet

Let’s start

After vansh fall from cliff , riddhima was totally broken mentally and physically.

After 13 days, Riddhima sees Vansh’s pic. She says its 13 days you left, it seems like 13 years, its said that 13th day is the last day for mourning, but I don’t think I can end my relation with this pain, never in this birth. She cries holding her mangalsutra

One day Anupriya introduce Kabir is as her son… First they were shocked after some time they accepted expect ishaani.(That’s the truth we know after that. Riddhima finds out Kabir’s truth and then Kabir blackmailing Riddhima)

Anupriya manipulated the family and arranged ridhbir marriage. Riddhima accepted it and scarifies her life Bcz of Ishani’s Life and family.

Now this is time for ridbir marriage and riddhima decided to end her life so she took a poison bottle.

she was about to drink the poison


The door opened and a man came in…. All were looking in the direction of the source. Her face was not clear because darkness is in the whole mansion.

Then his face became clear when the light get on.

Everyone was shocked to see the man’s face

Dadi was the one who first to come out of shock and call ‘vansh’

Vansh came near dadi and fell down on her feet

Dadi hugged him after the touch…my vansh is back saying she cried.

Vansh wipe her tears and say yes dadi I am back so don’t cry.

Dadi was about say something but suddenly riddhima came hugged Vansh and cried.

Vansh pushed away riddhima and say “who r u”

Riddhima: vansh I am your riddhima, your sweetheart

Vansh: oh really u r my sweetheart….. riddhima no

My sweetheart can’t betrayed me but u betrayed me and u marrying my enemy kabir… wow riddhima wow

Riddhima: no vansh I am not marrying and also I not betrayed u. Please trust me vansh.

Vansh: oh really, so tell me one thing y u getting married to kabir

Riddhima: vo..vo..

Vansh: stop stammering Riddhima. The truth is u betrayed.

Dadi: no vansh. Riddhima did not betrayed u… She loves u and the truth is that I am the one who forced riddhima to married Kabir…so please don’t misunderstand riddhima vansh

Vansh: but said

Dadi: no more argument vansh. U trust me na vansh so forgive riddhima.

Vansh: ok dadi I forgive riddhima.

Ishani and other family members hugged Vansh and cried.

Dadi: vansh now u marry riddhima again.

Vansh, angre : what 😲

Ishaani: what happened to u both.

Angre: vo..vo.. dadi I want to talk boss. it is very urgent so please and boss please come saying he leave

Vansh followed angre.

All family members were shocked and thought it is the first time when Vansh followed angre….. normally angre follow vansh’s order but today it was totally opposite.

Riddhima was crying.Dadi came her and wiped her tears and said ” don’t worry beta vansh will definitely marry u”

Riddhima: dadi these tears r of happiness bcz my Jaan my love is back…my Vansh is back dadi saying she hugged dadi.

Vangre place

Angre: no u can not marry bhabhi. Ok!!

Vansh: I know angre.. this is not our plan but

Angre: but what

Vansh: angre i am your boss okay.

Angre: oh really Vihaan ( yes the person is Vihaan not vansh). Your face is same like my boss face that’s it.

Vihaan: ok cool angre. I am just joking. ‘Am I right am I right’… Now tell me what I should do.

(Conversation muted)

In Hall

Vihaan and angre returned

Vihaan: ok dadi I again marry riddhima.

After hearing this Riddhima and dadi was really happy.

Dadi hold Riddhima and Vansh’s hand and leads them to where God is. Vansh Now you tie mangalsutra and fill sendoor on Riddhima’s forehead.

Vihaan was about tie mangalsutra but suddenly angre fall and unconscious

SoonDoctor came and check angre

Vihaan: what happened to angre doctor.

Doctor: bcz of stress that’s y he fall and don’t worry after some time he will wake up. So please take care of him.saying doctor went

Anupriya: mummy ji it is not a good vibes so we stop the marriage.

Dadi: but Anupriya

Interpruted by riddhima and says” it’s okay dadi we r already married that’s enough for me and vansh”

Anupriya and kabir r smirked.

Angry looked at vansh and blinked eye without getting noticed by anyone.


Vihaan: so now tell me what I should do.

Angre: u don’t do anything. I will do. Just u act that’s enough.

Vihaan: ok. So tell about the plan.

Angre: just wait and watch

Flashback end

Vansh thought and smirked

At night

Vihaan entered the room and saw riddhima sitting on the bed… She also saw vansh and immediately hugged him ”

I am so happy vansh I am so happy. U know vansh in your absence, so many things happened in mansion.”

