Sayi and Virat – An Epic Love story (Chapter 24)

Recap – Samrat doubts about the Rathores.

Chapter 24

Samrat dials a number…..

Samrat – I’ll be coming there tomorrow morning!

And ends the call…

Next morning, Virat is seen tensed. Virat keeps looking at his phone, Mohit notices him and goes closer to him.

Mohit – What is that you are looking?

Virat – I’m not getting the message

Mohit – What message?

Virat – Sayi’s message.

Mohit – What? Why would she?

Virat tells him everything and Mohit grins.

Mohit – Arey dada, she might be sleeping.

Virat – She doesn’t sleep this late!

Mohit – She’ll be studying then.

Virat – Mohit, look at the time. It’s very early for her to start studying.

Mohit (chuckles) – What is she’s with Aarav then?

Virat (tensed) – That’s what even I’m thinking! What if my girl is with that guy?

Mohit – ‘my girl’ huh? Nice improvement.

Virat – Arey chup!

‘Ding dong’…..

Mohit – I’ll go check.

Virat nods and sits on the sofa.

Mohit – Sayi Vahini…

Virat jumps from his place and comes running to the main door. He gets mesmerized seeing her in saree.

Sayi – Good morning Mohit bhaiya!

She looks at Virat, smiles and shows off her ring. Virat blushes.

Mohit – Come in na, why are you standing there?

Sayi – I will. But before that, where’s Aayi, Mansi bua and others?

Mohit – All of them are inside.

Sayi – Can you ask Aayi to bring the Pooja thaali?

Mohit – Sure, but why?

Sayi – Arey, I’m coming here after almost 3 months! And is this how you welcome me?

Mohit (laughs) – Haan, okay. I’ll call them right away.

Sayi nods and turns back, she smiles.

Sayi – They’ll be here soon. Be ready dada.

Samrat nods.

Virat – You dressed really well for me right? Then why are you turning your head backwards.

Virat tries to peek but is stopped by Sayi.

Sayi – Areyy, what are you doing? What if you find someone?

Virat – You mean to say that someone is there behind you.

Sayi – Yes, I’m not denying that. But I can’t disclose his identity.

Virat – Don’t tell me it’s Aarav! I’ll kill you, if you bring him here.

Sayi – Oops, too late. I was with Aarav all this while (sighs).

Virat – Whattt?

Sayi looks up and found Aayi and others coming toward her!

Sayi – Aayiiii…. I missed you so so much.

Aayi (teary eyes) – Even me Sayiii… You look very very beautiful in saree bachcha.. Kisiki nazar na lage.

Sayi – Aayi, before you do the aarthi. Can Mansi bua come forward?

Mansi bua – You need not ask like this beta…

She goes forward and stands next to Aayi.

Aayi – Now I’ll do your aarthi?

Sayi – Wait wait.

Sayi gesture from side…

Sayi – Aayi, do the aarthi for this special person!

Everyone looks at his direction and was shocked. Everyone were very happy and was crying.

Mansi bua – Sam…Samrat…my boy. You have finally come back home!

Aayi does the aarthi and welcomes him inside. Samrat nods and takes everyone’s blessing. Paakhi looks very shocked. Samrat looked at her in disdain.

Virat holds Sayi back and takes her to his room and pins her towards the wall.

Samrat – Finally we meet, Mrs. Samrat Chavan.

Paakhi looks at him in disbelief.

Everyone asks him about his whereabouts. He tells them everything except about Rathores. He searches for Sayi, doesn’t find her. He doesn’t see Virat also, and be at ease.

Samrat – kaku, I have something to tell to Patralekha. Can I take her to room?

Kaku – Do you even have to ask that? Just take her! She’s yours afterall.

Samrat smiles and heads towards his room with Paakhi. They reach the room and look at each other.

Samrat – Do you have something to tell?

Paakhi – Shouldn’t I ask you that question?

Samrat – Listen Patralekha, I have no time for your drama.

Paakhi – Drama? Seriously Samrat?

Samrat – I hate this. Just stop pretending to be shocked. And just tell out what you want to say!

Paakhi (sarcastic laugh) – Wow, you disappeared for a year and now when you finally came back. Shouldn’t you explain where you were all this while?

Samrat – Right ! But let me ask you, with what right are you asking me to answer your question?

Paakhi looked at him tensed.

Paakhi – I’m your wife Samrat. Don’t forget that.

Samrat – Oh really? I never knew. The girl who I married confessed to a person in the phone during the wedding night that, she can never love me, because she was in love with my brother.

Paakhi was more dissatisfied.

Paakhi – You were eavesdropping my conversation?