She was about say the truth but Vihaan pushed away and said “Ididn’t forgive you sweetheart…..i did that act bcz of dadi only for her front dollar Biwi.

Riddhima: vansh I know u misunderstanding me that’s y u behave like this but that name y u called dollar.

Vansh: y not dollar Biwi

U change your choice so I also changed my speaking style Only… But u ave my place to kabir…am I right am I right dollar Biwi

Riddhima: vansh it is not like that…i didnt not give your place to anyone. u know my heart, my soul, my body all belongs to only u vansh.

I am always your riddhima, yours sweetheart vansh. So please vansh Don’t misunderstand me…. sry for every thing vansh saying she cried.

Vihaan looked at her tears unknowingly she melted his heart especially riddhima’s tears…..I need time riddhima so please go to sleep.

Riddhima: ok Vansh u take time now come we sleep together

Vansh: no riddhima u sleep in bed and I wil sleep on couch.

Riddhima: But vansh

“It’s final” saying he went to slept on couch

Riddhima cried and slept In bed.

But Vihaan didn’t sleep he thinks about Vansh’s pain


Angre saved Vansh from falling down the Cliff and took Vihaan’s home and doctor came and started treating vansh.

After 13 days vansh gained conscious. He slowly open his eyes and saw angre and Vihaan near by him.

Vihaan: hi twin bro. I think the old VR is invisible nowadays. Am I right am I right.

Vansh: no Vihaan. Ok I was weak in my love but now I am back. This time vansh is Full of revenge mood saying he try to get up from bed but he failed

Vihaan came near him saying ” don’t worry twin bro i am here na so I handle it. Angre told everything between u and riddhima..

Whoever start the game but end is mine.

So now the game begins.

Vansh: but Vihaan u don’t hurt riddhima or kill. I know u how much u love me that’s y you are saying this.

Vihaan: itna pyar twin bro itna pyar but she didn’t deserve your Love. Seeing this reminded me of my friend’s insta caption that’s “‘I saw that u were perfect so I love you Then I saw that u r not perfect and I love u even more’

Vansh: it’s true.

Vihaan: what

Vansh: nothing leave it. U focus only two things that is

but Vihaan interpruted saying “I know twin bro that is y riddhima betrayed u and most important thing who killed our mom. Am I right am I right twin bro”

Vansh: interesting very interesting

After two days.

Angre told about ridbir marriage and Anupriya’s long lost son is Kabir. hearing ridhbir marriage Vansh totally broken. Angre noticed his boss…

Angre:u know boss riddhima bhabhi didn’t accept this marriage.

Hearing this news Vansh slightly smile….

Vansh: now it’s time for Vihaan entry saying trio smiled evily.

Flashback end

Vansh seeing riddhima’s picture and thinking Vihaan frd caption (I saw that u were perfect so I love you

Then I saw that  u are not perfect and I love u even more) the sentence r true riddhima. He cried.

Another side riddhima also think about vansh’s hurt and behave so she cried.

Vihaan also same time thinking Riansh matter and vansh suffering

Trio crying and slept


Riddhima went to sia and checked her slowly caressing her hair “Sia your brother is back .our vansh is back sia but he is hurt bcz of me u don’t worry I will definitely cure his wound. Siya!!! saying she cried

One person saw all this and he is none other than our Vihaan.

Vihaan thinking  Riddhima is the reason of siya’s condition but I think Vansh is right  the girl is Full of mystery.

Day passed

As usual riddhima visit siya’s room check her and cried Other hand Vihaan indirectly hurting and tourchering riddhima but riddhima didn’t know about  this. she thinks Kabir and Anupriya behind this. Riddhima also tried for Vansh forgiveness. Vihaan also unknowingly fall for riddhima.

One day riddhima came Siya and cried so badly “Siya I am tied and failed. I need u siya please wake up. U know na I am orphan. I don’ have family only Sejal is my family. When I enter VR mansion u were only my frd u r so cute and simply girl u & Sejal r my best frd after Vansh married me….. I also have a family.

Vansh is really wonderful man. He is precious to me but today I  feel once again orphan. What I will do? How I should pacify my vansh siya. I want your help siya. Please come back siya I need your help come back my bestie” She cried and collapsed

Vihaan saw all this, he also cried.

Siya was al crying but she didn’t come out of coma….only tears fall from her eyes but riddhima didn’t see this only Vihaan noticed and thought ” siya is crying it’s mean Riddhima is not reason for siya’s condition. My heart is crt .riddhima is innocent but who did this and who is the culprit I’ll find it. He dialled angre number’s and say “come in secret room” angre immediately came there.

Sceret room

Vihaan: angre we r misunderstanding Riddhima.

Angre: I also think same Vihaan.

Vihaan: angre in vansh absence have you check CCTV camera footage.

Angre: no Vihaan

Vihaan: what? U didnot checked. I want cctv footage immediately right now.Any of that can give us clues.

Angre gave the footage to Vihaan. They wached together

After few minutes thier blood boiled and eyes were red bcz truth is out.

Vihaan: it’s mean Anupriya and so called son kabir behind this. They killed my mom and tourchering my family especially riddhima.

Angre: they tried to kill my wife and my unborn child. First I have to tell this boss bcz he is misunderstanding Bhabhi.

Vihaan: no angre I will tell this to him myself. U just do one thing

Conversation muted

Riansh room

Vihaan felt gulit bcz he was hurting riddhima…..So innocent soul & kind hearted person. He cried bitterly at that time riddhima came and saw him in vulnerable condition. she hugged Vihaan and Vihaan also reciprocated… “I am sorry riddhima”….. I am sorry bcz of me u are hurt And faced so much.

Riddhima: no Vansh I am the one who hurt u. So please forgive me jaan.

Vihaan: no riddhima u forgive me. He cried

Riddhima: ok Vansh. I forgive so please don’t cry.

Vihaan: u also don’t cry. These tears r very precious so don’t waste it dollar Biwi. I love you 😘.

Riddhima: I love you too vansh.

Hearing vansh’s name he immediately departed from Riddhima.

“What happened vansh” asked riddhima.

“I forget that I have an important work” saying he left the room immediately. riddhima was so happy

Unknown two eyes watching this

Secret room

Vihaan shouting and crying

“I have no idea when I fell in love with her.But what I can do…….her face is as beautiful as moon.  Both her scent and her eyes pull me to her” and collapsed on the floor

“No Vihaan  No This is wrong she is your brother’s wife saying he cried.”

Angre came there and hugged Vihaan.

“this is not your fault Vihaan so please don’t cry”

Vihaan: how you know this anger.

Angre: I saw you and Riddhima talking in your room and unknowingly u confessed to riddhima bhabhi that also I heard it.

Vihaan: angre please don’t tell about it to anyone & please promise me angre.

Angre: I promise vihaan.

Vihaan: I have been unworthy of love since I was a child. I wanted a family like Vansh  but I am still alone. I have a only relation is vansh then there is no one else.

Angre: Who said you have no one.  I will be your friend and your brother.

Today you are the only one reason when this family is happy.  I was worried that I should have a brother and sister but today I have got a brother.”

Both hugged each other and cried

Vihaan: tomorrow is riddhima’s birthday so!

Angre: I know what  are you saying….. tomorrow is last day of anupir…. Am I right or Am  I right

Vihaan: not bad bro.

Both laughed and hugged

Riansh room

Vihaan entered the room. Riddhima hugged Vihaan from back.

Riddhima: tomorrow is my birthday so I have a suprise for u so please u wear this dress” saying gifted a dress to Vihaan. Vihaan also accepted the gift bcz he is going to leave tomorrow so he will going to enjoy moments so that he can cherish them later

” I am waiting for garden so please come fast “saying she left


Vansh reached garden. His eyes were only searching riddhima but riddhima is not there

Suddenly someone blind folded vansh

Vansh ask “who r u? Y did u blind folded me”( he knew she is riddhima but still he was acting)

Person: sssshhhhh. Inam your dollar Biwi vansh.

Vihaan: someone told I don’t like this name but today she liked. Am I right am I right

Riddhima: yes u right vansh

First I don’t like it but now I love this.

Riddhima hold vansh hand and took him to the surprise. She opened blind folded.

Vansh open his eyes to see most beautiful and gorgeous lady… He was mesmerized by her Beauty and also by beautiful place it’s like heave

Riddhima: vansh!? come cut the cake

Vihaan: but riddhima it’s your birthday so u should one cut the cake 🎂

Riddhima: But this cake is for new start our life.

Both cut the cake and fed each other

Riddhima: will u dance with me

Vihaan: yea sure

They dance together.  They about to kiss  but suddenly vihaan phone start ringing…. Vihaan came to sense and parted away from riddhima. He saw a caller id name is vansh….he shocked turned to riddhima

Vihaan: riddhima I have to ho as work is important

saying he left

Riddhima was sad because vansh left but she smiled bcz thinking about sweet moments

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