Samrat (laughs) – Eavesdropping? Seriously Patralekha? It was my room, and I did have the right to come in. I stood right here at that time also, but you didn’t turn. You kept pleading to Virat, for him to come back. Right? You remember that?

Paakhi looked lost.

Paakhi – What do you want?

Samrat – I’m giving you 2 options.

Paakhi looked at him.

Samrat – 1. Give a chance to our relationship. 2. Divorce

Samrat – It’s your choice. And I’m fine with both the options.

Paakhi was startled.

Paakhi (talking to herself in her mind) – Oh no, what is he saying? To give a chance? That too with him? Who’ll even agree to such a thing? But if it’s divorce, then Virat? How will I see him? I guess I need to talk to him. That’s the only way, I can decide my future.

Samrat snaps, and she comes out of her thoughts.

Samrat – What have you decided?

Paakhi – I need some time.

Samrat – I don’t know why you ask time, even though I know what decision you’ll take.

Paakhi – You gave me the right to decide right? So let me do it. You needn’t interfere in it. And also, don’t expect me to beg/plead infront of you if you are gonna divorce me. I’ll happily sign it and go.

Samrat – Good then. You have told your decision.

Paakhi – No no. That’s not what I have thought. Give me 3 days time. I’ll tell you.

Samrat nods and was about to leave.

Paakhi – where are you going? This is your room, you can stay here.

Samrat – This was my room.

He walks away. Paakhi stomps her feet in anger.

Paakhi – How did all this happen?  Where’s Virat? I didn’t see him today at all..

Virat’s room…

Sayi – What are you doing?

Virat – Planning to tie you up

Sayi (pouts) – Why?

Virat – Because I really don’t want to miss you. I want you to stay next to me always!

Sayi – Aww. I’ll always be. But tying up is equal to arresting right?

Virat nods.

Sayi – Haww..So you’ll arrest me?

Virat – I really wish to.

Sayi – Haww, You are very bad officer. Trying to misuse your power.

Virat – Misusing it only for my Wifey.

Sayi blushes.

Virat (strict) – btw, you won’t dare to wear such sarees infront of Aarav.

Sayi – Arey, why?

Virat – Because I don’t like it.

Sayi – But..

Virat – No buts.

Sayi – Arey, but it was Aarav who made me wear this….

Sayi chuckles, Virat looked shocked.

Virat – What do you mean he wore you the saree? Does that mean, he touched you? Omg, Sayi why don’t you take shower? Also, this saree doesn’t suit you much.

Sayi – Virat sir, can you stop being so jealous? And you didn’t allow me to complete the sentence.

Virat looked at her.

Sayi – Aarav and I went to a shop recently, I really liked this saree design and colour, but I don’t normally wear saree na, so I dropped it. But Aarav secretly bought this for me. Isn’t he the sweetest?

Virat smiled, but it was a forced one.

Sayi – Virat sir, there’s something very important that I want to discuss with you.

Virat didn’t respond.

Sayi – Virat sir…Virat sir?

She snaps at him, and he comes out of his daze.

Virat – Sayi, you are very very beautiful in this saree.

After saying that, he didn’t see Sayi’s blushing, suddenly he kissed her on her cheek.

Sayi (blushing) – Virat sir, what did you just do? Omg, stop staring like that.

Virat again kisses her on the other cheek.

Sayi doesn’t say anything.

Virat kisses her on her forehead. He notices that she neither dodge nor complained.

Virat – I didn’t know that you like being kissed like this.

Sayi – I really feel like to slap you. But I won’t, since you are elder to me. And also, you are my ex-husband.

Virat – Oh hello, madam what ex-husband? I’m still your husband! And don’t you are go close to any other man. From now on, Sayi Joshi Virat Chavan will neither look at handsome boys nor talk to them. She is currently under the influence of Mr. Chavan.

Virat proudly declares the word and smiles happily. Sayi wasn’t much happy, but she didn’t show it.

Sayi – The same rule applies to you also Mr Virat Chavan.

Virat – I always follow the rules you ask me to.

Sayi blushes.

Paakhi is seen hearing all this.

Paakhi – I’ll destroy everything Sayi. Virat first met me not you, so I have the first right to be with him.

Precap –

(Paakhi and Virat in a park)

Paakhi – Virat, since you decided to divorce Sayi. Accept me na. I’ll keep you safe and calm. I won’t be like her, who keeps nagging every now and then.

Virat – I love her Patralekha, and don’t you dare compare her with you! She’s much better than you in every aspect.

Aarav notices them, clicks a picture and sends it to Sayi. Sayi is shocked.

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